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pepsi loves you, love him back!

I’m here to confess the sins I committed when I was a middle school student. I was hooked on the Shugo Chara series (especially Ikuto) so much back then that I made this abomination.

In case if her bio is too small to read (sorry for the low quality. I had to use my phone camera because my scanner is broken), her name is Aniela Joaquin Yamagata. Her name sounds almost similar to mine, and Joaquin is my favourite name. Judging from her name, she is a self-insert.

She is Finnish-Japanese (I had no idea why I picked those nationalities) and she has blonde hair from her Finnish mom, black eyes from her Japanese dad. 

She transferred to Seiyo Gakuen at the age of 11. She had been living in Helsinki for a while, so moving to Japan SHOULD give her new cultural experience, and cultural shock too. However, she didn’t have to go through that phase because while living in Finland, she was taught by her father to speak Japanese.

She got her 3 Shugo Charas; Bianca (the nun-like one), Margareth (the science-like one), and Rose (the one with frilly dress and parasol) because she wanted to be smart, sweet, and elegant. Aniela herself is a quiet but cute person who never does anything right and always gets the blame thanks to her clumsiness. That’s why she wants to be noticed for her best self. She likes fashion and science. 

After transferring to Seiyo Gakuen, she instantly got accepted into Guardians because she had 3 Shugo Charas like Amu. After that, she made friends with everyone. I mean EVERYONE because she’s cute with her looks and accent. They let her clumsiness slide. She got the Two of Hearts role which was made up by me because all of the canons have taken up the major roles like Joker, Ace, Queen, King, and Jack.

I paired her with Ikuto. She met him while battling against Batsu Tamas with the rest of the Guardians. I have drawn her character change with each of her Shugo Charas, but… They are too OP.

She likes onigiri, full cream milk, and the color purple. Her sign is Taurus.

I feel miserable after finding this bio I had made long time ago, mostly because I have made such stupid Mary Sue like this without researching.

I SpeedPainted ShRouge  2 > NoaAmb This took me 7 Days to make ^^ ~~~~~CREDIT TO PERSON WHO MADE SHROUGE!!!!~~~~”

Someone’s Hetalia OC. She’d probably be a lot better if she didn’t have curly pigtails, a poofy dress, and a mean attitude to everyone. A uniform would do a lot better, and maybe actually look at their allies and see who they should be nice to, and who they’re on not-so-great terms with.

So I was on deviantART looking up Bambi OCs for the heck of it… There were a few tame, although bland, ones and then there were the ones like this one… There’s no other information about this character except from the picture’s description:

Yes, the young fawn on the left is my orginal character, Taryn. The cute little fawn on the right is Ronno. (I do not own him.) They are characters from my new Bambi fanfiction. I really don’t know what sparked my intrest in the Bambi movies latley.^-^’ You have to be pretty awesome to like a little kiddy movie and adore Death Note at the same time! XD Enjoy! ^^ Oh, and leave me lots and lots of comments!^-^


I’d appreciate this to be anonymous as well, thank you.

A Fate/Zero Sue for you~

Ryuunosuke should be killing this twit, not ‘confessing his love’. Way to brutally murder his character. He’s a pyschopath, he hates things like affection, it’s stated in his wiki article.

So here’s you a scene hair, moe-moe, crybaby desu blob who I assume is only here to make Ryuunosuke her husband/boyfriend.

This wonderful thing I had found On Devaintart.

And we have a real winner here! But i’m pretty sure this is a joke hopefully 

No base was used first time in a long time!

Anyway here is her official bio hope U liek!  

I spent 5 hours on this so please fav <3


BTW super important Honeycake needs some princess friends! So please fill out the application!!

yes or no

Is she a girl? _____

Is she hot? _______

Does she give no f*cks?______

If you got yes for all of those Honeycake is friends with your princess!!!

Diabolik Lovers, yet I’m surprised I only found this one…

Ok so the first thing you basically drew over a screen shot, secondly you are shipping with possibly the most abusive of the boys and lastly why the two toned hair? Hun, this screams sue. You failed the test.

This is a re-draw of post/31607327

I hope it submits correctly this time. At first I hardly noticed that character was male, so I thought: I was gonna practice guys anyway, I could try to make him look a little more manly.

It’s not exactly great. His shoulders look too tense.

OMG ITS HIBIKI-CHAN HI GURLY! im cummitiing myselfs to a FANDIC, and is gon have Hibiki AND Kimmie! SOMG! so, here’s her offical bios:

Name: Hibiki Frolo

Title: SHSL Swimsuit Model

Height: 5’7

Weight: 102 lbs

Cup size: 34C

Nationality: Japanese

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Orange

Family: Sister of Hinata (OMG SO HOT DESU)

Age: 15

Personality: She’s sassy n everyone luvs her! shew also makes good machmakeing, and pairs her bro up wit sum1!!!!!!1!!!


*Submitter note: I’ll link you to the fic when it’s up if you want.*

Redraw of post/5227344791

I just had to redraw her. She fascinates me that much. Sorry abou the gigantic size and the feet. I’m not good at feet, or portraying emotions. Also I forgot the fabulous eye-shadow. The rainbow hair made me high, so I filled the background with kawaii desu things.

GREAT. FUCKING. SCOTT. Possibly one of the WORST Mario Bros. sues that I have EVER seen. I don’t know where to even start

Let’s begin with the basics. This is Eve, the artist’s perfect, self-insert that she made strictly to be paired with/married to Mario. She has absolutely no personality, no back story, no ANYTHING. She’s just "OMG Mario’s perfect wife that he loves more than anyone else, even Peach!!!!". She is CONVINCED that she’s legit married to Mario and claims that she is “the ultimate, #1 Mario lover” constantly, brushing off other Mario lovers as “just fangirls who are after her husband”. She even claims that her sue was the first OC to have children with him and anyone else who does so with their OC’s are just copying. Really?

That’s another thing about this chick. She is absolutely obsessed with Mario. And I don’t mean, “just a fangirl”. I mean like unhealthily, creepily obsessed, to the point where she’ll go out of her way to compose long ass letters dedicated to Eve raving about how perfect and beautiful she is and SWEAR that “her husband Mario wrote them!!”. Here’s a little snippet of said letter:

I never met a girl like u ur sweet nice and beautiful I love talking to u ur so fun-spirited and is always in a good mood. Ur smile ur laugh :flirty: evrything of u is beautiful and perfect :aww: every time we went on a date I can’t help but stare :blushes: u look beautiful in evry dress and I know u don’t like to wear them but u wear them for me :love:I don’t care that ur not girly :) I love u for u :aww: on every date every time i see u i go breathless of how gorgeous u look :meow: can’t believe an amazing girl like u was MADLY in love witha guy like me :tighthug: every time im with u nothing else matters :date:I always love being with u and every time we’re apart I can’t get u out of my head :blushes: I always wanted to be with u and every time u see me a beautiful smile comes to ur face which means ur always happy to see me too :love: every laugh every kiss :blowkiss: u have no idea wat each thing meant to me :aww::love: every time we hang out, i love being with u :heart: and u love being with me :blushes:

She also has an “EVIL” side named Eva that she uses to pair with “Mr. M” (Mario version of Mr. L that she made up) in an attempt to give her sue a “bad boy”, cock tease version of Mario that she can drool over. This side of her can also bend lightning while her “normal” side can bend fire. YEAH. WISH I WAS JOKING TOO.

She’s best friends with Luigi (who has a crush on her of course), Peach (who on and off “hates her because she stole Mario from her, but is BFF’s with her anyways”), and Daisy (who has a crush on her too. No, I’m not joking this time either). She also has little sue/stu children with Mario in their “perfect family” named Carlos (a recolor of Baby Mario) and Penelope (who even has a dark side too I don’t even know anymore).

And last but not least, she’s a princess. Jesus


OK, so I had this character… She was a comical character who had the hots for Kirby— Kirby— and he couldn’t stand her. Sounds like an anti-Sue, but her entire shtick was that she was me. Oh, and “random XD”.

Her name was honestly Alice2, number and all, because that was my username. Everything revolved around her. She was hyperactive and got away with awful things because it was “random”. She had a rock band and a cool guitar + mad songwriting skillz, and was in every roleplay in every canon. Especially Sonic.

I have a million of these pictures. They’ve all got “love” in the filename.

I think she paints those curls on.

:iconomgsocuteplz: I love ma bean!!

Now I’m gonna see if I can draw some Koopa’s. :iconimseriousplz:

Fawful belongs to Nintendo, me belongs to me. :iconyoudontsayplz:

Urgh, were to even start with this thing…

So this is the artist’s self-insert (whose name I can’t mention due to being the artist’s name as well) that she likes to use to pair herself with her favorite Mario Bros. characters.

She’s Bowser’s daughter, is the princess of the Koopa Kingdom, and likes to pair herself with Iggy Koopa (Oh God, doesn’t that technically count as incest???), Kamek and Fawful, though Fawful is her favorite victim (They’re currently “boyfriend and girlfriend”)

Though it doesn’t really matter because she usually just has these three characters fight over whose going to date her/be her boyfriend


Hello! I’m Hue and I’m a huge fan of your blog. I have an account on Deviantart and I remembered a troll/copycat case about a character named…”Auriana the Dark Cat”?

She’s the one on the center (the character on the left is her’s too and the one on the right is suppose to be the original character,named Murasaky



Artist commentI’m fed up with (link censored by me)she keeps trying to force me into deleting my character because she thinks I stole her character and it’s pissing me off.So this came to the idea of this.By the way she blocked me so if anyone wants to link her to this feel free to.


I saw this character a long time ago,and I remember she did some recolours of Amy. Also…is suppose to be a cat,with dark powers,super form,dark form,”Mephiles form” (don’t ask me,I don’t know is that’s a real transformation) and angel form. She has been Manic’s girlfriend and actually is Shadow’s girlfriend.

The creator of Murasaky has tried to make her a character,but this girls is stubborn enought to troll her no one time…but two times!

…Does this scary thing count as another Mary Sue? I don’t know…

PS: Sorry if my english is a little bit broken >u<U I’m spanish and I’m still studying the languaje!

 Your name is Lily Rose and you are complicated as crap. You are a princess and come from the rarest and highest bloodlines possible, pastel pink. Since you are stuck between the highest and lowest you are extremely dangerous yet extremely peaceful. You have one true mate for life and will only ever have one matesprit (one day…) and you will never have a kismesis. You type with proper grammar and punctuation, and are an avid user of spell check.

What will you do?


Information: XD

Blood Color: Pastel Pink (Rarest possible and is still considered highest royalty)

Age: Almost 8.5 sweeps (18 human years)

Height: 5 feet tall. (I imagine she’d come up to Gamzee’s belly button (If he had one))

Screen Name: LoliLove

Typing Style: Like a normal person no quirks except she will sometimes put extra “s” on words and extra quotation.
(Omg that is amazing informations!!)

Sign: Crown (It even tops the infinity sign)

Strife Specibi: Ribbon kind. (She doesn’t usually fight. She’s a wimp.)

Fetch Modus: She just uses her bag. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Morail: Any takers??
Kismesis: NEVER
Matesprit: None… yet
Lusus: None (Pink bloods are born normally, they‘re human like in anatomy)

Planet: Kingdom of Rose?? (wtf idk)

Likes: Crowns, dresses, presents, stuffed animals, cats, outings, ribbon, bags, makeup, her friends

Dislikes: Large animals, bugs, rude people, being ignored, being called a “snob” “brat” or “spoiled”, being so weak and fragile…, her ability to feel everyone in a 10 foot radius’ body functions (ex: stomach ache, headache, racing heart, etc)

Also she’s wearing white sheer tights that’s why her legs look funky.. :3



((R.I.P. canon, we will miss you))