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Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
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And they have some angsty terrible past.

We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.


love me spooky!

We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Akki and Hopefully not AkkixRogue

I wouldn’t normal do this type of thing since I don’t believe any OC is a Mary Sue/Gray Sue, but this one drives me nuts since the creator is going to apparently make Rogue go OOC just for her “yandere” character name Akki.

There is nothing in the details of the image and she has deleted the images of her OCs from her account after getting upset from someone on deviantART, deleted her account, and than came back. -_- The creator is nothing, but drama, but we’re not getting into that.

Akki is her Mary Sue that was originally creator by Tartarus, I think is the dark guilds name, for some reason that I don’t remember. However, this OC I know is suppose to be a “yandere”, but this character loves to kill no matter what.

Definition of a Yandere:

A common term in otaku fandom, a yandere is a person (usually female) romantically obsessed with someone to the point of using violent means to get them in their arms. Often seen with a sharp weapon and a psychotic grin.

If I remember, a true yandere does not enjoy killing, they just kill to get the one the love and to keep the one they love. They don’t love to kill like Akki does.

Also, the creator is doing a pairing contest where it is her OCxher OC, CanonxOC, or love triangle using both her two OCs and Rogue.

First off, Rogue wouldn’t have any interest in character like Akki. -_- Secondly, you make him totally go OOC with doing a love triangle. I really seriously think either this creator needs to stick with pairing her OCs with herself or with her friends and leave canons out of it because she is trying to change personalities to fit what she wants or she should just stick with what she said by deleting all her OCs and starting over. One of those would be the best. -_-

TRilia Ombre

Trilia is frm the same clan as Sasuke (Uchiha) and uses the same jutsu as him, sharingan ^^ That’s why her eyes are red

OMG!, It’s another Uchiha Clan member. I bet later on she becomes Sasuke’s sister. -_- Also, she can’t come from the same clan with a different last name, plus the only two Uchiha’s that were alive for the longest time was Itachi and Sasuke, but now Sasuke is the only one alive!!! Just stop with this madness with coming up with Uchiha Clan members. -_- You take away from Sasuke and Itachi if there is any!!!

Silver Ellan

Trilia and Stara’s third teammate. She’s from the Hyuuga clan just like Hinata and Neji and uses the same Jutsu they do ^^ That’s why her eyes are white.

No, she can’t use the same jutsu as them and she can’t be with that hair!!! Hyuuga’s have black hair!!! Good, I hate sue artist like this.

Stara Ulla

First off, this girl that keeps coming up with these OCs likes to steal other peoples OCs, change a few things about them, and than make what was an OC into a Mary Sue. Someone give this kid some help since she wants to be mean to others.

Teammate of Trilia and Silver. :3 She can use the same Jutsu Naruto uses.

She can’t have the same jutsu as Naruto because it would take away from him. -_- Your as bad as the ones that make Naruto’s sister.

d’aww, its a cute widdle slug chan icon!

i wants to make a rp group about slugs

Pokemon Sue

Sorry, for bring this Pokemon Sue up but it has really bother me along with some of my friends.

Made on Rinmaru ^^

Maria comes from a very wealthy family but is very weak and has poor eyesight. she has always wanted to become a Pokemon trainer but her family has forbid her from doing so. She runs away to begin her journey!

Pokemon she has:







the future I think I’m gonna make her kind of supernatural and she has psychic abilities a bit that helps her see and get through her days ^^ or maybe her Pokemon help her with it. not sure yet

Just no. Don’t even plan on bring psychic abilities to your sue. The only person in Pokemon I know of that had psychic abilities was Sabrina from a Psychic Pokemon Gym in the original series. You would just take away everything that character was. Infact, don’t give her any abilities at all. She isn’t a Pokemon  unless she is mixed, but that would be impossible!!!

Soyuki Lorikenn (Xiaolin Showdown OC)

Hi there, this is a review of an XS OC. Many of these are absolutely awful but I was part of this fandom and I knew these people so I won’t tear into them heartlessly. Many of them have gone on to create great characters, so there’s hope for us all.

My comments will be in italics

Name - Soyuki Lorikenn

Meaning - ‘So’ is for ‘Sophia’ that means ‘Knowledge’ in Greek; ‘Yuki’ means ‘Snow’ in Japanese

Age - 16/18

Nationality - American

Hometown - Macerata (Italy)

Ok to start with, her name sounds Japanese, but she’s an american who was raised in Italy. If she was raised in the USA with a Japanese parent I would over-look this. Most names that are ‘American’ in origin are mash-ups or weird spellings or words. What’s wrong with Italian names? There are two MCs who do not come from Asian countries and their names reflect that, there’s no need to have a Japanese-like name.

The last name is made up, it’s really not that hard to find last names.  

http://surnames.behindthename.com/ Here people, go wild. Here you can look up last names by their nationality.

Certified Birthdate - July 24th

Astrological Sign - Lion

Chinese Astrological Sign - Mouse

Gender - Female

Nickname - N/A

My only issues with this are nit-picking and I’m not 100% sure English is this OC owner’s first language. It’s Leo and Rat, not Lion and mouse.

Physical Description

Hair Color- Light brown

Eye Color - Sea Blue

Weight - 56 kg

Height - 168 cm

Figure - Tough


Not bad height and weight. After throwing that through some converters into Imperial I found she’s about 5’5 and 127 lbs. In the proper weight category for sure.

Although with body-type I think she meant muscular? If so then the weight works out with it. It’s not close to the bare minimum and those muscles would make her heavier.


Soyuki has a half-hearted personality, she doesn’t like to spend time with monks, except for training, where she shows a great capacity forteamwork. She hates jokes, is always on the defensive when someone speaks to her, and may seem very bad, even though in reality she does her best to be friendly. But when someone shows her friendship, she’s very sweet and cuddly with that person or people.

O…K? I have no idea what half-hearted means but I’m willing to throw that under the bus of bad translation. Her personality is pretty consistent, if a little over-used, until that last part. ‘even though in reality she does her best to be friendly’. She’s defensive, we’ve established that, she works well with others but that might just mean she can follow orders. People on the defensive aren’t friendly.

Ok so she doesn’t like jokes, what kinds of jokes? Because knowing what material is triggering for her would be a great way to develop her.

It’s basic psychology. Being defensive is your brain taking feelings inside and applying them to outside situations. You can’t be friendly and defensive, it just doesn’t compute. 

Personal Attributes

Good Habits - During the showdown, she focuses and puts all her energy, she doesn’t hesitate to protect others if they are in difficulty.

Bad Habits - Spends too much time alone listening to music, to avoid being in contact with others.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - Love blood and violence (for this when Raimundo bothers her or makes fun of her, she pulls out her claws,literally, and wounds him, sometimes becomes a tiger and attack the monks by surprise, even though makes as a joke, and she is careful tonot hurt them)

(For those of you unfamiliar with XS the premise of the show is that these four kids have elemental powers and use them to find magical artifacts called Shen Gong Wu. They have conflicts with the Heylin ‘evil’ side. The four kids are called ‘monks’ and the elements are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. In Xiaolin Chronicles which is the new series there’s also Wood.)


Ok, maybe a more detailed personality would help? If she focuses all her energy she’s determined and as for the rest… Why is she protective of the monks unless they make a joke and then all bets are off?

Why can she turn into a tiger, the only one who transforms into anything is Chase Young and he only does that because the Lao Mang Lone Soup made him into an immortal evil dragon-monk. 

Why does she take offense to these jokes? WHAT IS TRIGGERING THIS AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR?

Why does she love blood/violence? WHY IS NOTHING LIKE HIS HINTED AT IN PERSONALITY?

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength - 10/10

[Since her human DNA is mixed with those of the big cats, her has several features that give her several advantages, for example, is nearly as fast as the cheetah, as silent as a panther, nimble and strong as a tiger and a lioness, also the senses are much finer and is often able toprevent an attack from behind.]

Attractive - 2/10

[Her cat ears and tail, intrigued who sees her for the first time. But her tough body doesn’t make her a very attractive girl.]

Honesty - 8/10

[She doesn’t like to lie, except when absolutely necessary, and sometimes she lie to Chase Young, her adoptive father, when she tells him thatis going to give a bit of trouble to the monks, but in reality she goes to train with them]

Sociability - 4/10

[Prefer to stay with the big cats allies of Chase, rather than with humans.]

Combat Statistics

Species/Race - Human half feline

Special Skills/ Magical Powers/etc The styles of workouts of Xiaolin monks and the Heylin one of Chase Young, make her ruthless and thoughtful at the same time.

Signature Shen Gong Wu - Thorn of Thunderbolt

Weaknesses in combat Water and Fire

Strengths in combat - Agile moves and responsiveness.


Where to begin? Her strength is massively overpowered. How did she get ‘all the DNA of the big cats’? I sense an angsty backstory coming.

Small miracles folks, she’s not attractive. I kind of like that she mentions people who might have some sort of fetish for cat-ears and tail (maybe that’s why there are so many cat-girl OCs?). Maybe the scar is more disfiguring than her body? I dunno, I’ve seen girls with athletic bodies that are bomb-shells, like dang.

Oh more hinting at an angsty back-story. Honesty is… Strange. I mean I can see Chase being honest, he was a xiaolin monk at one time, but her believably lying to him? He’s over 1000 years old, by that time you learn most tricks in the book. She’d have to be a great liar. Also a bit meh on the sociability aspect. It seems we’ve got an angsty back-story coming up.

Relationships Statuses

Closest Friend(s) - No one

Omi Omi often urge her during training, and in his way comforts her when she is sad. They are good friends, even if he doesn’t accept her hostility towards Raimundo.

Raimundo Soyuki is hyper-sensitive to jokes and pranks, and she doesn’t get along well with Raimundo because of his fun in make pranks and jokes, she knows he doesn’t mean to really hurt her, but this doesn’t stop her to react fiercely.

Kimiko - Being the only girl in the temple, Kimiko is kind to Soyuki, and share a passion for music. But often Kimiko intrudes when Soyuki andRaimundo fight, and she defends… the answer is obvious.

Clay - Clay and Soyuki are good friends thanks to the good-natured character of the cowboy. Soyuki chats happily with him, and teaches how to use the lasso, but when she uses it in the ”wrong” way, he gets angry and scares her.

Dojo - Their relationship is good, even if they don’t talk very often, and the gab of the dragon often irritates Soyuki.

Master Fung - She has a great respect for the teacher, obeys and she doesn’t complain the chores he gives.

Hated Rivals - Jack Spicer and Wuya, she thinks he’s a stupid and useless jerk and a pompous and vain witch.


Ok where to begin… Omi is very protective of his friends and I don’t think he’d like Soyuki. If she understands that he’s not trying to hurt her feelings maybe she could dial the reaction back a bit. Or, maybe because she’s so honest, tell Raimundo why it bothers her? He’s not an unreasonable guy and I think he’d stop.

Ok Kimiko is in love with Raimundo, that’s canon and accepted. I think, though, Kimiko would try and figure out the reason for Soyuki’s violence. She has no trouble standing up to Raimundo and if she noticed that it was bothering Soyuki enough to incite violence I don’t think she would condone it.

As for Clay. He rarely gets angry. He’s portrayed as the most calm of the group and I doubt he’d get mad quickly if someone who has had no experience with lassos used one improperly.

Dojo and Fung. Well if she’s honest I wouldn’t think she’d be good at hiding her annoyance, most people who are honest aren’t good at hiding things. Consistency please.

Wuya and Jack are pretty spot-on though.

What I can find about this character’s background (it’s really inconsistent surprise surprise) Is that she’s some sort of genetically altered cat-girl. Who can change shape and came to China to learn martial arts. Really. I mean it’s not like she could do that anywhere else in the world. Nope her parents send her to China. There Chase finds her and abducts her. Why you may ask? Because she’s a genetically altered cat-girl and his minions are big cats of course! So he trains her (I don’t know why the only apprentice he’s ever had interest in is Omi because Omi shows great promise as a monk) and she escapes to go with the Xiaolin Monks.

She doesn’t have a cannon pairing (thank god) but she is the Dragon of Lightning. I mean, this doesn’t make much sense does it. In traditional Chinese lore there are 5 elements. It’s assumed that Raimundo’s ‘Wind’ takes the place of metal but now that there’s wood there’s no room for another Xiaolin Dragon. Oh in case you were wondering what her big-cat form looks like:

.:Here Comes The White Disaster:. [READ BELOW!] by StefyC97

How to improve this OC:

~Change the name

~More consistent personality and bio

~please no cat-girl. Chase’s warriors are either big cats or warriors, they don’t have cat-ears and tail.

~Change the bio, it sounds really contrived.

~Don’t make her a xiaolin dragon, no ifs ands or buts about it! There is no room in cannon for more dragons!

Ahhh Hello people. I’d uh like to share with you my Gary Stu… Yeah….

Meet Faust everybody. He was an Xiaolin Showdown OC and he was the dragon of fate. 

Ok I made him before I understood history. If I had made him historically accurate this guy would have been a Keltoi: Ancestors of the Celts whose men filed their teeth into points and died their bodies blue or green.

Yeah this pretty boy is Faust and he somehow made it from central Europe to china. I think I had it so that Dojo could sense his powers and came to take him away after Greeks destroyed his village.


Which he totally saw coming by the way because GUESS WHAT? As the dragon of fate he could SEE THE FUTURE HAHAH.

He was the inspiration for the Crystal Glasses Shen Gong Wu Crystal Glasses 1.jpeg

Can’t you see the similarity?

Anyways back to business, he, like all other dragons of fate had the responsibility to make sure that the Heylin and Xiaolin side remained balanced. He was very close to Dashi, Guan, and Chase and Chase taught him chinese which he never really picked up too well.

He ended up dying saving Chase from Wuya. and that’s why Chase chose evil. Wow, thanks Faust, not only is your name unrealistic but you completely undermined Chase’s personality. 

Oh let’s not forget that he was the one who taught Guan how to properly yell at people because he was always angry. Remind me why people liked you again? Oh that’s right there was no reason. They just did.

Oh I was so young back then.

Nanase Uzumaki (Mermaid Melody and Naruto)

This is Nanase Uzumaki. 
She is daughter of Naruto, The fox and Hanon, Aqua Pearl Voice.
I draw a OC. She is Hanon and Naruto’s Oldest Daughter.

here is her 

Birth : 2nd May.
Parents : Naurto Uzumaki and Hanon Hosho.
Love Interest : None.
Farvorite Food : Steam Buns, Sushi and Ice Cream.
Weapon : Mixture of Schyte and Rod.
Song : Ever Blue.
Likes : Her Parents, Kakashi, Singing and Using Her Ice Power.
Dislikes : Chaos, gagging, Villains, Water Demons.
Force : Stronger like garuda.

Hanon is From Mermaid Melody. and Naruto from Naruto Shippuden.
Nanase Uzumaki Hosho is Her Full Name.
her name, Nanase was named after Hokuto and Kairi’s Younger Sister from Street Fighter EX.

Hanon Hosho © Pink Hanamori
Naruto Uzumaki 
© Masashi Kishimoto
Nanase Uzumaki 
© me

This is Artwork.

Ask me a request.

Pokemon OCs!!!! I love em all eeee! 

Admorphite is the youngest. Her parents hated her so she was told to carry an everstone,lied to and told it would bring her good luck.

Glimmer is not really an eeveelution nor umbreon. She was made in Team Rockets lab and tested on. She escaped one day with a couple other experiments and adopted into this family.

Wanna-Be was never liked. He was outcasted and hated by his mother and father. For the longest time no one loved him,until Admorphite came along. She was hated as well and the two were always the best of friends.

Blaze is the eldest and snottiest. He’s always been an example. “Why can’t you be more like Blaze?” “Blaze is better!” “You’re useless! The only good one around here is Blaze!” But,when he met a young and scared vulpix,he fell in love. The two couldn’t be a happier couple.

Mist is the most playful of this bunch. She doesn’t care much for her parents or siblings,she just likes jokes. She’s always pranking Flame and always teasing Wanna-Be.

a mary-sue from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Her name is Violet and she’s a “fallen angel”. Hm. Wasn’t aware that was a traditional halloween monster but hey! Whatever! She’s also in love with the main antagonist, of course. -_-

who would have thought even spongebob could have mary-sues? her name is regina and she’s in love with plankton. someone please…

Sparkle Harmonia

Hey, anon who asked if we could submit fanfiction chapters here. These are the highlights from the first chapter of a fanfiction by some person on fanfiction.net, starring herself, N, and an extremely OOC set of characters. There was sadly no real profile, so I hope this is acceptable. I tried to cut it down as much as I could, but it’s still really long. 

Hi, I’m Sparkle Armida Violet Galactia-Harmonia. As in, my dad is Cyrus and I’m married to N. This is my Umbreon Luna, and my many ribbons and trophies from my extensive contest career. Huh… you wanna know how I got this scar on my neck? Well, I guess I’d better start at the beginning. You might want to get comfortable because this is a very long story. It was a bright but chilly autumn day, in my fourth period science class…

So already this is…questionable. Cyrus doesn’t have a surname in canon, and if he did it probably wouldn’t be ‘Galactica’. Also, why the hell is her name so long? And why the fuck would Cyrus name his child ‘Sparkle’? She’s also married to N, and is some sort of brilliant coordinator, and from normal Earth. 

I hate to say it, but it only gets worse. 

Yes, I know my name isn’t REALLY Sparkle, but I’m trying to distance myself from society and normality. But they still lock me up here for my daily six hours of brainwashing, or education as they call it. I call it boring.

Okay, so it’s one of those, is it?

I can gossip with the best of them, and I got a ninety eight percent on a geometry test seventy percent of the class failed, but I honestly don’t care! My true colors are for few to see. Few meaning NO ONE!

I believe this paragraph speaks for itself.

At least I don’t go out drinking and driving. If society had more people like me, we wouldn’t be in debt; children would be taking advanced geometry in fourth grade, and would be working and contributing to society by thirteen. Not wasting our lives writing essays and living in whatever colorless box society dictates we fit into as teens.

No, if society had more people like you we’d be spending all our resources trying to build a portal to the pokémon world instead of, I dunno, something actually worthwhile. 

Also, psychiatrists would be in much, much higher demand.

I have the greatest mom ever and I HATE it. All I ask of her is acceptance of my fandom, and alone time for Fanfictions. What do I get? Popularity, expensive clothes, and everything a girl could want.

Wow. Just wow. Do you know how many people would kill for a mom like that? 

Also, acceptance of your fandom and time to write fanfictions can totally go together with your mom buying you stuff.

I’m combat boots (okay, everyone wears them, but I like them too.) black jeggings, purple tank tops and gray crop tops! Not slippers, yoga pants, 70$ jackets and a Starbucks cup. I don’t even LIKE coffee! If I need caffeine, coke cherry zero from a vending machine will suffice.

And…who’s putting who in a box now? Because it sounds to me like she’s stereotyping the entire teenage female population of America. Also, ‘coke cherry zero’?

"Yeah, just no ideas. The main character just fell off a cliff and is in a coma, while her boyfriend’s brother is secretly in cahoots with the evil dude and she is the only one who knows. Not sure whether to have her wake up first or have him kidnap his step-mother." Rachel giggles, "your stories don’t even sound like Fanfictions the way you describe them!

Yeah, they sound like some vague melodramatic plot you pulled out of your ass. Also, I’m pretty sure a dive off a cliff would do more than make you comatose.

The trail he takes is a simple one, down past my high-school, almost to my old middle school, and into the woods in between. Now I’ve never been in those particular woods. I have a good reason too. A forest between two schools? Drugs are a huge possibility. Yes I’m a goody-goody who fears everything

Apparently goody-goodies think of the educational system as brainwashing. This character is just so full of contradictions.

Cyrus sighs, running a hand through his hair, “Her name was… well her name was Sparkle. She was my only daughter, and people from this dimension took her as a baby. I don’t know why they wanted her, but she HAS to be alive. I’m not going to believe that she is… dead.” He chokes out the last word in a flurry of emotion like I’ve never seen from him. Who knew this guy had a soft side?

Cyrus, the dude who wanted to ELIMINATE ALL EMOTIONS, everyone.

She’s wearing skinny jeans and… combat boots.

Because taste in shoes indicates relation by blood.

I look up, and he’s holding colored contacts; his eyes are actually green.

…was there a point to that? Did she just want to prove that canon is hers to tear apart or something?

I see where I get my attitude. I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming.

If you see any similarities between your attitude and Cyrus’ then you probably need professional help.

His bright green eyes almost tear up, but he pulls himself together. I pull him into a hug, “I love you too dad.”

This is so OOC I can’t even…this isn’t Cyrus. At all.

"What are you doing here?" I ask. "Well miss conspiracy theory, what do you think?" 

How does this dude who just met her know everything about her? And when were conspiracy theories ever mentioned?

"I’m your half-brother. Dad cheated on my mom about fourteen years ago, the marriage still stands. Somehow you’ve always been his favorite."

If you’re wondering who this is, it’s fucking PAUL. That’s right, Paul from the anime. And he’s apparently Cyrus’ son. 


"I can see why you feel that way. By the fact that you couldn’t even watch your Umbreon take a hit, you seem like the type." I bite my lip, "You say it like it’s a bad thing."

"it’s not, but it is. You’re very nice, and Luna already loves you. But, you fear battles. That could hinder you. If I were to suggest a career move, I’d say coordinator." I nod, "That’s actually what I was thinking!" Paul smiles a bit, "Well, you’ll be good at it. I saw your trick to make sure Charm hits every time, that’s really smart." But his eyes look distant, "Even so, you need to be careful, not everything in this world is how they portrayed it there."

This is Paul talking. So OOC that he’s unrecognizable, as is the standard with this suethor.

"Ash… he taught me so many things. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I feel like I’m in the presence of a genius when he’s around. But don’t tell anyone!"

Paul, why are you so OOC? Why are you calling Ash a genius? You should be the last person to ever do that. Why, Paul? Why? 

Comashipping is canon, I knew it!

I’m not sure you know what ‘canon’ means. 

On that note, chapter one is done. As much as I’d like to read the other 14 chapters, I don’t think my brain cells can handle it.

Sorry for clogging up your inbox with this fanfic chapter, there was no real profile. If there was, I would have sent that.


Self Submission! I was super proud of this super cringy oc. 
Her Name was Kiara Uchiha and a lost, seperated sister/ relative of Sasuke??? She was orphaned as a baby and raised by a black dog until she was five. 
Kiara was perfect at art and found out about ninja school at some point, where she was a real emo gurl until she found her first friend.
That friend ended up being her girlfriend, and they lived in a shitty house together where the Akatsuki showed up and wanted Kiara to join because she had the Sharingan and also she could control blood and had some other superpowers. Oh, did I mention she was already Chuunin after a year or faster. So, her GF was against it so Kiara killed her and joined the Akatsuki. She was in a Team with Zetsu i guess. 

After that she fell in love with Deidara and they loved each other. She eventually got pregnant with his baby, they left the Akatsuki (how???) BUT the baby died inside her and she almost died of blood loss too. Way to go, she got really depressed afterwards so she had to go to therapy and her doctor raped her. (I was a sick kid)  THEN she got transferred to some psycho clinic where she had to spend 4 years but they let her out earlier bc she missed Deidara too much?? 

Also Deidara and her lived in some huge kickass Villa the whole time, and she practiced her bloodbending stuff secretly at night… i thin she could controll others when her blood was on them, and she could turn water into blood. makes a lot of sense, yeah. at least to 12 year old me it made sense…
and i remember there was some tragic story part about her and some white cat, the cat got bombed at some part. 

I used to fight about deidaras love with some other kids on deviantart, looking back i am ashamed 
BEST PART - my Deidara ship thing even got fanart! :’D so hilarious oh god