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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!
We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

(Art doesn’t belong to the suethor. It was drawn for her as a request)

Found a Five Nights at Freddy’s sue! OH GOD WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN

Since there’s quite a bit of info, I’ll just add my comments “Let’s Read” style as you go through the bio:

Finally, after procastinating for days, here she is. xD

My FC for 5 Nights At Freddy’s, Darilyn Deer.

Hope you like her!~ 

Anyone is allowed to draw her as long as you credit me. ^-^
Here’s her info, backstory and all that. 

Name: Darilyn Deer
Gender: Female
Species: Deer
Occupation: Animatronic Saxophone Player
Other: She wears a neon purple heart necklace, that has a crack down the middle and rusted at night as if she is brokenhearted or upset.

How poetically edgy, but for the most part, nothing to worry about

She was a Cajun animatronic character at the Six Flags in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’d play saxophone during the evening hours at the restaurant along with her partners, who are unknown at this time. They performed soft jazz and blues. After the hurricane, the amusement park was flooded and destroyed, along with her partners. She was left, abandoned in the backstage area of the restaurant. When employees and construction workers showed up to analyze the destruction of the park, they found her with significant water damage, tore ligaments and cords hanging out some areas. They were worried she wouldn’t work. Instead of throwing her out like the rest, they set her up for auction.


If the employees don’t even know if she works anymore, why wasn’t she thrown away like the other animatronics, much less put up for auction? What person in their right mind would buy a broken down, possibly-not-working, heavily water damaged animatronic that would probably cost a fortune to repair?

She was purchased by the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria later that year, the owner assumed his current animatronics would welcome her and give her a home, though he had no plans of using her because she was in such bad condition. She was placed backstage so that during the night she could free roam with the others who could potentially help patch her up and show her around. After being there for a while, she developed a small crush on the main antagonist, Freddy Fazbear. It is currently unknown if a real relationship will form between the two. She made quick best friends with Bonnie the bunny. Chica and Foxy are merely friends, but do not hate her at all.

HE BOUGHT HER AND HE DIDN’T EVEN USE HER?? The fuck kind of shitty business decision is that? These animatronics are treated as what they are: MACHINES, and nothing more! They aren’t poor little orphans that need “a good home and love”, they’re tools to help progress and promote a business! And if this is around the time when the pizzeria is going broke, then this is a REALLY piss poor decision!

And of course everyone instantly loves her. And how would the pairing with Freddy even work anyway? NONE of the animatronics have shown any signs of caring or love, just murderous intent

Path: Backstage>Stage>Eating Area>Restrooms>East Hallway>Office

Her Attack Signs:

1. You can hear her hooves clopping against the against the floor in the distance. This means she is changing rooms.

2. If you hear scraping against the floor, it’s her claws. That means she is near in the eastern hallway.

3. If you hear distant saxophone music that suddenly distorts and glitches out, she’s on the stage.

4. When she’s near a camera on later nights, instead of her head twitching, she closely mimics Freddy’s creepy stare, but her ears move back and forth.

5. You can hear the cords that dangle outside her body spark every now and then, this means she’s at the door.

6. If you hear a slight taping nose, her jagged and torn hoof hands are tapping the hallway wall. She’s close to the office.

Way to copy Freddy’s attack path. A+ originality right there.

Why does she have so many tells? All of the animatronics have, at most, 2 tells that inform you that they’ve moved and even where they might be if you pay attention close enough. Is it to make her more “scary”? It only makes her predictable and easier to evade! Also, why is she moving? If the “Missing Children Incident” is anything to go by (which it IS because we literally have nothing else), then her being haunted as well breaks canon because there were only 5 children murdered and the murderer was already caught


Due to her attraction for Freddy, she is often seen following him or his path, or when seen on camera and they’re in the same area, she is holding his hand.

Being from New Orleans, she is programmed to understand English and French.

Her inner machinery is rusted and some places is even cracked.

Her teeth aren’t sharp, nor human like, they resemble a real deer’s.

Being best friends with Bonnie, she usually appears right after Bonnie does on the left side. Which is unexpected since she follows Freddy’s path to the east hallway.

Very rarely, you can hear her voice some lyrics she made up, but only in the late night when you first arrive. It goes:

“You are not free, Ma Chérie, we will get you soon, at the time of the moon.”

Darilyn Deer and art belongs to me

5 Nights At Freddy’s belongs to Scott Cawthon

Great. She sings and holds hands with Freddy. So spooky.


Well, I haven’t played the game myself but I did see a few clips of some gameplays of it. (Didn’t watch the whole videos though, too freaky… >w`<; ) But I do like the fan art being made of the animatronics~ X3 So inspired, I decided to create a character of my own with my SAI magic. But instead of an animal, my character is a doll, which makes it more creepier…~ :plotting: Her name is ‘Baby-Doll.’
Full Name: ’Baby-Doll’ (Jade)

Alias: The Doll

Occupation: Animatronic Children’s Entertainer/Singer

Powers/Skills: Can quickly rotate her head 180 degrees, both clockwise and anti-clockwise to view what’s behind her. Able to distract her victims with a disturbing melody to give fellow animatronics the chance to strike.

Hobby: Entertaining children/singing

BIO: ’Baby-Doll’ was once a normal human, a young adult named Jade who lived with her uncle. Despite losing her loving parents when she was fourteen, Jade had no trouble making friends. She first heard about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza when reading an old article about the horrific event in 1987, when a customer was severely injured by one of the mascots. A week later, Jade was then invited to a friend’s child’s birthday party at the same place, finding it quite quaint but secretly creepy. 
One night however, a few of Jade’s closest friends decided to explore the restaurant after dark as a dare, and persuaded Jade to tag along. The dare backfired, unfortunately as they were all locked in and eventually, encountered by the animatronics during the late hours of the night. Witnessing her friends being brutally murdered one by one, Jade was the last to remain as she begged for mercy in song (mainly singing to calm her nerves. Singing was a hobby of Jade’s as well as baking) Intrigued by her sweet voice (especially Freddy) and sensing she had suffered enough, the animatronics offered Jade a deal - to become one of them. Work for them, and promise to remain at Freddy’s forever and her life will be spared. Jade hesitatingly agrees, giving her word and disappears with the antimatronics to ‘embrace’ her fate.
Jade was never found or seen again, along with the bodies of her friends. But the very next day, after their disappearance, there was a new addition the restaurant’s mascots - a petite animatronic doll with a frilly apron (a symbolization that she loved to cook and bake) which possesses a striking resemblance to the missing Jade. The name ‘Baby-Doll’ was given to her, due to her ‘charming’ appearance. The doll can be found on stage, singing with the other mascots or sometimes solo, which is very enchanting. How she came to be will never be known…and sometimes at night, an eery melody can be heard, drifting through the restaurant…a sharp head turning 180 degrees, both clockwise and anti-clockwise…grinning in the dark as a fatal distraction…~ :evillaugh:

If you don’t know who Akai is, she’s kinda like a milder, female version of Chris Chan. She made an FC X Canon paring called Sonai, and I will compare it to my own FC x Canon pairing, PikaLayton.
Layton stays in character. Sonic does not.
Pikachu isn’t a weak Mary Sue, but she can be powerful. Akai is a Victim Sue (the one that makes you feel bad foe them on purpose) and overpowered.
Most of my PikaLayton drawings are romantic, mostly kissing and holding hands. Sonai is just sexual things.
Layton likes Pikachu because she has helped him a lot, and because she can make him feel happy. “Sonic” merely likes Akai for her body.

if any of the Akai fans come here because you think I’m bullying her, think about what I’m saying. OC/FC x Canon is acceptable, but try to make sure the characters stay in character…

Akai does not belong to me.


But,it’s not in character for Layton to fall for a pikachu.  It’s bestiality 

Keri Maria

Okay, I found a Fairy Tail OC that I just can’t seem to understand one bit. I even think it broke my brain a little. Sorry if she does the same to every one else. I’m probably going to say a few things to point out where my brain may have broke.

Many had said if I had any Fairy tail OCs, well, here she is!

her name is Keri Maria, she is a Glass Dragon Slayer from the Mermaid Heel guild. She was formerly from Lamia Scale but gave up after always not being noticed. She has aquamarine eyes and icy blue hair, she has an exceed named Xel. She’s often a very stubborn and sassy type. She is also not the very competitive type. She is always unbeaten by a lot of other mages. After a battle between Natsu, she admitted that it was her first lost and started calling Natsu “my fiancé”, but Natsu keeps running away due to the fact that she is quite creepy and will keep doing so until she gets what she wants. In the Games, the reason she wasn’t there was because she keep ranting on what will happen to her hair and she might break a nail. If ever anyone had harmed any part of her body, she will snap!

Glass Dragon Slayer? I think it’s weird and maybe someone thinking of being like Gajeel, but seriously? Why glass? o.o Also, Natsu wouldn’t be scared of her for that. Do we see him doing that when Lisanna basically does the same thing? No, he just gets a look like leave me alone, so you made the canon go OOC for what reason?

She has a bad attitude at times, and also quite unlucky at certain times. If she doesn’t have what the others have, she will automatically turn them into her enemy or obstacle. They are also times she would make fun of a certain person’s fashion statement. She gets hated and loved quite a lot. 

So she is also a spoil brat. Check. Also, so far I have seen no reason for this chic to be love. Hated for being a Sue yes a spoil brat, and for being hateful to other people I can see, but loved, not so much.

As as a dragon slayer, she can either eat glass or sand(she gets made fun because of it), a first generation dragon slayer who was trained by Arinami. In a few trainings, she realizes she could also control sand, but still hasn’t master it yet.

She’s a Glass Dragon Slayer. Yes, I know you can melt sand into glass, but you have a have a heat source for that to happen, so your also trying to tell us she can eat flames. -_- If you haven’t notice dragon slayers only eat one type of thing, with Natsu being an exception and future Rogue because of him getting Sting’s magic, but no other dragon slayers have ate something that wasn’t from their magic. Also, she can only control glass if she is a dragon slayer. -_-

she is 19 years old of age and often hangs out with Wendy when visiting the Fairy Tail guild. But mostly she hangs out with Beth Vanderwood. 

Okay, I don’t see a problem with this, so I’m glad this is over. I think my brain may have broke again while doing this. I think I’m going to go back to bed and dream that it’s tomorrow. Later.

                                            Dr.Mr.Cactus Poop

So this school teacher who has a really embarrassing last name is trying to find his ways through life. He used to be a pro Italian wrestler. Who would eat nothing but bread and get really addicted while playing MMORPG games and do an all nighter on watching Sword Art Online. His first name is Ravooli, he traveled to Japan. To get a better career. So now hes a doctor and teacher who has a italian accent. 

                                                Rue Leaves

So this is my character Rue Leaves. (No this isn’t a troll). She is a girl who needs to decided if her HAIR IS GOING TO BE DYED OR NOT!! She used to be in a clan (Because there’s always that character) She is familiar with using a gun, or just small weapons in general. She is a Canadian. Will a really bad teenage mother, which adopted her. After she was in her last ninja battle (Ok this is starting to sound like a troll bio) were she was too weak and they were on a boat so she jumped off and landed in Japan..? After her adoption of he new mother, she trained to get stronger while her father who used to work in the same clan is still fighting.

So… just by reading the ref, I think it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong here. The name, (sooo creative,) the flaws part, the race, I can’t even.


I came across this gem while browsing youtube. It’s the best representation of DBZ Oc’s you can get…

[Joel Vincesauce] vinesauce.com

Hey there. Just wanted to forward this to you. This was a girl’s AP Art portfolio project. Her theme was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. 


the 1st ones name is Kitty, she is a god ???? and HAS HER OWN RELIGION AND HAS A SHITLOAD OF FOLLOWERS, NOBODY CAN KILL HER ( OR ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR OCS NAMED DEAN ) OR THEIR CHARACTER WILL BE EXECUTED ???? And they also have a bunch of fucking powers like they can get set on fire without dying and can teleport people and mind control them and shit. 

and the 2nd one. His name is Mr.Meowsers ( what the fuck kind of name is that ) and he can apparently turn into a human and he kills everyone ????? like all of the other gods and shit ???????? even though the gods in the first place couldn’t be killed but SOMEHOW HE DID IT????? He can also mind control others like Kitty can.

and the 3rd ones name is Jimmy, a fucking caterpillar.



Apparently he can also turn into a human and when hes in his caterpillar form he can grow arms and shit like that. He also has the same fucking mind control powers which. Why would you mind control others in the first place? They should be able to control their own fucking characters, but no. You gotta be a fucking take control of them and can make them do whatever. Why.

and the 4th one is a fucking centipede demon thing I don’t even know how to spell his fucking name.

He can apparently kill things to without dying and just

What. The fuck ? ?? ?


(Tigger warning: rape)

Found a NiGHTS sue. This thing is irritating.

So far, the suethor has a 10 chapter fanfic about her OC. But because it’s TEN chapters, I think that doing a Let’s Read of the whole thing would be too much. So instead, I decided that it would be better if I were to just describe to the best of my ability the sue’s backstory, with all information being taken from what I’ve read in the fic. I will also occasionally take snippets from said fic to aid in my description. This will be Part 1 of my description, so let’s get to it!

First thing’s first, I’ll start with the basics. The sue was originally a human named Dialla Ramsey. She’s apparently a 16 year old girl who is 5.2 and 107 lbs. (I was a little curious about those measurements. Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on what I’ve researched, this sue is seriously leaning towards being underweight!). However, the suethor just hand waves it as her being “small for her age”.

She also has the whole tragic backstory thing. Her mother cheated on her father and he left as a result. Surprise surprise, the father was also the stereotypical “good and kind parent” who believed in the sue’s crazy whimsical little fantasies about seeing NiGHTS related things in real life and he’s the only one who was ever kind to her and understood her and blah blah blah, you get the picture. The mother is the stereotypical “mean and evil parent”:

She ran a hand through her dark pink hair, wishing she had inherited her father’s royal blue. She had asked her mom into dying it that color but the woman wouldn’t have it.

"I don’t want to look at you and be reminded of him!" Her mother would say, then would always add with a bitter voice. "You act like him enough as it is."

To which Dialla would retort in her mind. ‘As apposed to being be a trollop like you, that can’t hold a relationship for more than a month? No thank you!’ But of course she would never says this out loud. She couldn’t stand to be slapped again. A punch was one thing but slaps just stung and were humiliating.


So the mother is neglectful, abusive, and brings home strange men. This is also another part of the sue’s tragic past, as the man that the sue’s mom is with in particular, Stan, is apparently a big creeper towards Dialla and attempts to rape her at one point. She gets away, locks herself in her room, tries to call the police, drops the phone, AND THEN PROCCEDS TO JUST SIT DOWN AND DRAW HER FIREND’S NiGHTS OC LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. It never affects her, NOT ONCE, throughout the rest of the fucking story and it is never mentioned again.

The sue’s school life is also annoyingly cliché. She has two friends that are literally walking anime stereotypes, Polly (the “perky and kawaii bubbly girl who’s all about fashion and is rich!!”) and Kitty (the “rebel, goth girl who’s emotionless and tells off the stupid preps!!”). And of course, what sue sob story would be complete without the generic bully preps! :

"Yeah, Dialla, where’s the dumpster you dug that outfit out of." A nasally voice chimed in. Standing there in all her puffed up vanity was Gigi Windsor and her posy giggling like morons. One of the followers stepped forward and without warning, tugged at Dialla’s magenta locks with her hand. "Look at this! Such a bold color!" She cried.

Gigi sniffed and turned her nose up. “Cici, don’t touch garbage, who knows where its been.” She flipped her dyed blonde locks.

Cici let go like she had touched poo. “Eeeew! Now I like have to wash my hands!” she wined and her twin sister Mimi consoled her.

Gigi stepped up and glared down at Dialla, she had a few inches on the other girl. “It’s bad enough to exist when no one wants you, your daddy left for a reason. Get a clue.” She smirked as Dialla’s eyes got wide and started to water, but wasn’t counting on the girl she had picked on for so long to grow a backbone.

The pink haired girl bristled and shoved Gigi away from her as hard as she could, causing the bully to fall back on her butt. “Don’t you dare talk bad about my dad, you… you… whore!” Living alone with her mother gave Dialla the special slut-detector.

Gigi’s eyes flared and she got to her feet then swung her hand. Her manicured nails were out for blood.


Mini rant here, I can’t STAND it when suethors do this. It’s petty, it’s snobby, and it doesn’t make us like your OC any better. Get over yourself.

Ahem, ANYWAY, so it turns out that the sue and both her friends are all NiGHTS fangirls, particularly the sue herself (remember this fact):

"By the way," Polly decided to change the subject and take their minds off the unpleasantness of high school. "I finally got the last issue!" Polly cried excitedly, taking a comic book out of her pack and then shoving it in Dialla’s face. "Sorry, I’m just so psyched that I have the complete set!"

"S’okay. Let me see!" Dialla, grateful for the change of topics, took the thin paperback out of her squealing friend’s hands. "Oh my gosh! This is it! Nights into Dreams 6th issue!" she exclaimed flipping madly through the comic, squealing and blushing at every part that showed a picture of Nights.

Yeah. The sue’s “admiration” gets progressively creepier:

Dialla was staring out the window at the clouds, daydreaming. She took pride in her ability to daydream. Unlike her night dreams which haven’t changed and where she lacks control, she was in her element. Sometimes it became so intense that she couldn’t see anything even though her eyes were open, she would fly, run, jump; but her body stayed still in her seat.

In this particular moment she was daydreaming about NiGHTS of course and she was flying with him through the clouds, laughing and smiling at each other. Suddenly, the nightmaren was in front of her. His marble blue eyes sparkled with love and untold secrets. She smiled back. Their faces drew closer and closer, he closed his eyes and she did the same.

Their lips-


Dialla’s eyes snapped open when something hit her temple and she looked down to see a tiny pink paper airplane on her desk. Stupid Polly.

Unwrapping the paper she read the sparklely blue ink. ‘Dreaming about a certain purple horned cutie?’ she glanced at the sender and gave a sheepish grin that made Polly giggle. The blonde went back to taking notes in her pink fuzzy notebook.

Unbeknown to Dialla, Kitty was staring at her from her desk behind her. The bluenette’s eyes narrowed and she forced herself to look back at her sketchbook, where love poems written to NiGHTS took the place of math notes.

And creepier:

She sighed looking at another picture on her desk; it was a picture of herself and Nights together. She was so pathetic. Not only was she a die hard fan of a game hardly anyone plays, she actually dreams of him coming for her and rescuing her from this place.

Why she put so much faith in this imaginary being was simply because she loved him. Correction, she was madly in love with the purple jester… head over heels, couldn’t stop thinking about him, in love. She loved his care-free personality, how no matter how dire everything got he could still bring her joy. She wished on countless stars for him to come alive and be her boyfriend… maybe more. Yet no matter how hard she wished, it never came true.

And creepier:

She slammed the door shut and locked all seven locks then dead-bolted the door, and then shoved her dresser in front of the door. Once the barricade was up, she dove under the bed and sobbed, her fingers shook as she tried to punch in 9-1-1, but she dropped the phone when her door knob rattled and Stan pounded on the door, screaming at her and calling her all kinds of things.

Dialla moved back further under the bed, squeezing her eyes shut and attempted to day dream him gone. She daydreamed that NiGHTS came through her window and flew her out to safety, whispering that it was going to be alright, chanting her name over and over.

This chick’s crazy!!! Seriously, there’s liking a character and then there’s flat out obsession! If it’s affecting her so much that it’s also affecting her life, I think it’s time for a major reality check!

Anyway, the sue falls asleep, ends up in Nightmare, and gets saved by Reala. He takes her to Wizeman where he turns her into the above pic: a half human, half Nightmaren replacement for NiGHTS (who they also never stop comparing her to by the way) named DAiZ (yeah, DAiZ, so original). When asked for an explanation as to why her of all people, we get this:

"You will replace the one who betrayed me."

NiGHTS. “B-but why me?

"I have my reasons. From now on, your name is DAiZ."

BECAUSE REASONS. The suethor’s explanation for DAiZ being chosen is literally BECAUSE REASONS. Keep in mind that this also is never brought up again or questioned, she just accepts it. This sue is not only crazy, she’s also an idiot.

After she blindly just accepts her new enslavement, she walks around with Reala and gets to know him (this is told instead of shown mind you). He is completely OOC and is polite and courteous to her and even tells her of his super-secret plan to overthrow Wizeman (whom he is completely loyal to in the games) at some point and take over for himself. He just tells her this, like it’s no big deal! Also, remember all of that obsessive fangirling over NiGHTS that she did? How she went on and on about how he’s her ideal boyfriend? COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN, she just moves on to Reala:

Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy!

He’s kinda cute.

DAiZ shook her head, “Where did that come from?! Cute? He’s scary!

But a good scary. Her mind argued.

He gives me the creeps. She shot back.

Creeps? Or something more along the lines of nosebleeds? Her mind purred, if minds could even purr.

Gross… He looks like the lead mime from a circus slasher flick.

But a cute mime-

"Ahhh! SHUT UP!" She screamed.

Greeeaaaattt, a badly-written love triangle, that’s just what this story needs. The next three chapters after this is just useless filler dedicated to showing how happy the sue is now that’s she’s been kidnapped and becoming friends with practically all of the bosses in the entire game like they’re one big happy family or something. She’s also stated to be training throughout this period, which could be a great way to show her getting over a conflict that she is said to have at the beginning of her enslavement (she can’t fly), but it’s never gone into detail and is just once again told instead of shown. We never once see her make an attempt to try and fly, we’re just told that she’s been trying.

Whew! And that concludes Part 1 of my summary! I’ll get Part 2 uploaded once I’m done with it (Only one more chapter of horror left!).

Hope you enjoyed!

(Please fix the read more for me if it doesn’t work?)
Here he is, one of my first ever original characters. His name was Artemis. Now, when I was a 6th grader, I had this story idea where I was the goddess of my own dimension and collected people from various worlds within the universes within the dimension, never mind that dimensions don’t work that way, and Artemis was one of them. His species had three fingers (this is an older picture, so he still has four), and were solid outer shell things filled with a sort of magic neural liquid that controlled the outer shell. said shell had progressively finer channels the way we have veins and capillaries. They were also generally inspired by various electronic devices of the mid-to-late 2000’s
<!-- more -->
  Artemis was the crown prince from one of two royal families who had peacefully alternated rulers for years and he was based of of my first MP3 player, which was a Creative Muvo TX. You can see it in the design, if you look carefully -  his right eye is the pause/play button, the mark under it is the screen, the volume control buttons are on the shoulders of his shirt, and his goggles are actually the headphones that came with the Muvo. He was also a pop star and a med student, despite the fact that both require years of dedication.
  He and his siblings (a pair of twin younger siblings - the brother was based on a muvo TX FM my dad owned and the sister was based off my samsung juke) were on the run, because someone had assassinated his parents and wanted to kill him - notably, not the other royal family. They also cut off his hand in an attempt to drain him of all his fluidy insides, but he’d managed to cap the stump, and then make himself (or obtain) a prosthetic hand, which he could sort of control, but not with the same sensitivity because no one was able to carve in the necessarily mircoscopically small channels necessary.
  Artemis could fight with the scalpel spear pictured in the bottom left, as well as with this sword thing that had a large triangular blade on one end and a smaller dagger on the other, which he somehow controlled because a piece of its metal was embedded in his other wrist. He didn’t lose battles unless it was for dramatic effect, and despite being both a PRINCE and a POP STAR, people somehow never recognized him. Even with earlier designs where his facial marking could GLOW. he also didn’t have much of a personality apart from “responsible and respectful”, and again, was a special, handpicked chosen one of his even more sueish creator.

  I really liked the idea for artemis’s species, sans the electronic device part, and I honestly tried to retool him and his people countless times, but it never really worked out. I eventually just sort of locked him up and used bits and pieces of him for other characters, which is my standard protocol for shelved characters. maybe one day I’ll bring back his race, if not he himself.

I honestly have no idea what happened

can someone explain

I found this while going through the anime RP tag.


|| HARATSUKI UCHIHA  ||  19  ||

Age: 19
Birthday: November 8th
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 55kg/121lbs
Eye colour: Dark purple
Hair colour: Black
Clothing: Black tank tops. But she has recently stopped
wearing them and now wears whatever is in fashion. She
likes to wear Kimono’s as a sign of tradition. Other than that,
she doesn’t wear anything specific.

Haratsuki was born a year later after Itachi. They grew up together and cherished every moment they shared. By now, she was a Jounin and his older brother was part of the anbu. 
She packed her things and headed there to not only take a long trip away from her clan just to learn more about the Land of The Moon that she fell in love with when she found out about it. But when she came back, she found her family have died. Bear in mind that she left when Sasuke was just born. 
She hid and watched Itachi confront Sasuke. Before she could find out what happened afterwards, she fled. 

Now, she lives in Getsugakure. Located in the Land of The Moon. 
Although she does take visits to Konohagakure and other villages as she
likes to travel.

✓Positive traits 
Protective, independent, calm, courteous, honest, hardworking, friendly, 
kind (once she gets to know you better)

✘Negative traits 
Self-pity, manipulative, jealous, quick-temper, tsundere, mysterious, pessimistic, sad (more often than not)


Former Anbu who has been reassigned as a Jonin.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Only recently learnt. Because of this,
her eyes will often bleed as a side effect. (The design for
her Sharingan is under development.)

Great Fireball Technique: A technique that most if not all
of the Uchiha clan know how to do. Even just by observation.

Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades: Strings attached to Kunai.
Similar to the concept of puppet strings. Only one kunai is used
to cause damage and the other two as decoys.

Uchiha Flame Formation: Used as a barrier/defense technique. 

Dance of the Crescent Moon: Two clones are made as to confuse the
victim of which one to attack. 

Hazy Moon Night: Basic sword attack but puts the opponent into 
a daze afterwards. Although when she taught this, she did not know
it was already a technique - as she already learnt this herself - and 
thus called it “Swift Sword”. But her instructor tells her to name it it’s
original name.

Shurikenjutsu: The throwing of blades.

Haratsuki was taught how to use weaponry and the art of the involvement
of the moon in her jutsu. She has also been taught fire related abilities.
But more often than not, she’d taught herself other techniques and is known in the village she lives in as making up her own.

Yeah, this is a doozy that cropped up.