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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!
We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Hi! I just through most of the content in your blog, and I gotta say, it brings back pre-teen memories XD and you guys are super nice and awesome okay

So this is my OC Iriselle, and I say “is” because I’m currently fixing her over the years. She’s a LOT different now, but back then, she was a self-insert OC, a Filipino (but in here, she looks Caucasian white—yes, I’m guilty; but she’s tanned now) who travels to realms of Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, and .//hack G.U., and I used to shipped her with Sora from KH2 and later Vanitas from KH: BBS yes those were the days

Her powers were “reading every living things’ auras and communicating them through empathy” and “is talented in gun shooting starting at the age of six”. Yeah, you tell me—I dunno either.

HI GUYS! I made my own Sue. Fear me. I might write some fan fiction about her. Please be gentle, she’s so precious to meh~

Name: Wilburina Von Schlangenbaumf, though most people call her Angel

Age: 16 at DH

School: Hogwarts

House: The Sorting Hat told Angel that she could have been in ANY house. So she was able to choose and of course picked Slytherin. 

Wand: Cherry, Unicorn Hair AND Phoenix Feather. She’s so special. 

Patronus: A fairy. 

Appearance: Angel is so attractive most male students start walking to walls when they pass her. She has icy blue eyes, slender nose, luscious lips and long lashes andandand the omg-most-perfect eye brows ever seen. Angel’s hair is almost white. She has a petite figure and could be modeling only if she would be taller than 5”2. Angel likes natural make up, wavy curls and girly clothes. 

Trivia: Angel is an unregistered animagus, she can transform into a beautiful swan. Because she is so talented Angel received a special permission to fight against Death Eaters at the end of her sixth year. Angel had many boys chasing her but ended up with Srius Black whom she magically brought back to life. Other guys just seemed so… immature. So basically she is Harry’s godmother. Yay special-ness! 

(I’m so sorry, please don’t kill me)

Here’s a joke sue I founnnnnd!

Name: Lillian Potter (Harry’s twin sister)

Age:15 or 16 (6th year)

House: Griffendor

Appearance: Have a scar but it is not that big. Her hair used to be brown and curly, but she dyed it blonde, her hair also changes colour depending on her emotions. One of her eyes is blue and the other is green. Tall and perfect figure. Pale, almost white, skin.

 Personality: brave, nice to everyone but mean to her enemies, bubbly, caring and romantic (in other words, no personality whatsoever).

Likes: One Direction, The Wanted, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief series, New York city, pizza, butterbeer, Hogsmade.

Best subjects: charms, transfiguration, potions, defence against the dark arts, herbology, study of magical creatures, flying, magical history, etc.

Dislikes: Slythyerins, bullies, the Dusley family, spiders and snakes.

Friends: Hermoine, Ron, Harry, Ginny and pretty much all the other canon characters.

Boyfriend: Draco Malfoy, they love each other so much that they are willing to die for each other, despite Draco being a Slytherin. Voldemort wants her as his wife (no, seriously, that is what the whole story is about).

Weaknesses: None mentioned.

A sample of her story, Back off Malfoy (which does not make any sense):

'Lily you okay?' Quizzes Hermione. 'I-I-I'm good' I stammered lying. 'No you're not, tell me or I'll get Harry.' She shouted. 'He who must not be named appeared and told me I'm his forever and ever. Then he was going to put the killing curse on me and I woke up' I said, tears still streaming down my cheeks. 'That's horrible.' Ginny said, waking up. 'You were awake?' Asked Hermione and we all burst out laughing but was cut short by me bursting into tears again. 'What if he comes after us and harms Harry?' I asked concerned. 'Don't worry Lily he's never coming back.' Said 'Mione, trying to calm me down. I nodded my hair still a dark shade of blue meaning deeply sad.


found this on deviant art, the description was:

Your name is Hydraa Drakon, and there was just Too Much CHAOS in the world you used to live in.

Your name is Hydraa Drakon, and there was just Too Much CHAOS in the world you used to live in.

Is this a good time to vent about an old atrocity?

This was my first OC, written when I was probably 12 and last drawn in 2011. I’ve held this too long. I need to share how bad this PoS was. Maybe this is a good time. We can all laugh.

Name: Kama Shay (it was ‘Ito’ in earlier incarnations)

Clan: Shay/Uchiha (yeah. she’s a halfling. kill me plz)
Age: 13 in original, 16 in Shippuden
Rank: Genin
Species: Human/Vampire (with no explination or repercussions)
Sexual Orientation: Oh So Very Straight (pretty much all the main guys crush on her. she didn’t even talk to girl characters. dear god.)
Personality: Passive-agressive and cold. Only reasonable to Sasuke/the crush interest of the moment. Socially-inept and randomly nice at best, homicidal and rash at worst. I wrote her essentially like a sociopath.
Good Traits: uhhhhhh
Bad Traits: prone to violent outbursts for no considerable reason, regards topics such as cutting, death, and kiling with a sick sense of amusement/contempt.
Likes: Singing, cooking, being excessively hostile to Sakura for hardly no reason
Dislikes: being abducted, ‘Mr.pedo’
Fears: snakes (laugh when i tell you she joins Orochimaru and completely forgets about this only once-used fear)
Personal Quote: “You haven’t changed one bit…Sasuke.”
Powers: Kekke-genkai “Psychi” (don’t ask me what it does, I really can’t tell you), singing jutsu(?), chakra barriers (???), random medical ninjutsu only used 60 pages in
Skilled in: Speed, Endurance, Genjutsu (the song jutsu thing)
Weak in: Taijutsu, Strength

Okay, so apparently Kama was a halfie but when she was like 5 she supposedly killed her friend to obtain mangekyo and got banned from the clan, only to go to the shay clan in an unnamed village settlement.
Then apparently Orochimari raids their little settlement and kills everyone (but her of course) but she has ‘distinctive eyes’ because they’re bright-ass green
so way later he meets her with Team 7 and recognizes her? This had no further purpose, I don’t know why I went to the trouble of setting it up.
So she meets Sasuke when they’re little before she goes yandere and he saves her from drowning because oh the dramaz. She goes away and Team 7 rescues her from a hostage situation.
She bawws about being a medical-nin slave for her clan, even though she has heir money? or something? So basically Sasuke and Kama become emo-baww friends and of course they like eachother
so they throw OOC dialogue at eachother at inappropriate times (like right after she saves Sasuke from a spike-pitted death). Kama is hiding her Uchiha origin for some reason? I really don’t know why,
and I can’t explain how an exiled nin could so easily go back to her village after committing murder? Don’t think that I used the vampire thing for anything cool,
it was literally only for comic relief. The kekke-genkai thing is also never used in battle. She uses her medical ninjutsu all of twice, and her random chakra barrier power only once when it wasn’t even necessary.
Of course she gets her own curse mark (earth) so she can run off to Sound with her little emo lover boy. Antics ensue and kama is kidnapped, she fights Orochimaru in Final Valley.
Not only does she wound him to the point of no longer being able to fight, she stays okay enough to go back to Sound to help heal him. Sasuke goes after her and why do they stay? I gave literally no reason.
I went from being afraid of snakes and terrified of Orochimaru to hanging out in his snake cave JUST BECAUSE. I didn’t even have Sasuke go dark to his curse mark, so he has no reason either at that point.

She originated as a self-insert-in-disguise to be with Sasuke, but I ended up having Gaara, Neji, Naruto, and even Orochimaru crush on her in some way rather in the central story or in a spinoff fic.
I wrote things in that story that make me ashamed to be breathing, and I wrote many more that shame me in completely different ways (KamaxOro), but I feel like I need to get it out so i can move on.
I actually still use the first name, as you can see. I don’t even use it for meaning anymore (it meant scythe. Yeah. It was cited as a beta name for Kakashi); I’ve grown so used to the sound that I use that alias on pretty much all my sites.

I have created a new Kama Shay, but she is far different from this attrocity. Maybe now I can lay this crazy SoB to rest.


I was digging through some papers I found (hidden in the darkest, deepest crevice of my closet) and I found some old pics of an… “OC” I made some 423647897 years ago based off of one I read IN ANOTHER FANFICTION ON QUIZILLA. (I was VERY original, you see)

(no pics sorry scanner is kaput)

Name: Saya 

Age: 17

Appearance: White hair blue eyes and she always wore this sleeveless white dress and Triforce earrings.

(I cannot read my handwriting from when I was younger so sorry I’m just trying to fill in the blanks)

Bio: Marin was born into a poor family and her parents hated her because reasons and one day she woke up and found out she had these kuh-razy powers. Her town was like ‘WITCHCRAFT’ and they killed her parents and she was chased into Kokiri Forest. There she was raised by the Great Deku Tree because he sensed she had some great power. She met Link and they became friends. Then they went on an adventure together as adults THEN ALLUVA SUDDEN she’s walking alone and Shadow Link (somehow) went inside her mind for… no apparent reason. SO THEN she and Link falls in love with her but Saya can’t pick between Shadow Link and Link. Then… she finds out that she got her powers because… SHE IS THE 4TH GODDESS (not to mention the youngest sister) and she was cast out by the other 3 because they thought she was too powerful. 

*head/desk* I’ve created a monster and I cannot kill it. (And sadly I have more of these abominations.)

Name: Abel Icefire Sickle (koru)
Age 19 ( dragon) human: ???
Race: dragon
Magic: escaplise

Father: Acnologia
Mother: mizune
Brother: Soubi, Shi

Love/husband: Tempest Sickle
Kids: shiji,dia,NAthan,Zena,Fate,ryu,Kikyo

Heavenly Host Elementary / Atlantis OC for Hetalia.

Has really big boobs so everyone thinks she is so kawaii. She has a hobby of starting hurricanes and smashing other nations to the ocean floor. She hates NEw ORleans.

(Omg this is not me this is my friends and she wants to be on a mary sue blog really bad.)

okay so

i have been watching this girl on dA for so long and she’s been ‘attacked’ (which was actually someone saying that her OC had a lot of bullshit and was a sue or something amongst that) because her oc is a really bad sue. i’ll probably put a read more here, if i can.

so her name is danielle and she’s a self-insert for the professor layton fandom and she (like a good majority of layton OCs) is in love with descole, which i normally wouldn’t have a problem with but…

the thing about canon x oc is that the canon character shouldnt be changed due to the oc. danielle, on the other hand, met descole and OMG ROMANSU RABU RABU and after that, all descole wants is to fuck her because why not thats what tru romansu is about.

anyway, i feel the need just to show the profile and do commentary because i can’t express how much this sue annoys me. there are some spoilers but mostly its about danielle and her romansu

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SCP-049 Sue Fic

Long story short, I was wondering if there were any sues paired with SCP-049 and then I found this creature feature on WordPress:

Carla Vantage is a 21 year-old woman who works primarily as a test subject for the SCP organization. She doesn’t wish to become a test subject, and nor does she enjoy it.

She could never make friends, and even if she did, there was no guarantee that she would be seeing them the next day.

Sitting in her cell, curled up on her bed, she stared blankly at the door to her containment unit. She was afraid that they would open the door and ask her to complete another test. The last test she completed made her dizzy and any speech she heard seemed incoherent. She couldn’t remember which SCP is was, all she knew is that she had to stay away from those things the organization she unwillingly worked for fed others and herself to.

They’re insane.Carla thought. They keep repeating these tests over and over again… they are officially insane!

But she knew that if she tried to go against them, she’d be shot down instantly. She had a fairly average IQ of 115, and figured out things easily. But when they took her here… she acted stupidly and began to thrash and scream, and, like the fool she was, they treated her as one, giving her a high dosage of drugs which knocked her out for god knows how long.

Instead of becoming someone who watched over the test subjects,- the smarter people,- she was stuck being the one that was watched. Carla was then jostled out of her position on the bed when alarms went off and the lights in her room flickered.


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So I’m looking over my first fic again and I have to say I’m blown away with how terrible of a writer I was when I was nine. I had no idea what was going on and just doing whatever seemed like a good idea. Here are a few excerpts from the fic that show how illogical everything was and just how bad of a character Daisy was. This fic was literally just a clusterfuck of whatever was happening in the Pokemon anime at the time. Daisy was traveling through Kanto with Ash and co, but the world revolved around her. tl;dr of her history was that she somehow ran Silph Co, was Professor Oak’s assistant and half fairy (yes in the Pokemon world). 

The edits to these are minimal, mostly just fixing small spelling errors or inserting words where some clarification was needed.

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I’m sure you guys have all seen this one before, but I really wanted to tag it Yaoi hands…

Aerok is afflicted with several mental disorders, including OCD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Narcissism, Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, etc. As such, he has a difficult time coping with large groups of people. He does not understand figures of speech, like sarcasm, metaphors, hyperbole, etc. He tries to be kind to others in spite of this, but he mostly comes off as weird or creepy. He is very clingy with people, and will sometimes develop a sort of “love” for them at first sight. He also talks about himself a lot, almost exclusively in a positive light. Aerok occasionally gains near-omnipotence in a “power mode” when he is upset or angry. Unfortunately, he is incredibly single-minded while in power mode, so once he removes whatever is bothering him, he goes back to normal and forgets the entire thing.

I found a Fairy Tail Gary Stu for you guys

Name: Speed Mikage 

Gender: male

Age: 16

Birthday: Feb 14

Hair Color: Blue/light blue

Eye Color: green

Guild Mark Location:left shoulder

Occupation: Fairy Tail

Previous Occupation: The country of Minstrel

Previous Team: No Team

Partner(s): Team Natsu

Previous Partner(s): -None-

Personal Status: Active

Relative(s): none

Counterpart: Yes, hes more level headed and catious.

Magic: Manipulation of fire, water and lightning

Magic Type: Dragon Slayer

Magic: Manipulation Of fire lightning and water Magic. he can recover by eating the elements.

Likes: Food, Clothes, His friends.

Dislikes: People underestimating him, Being called names Those who aren’t fun.

Weakness: Can’t hit a woman. Hates spiders they creep him out

Bio: was taken in when he was 2 years old by the great water dragon Apalala(My fan made dragon which is female) and learned water dragon magic. he eventually learned other magic by absorbing natsu’s fire and laxus’ lightning out of sheer luck he became able to use it but at a risk of using too much magic.

Story: after Apalala left him he wondered the land, he eventually found a strange egg and cared for it till it hatched. a cat with wings came out and speed named him Dash. they stayed together since then.at the age 16, speed became a rouge he was stealing food all over town. eventually they put out a wanted sign for speed $500,000 hanging over his head. Thats when he met team natsu. and battled them resisting arrest untill erza finally caught him eating and was captured. luckily Erza made speed work untill he payed off his debt and after that he joined Fairy Tail.

Personality; always like to train and can be an idiot at times but he can be very nice and protective when he wants. he has a short temper and always joins in the fairy tail brawls.

Dash: Speeds been with him since he was 5, he always has him around and loves to mess with him at times.

Natsu Dragneel; The boy he alwas argue with and loves to fight, you could say their brothers by personalities.

Gray Fullbuster; At first he distances himself from him, due to him always taking his clothes off. However over time, he grew used to it and eventually they began fighting as well 

Gajeel Redfox: Like Fire and ice Iron and water don’t mix.

Lucy Heartfillia; Quickly became friends

Erza Scarlet; Erza becomes like an older sis of Speed Just like everyone else, speed can be scared of her though. but he once challenged her and landed a good hit on her once but ultimately lost

Levy Mcgarden; good relation but speed isnt a bookworm like her

Juvia Lockser;Speed treats her like a little sis due to her sensative personality

Laxus Dreyar;likes to mess with and sometimes argues with him

First Guild Master Mavis Vermilion: met her his first day becoming an official fairy tail guild member. Her playfull personality allowed speed to become good friends with her.

Exceeds: became used to them quickly because he has 
one as well

Third Guild Master Makarov Dreyar: Speed laughed when he seen his small height and was ultimately stomped.

there was also a list of quotes this character had

(btw, im really sorry about this not being in a readmore!)

Name: Maria Leemaster
Birth: October 31, 1991
Sex: Female
Hair color: Brown, Red and blue
Eye Color: Black
Other: Undead Sayain werewolf
Born: Planet Vegeta
Powers: Teleport, Invisible, Elements, Heal, Transform any animal, Turns undead.
Extras: Is a slave, Already dead, Is a werewolf.
Friends: Krillin, Bulma, Vegeta
Enemy: Chi chi
Best Friend and love: Son Goku
Relatives: Lucas & Liru
Weapons: Blade, Hunter Bow, Staff, & Claws

(I apologize if this post gets long)

Holy crap, this thing…

So this is the creator’s self-insert that she has used to fandom-hop into various different fictional worlds including, but not limited to:

-Dragonball: Here she is paired with Goku and, from what I’ve seen, Vegeta seems to have a crush on her as well despite them both being married (Guess that would explain why Chi Chi is her “rival”). She is also an “undead sayain werewolf” thing and is Frieza’s slave

-Legend of Zelda: According to what the suethor stated, here the sue just teleports from the Dragonball worldinto the LoZ world with no explanation and she and Link just randomly fall in love

-Sonic the Hedgehog: For this one, the suethor tends to pair her self-insert with another of her Sonic OCs, but will occasionally pair her with Scourge (I know that Scourge tends to be a big flirt, but at this point, he’s already in a relationship with Fiona)

And finally she’s also inserted her sue into Lion King, but she has SO MANY DAMN RECOLORS that I can hardly tell who’s who. It also doesn’t help that she tends to give very little in the way of a description and that she tends to call what appears to be the same OC different names (I think the insert for this one might be Scar’s daughter and is a lioness princess or something? I don’t know man she’s got like three different Lion King OCs named “Maria”)

But yeah, there’s that horror story

Full Name: Kamora Eudora
Nickname(s): Kammy, Kammycutie, Kammycakes, Kams, Kam-Kam, Kammy-baby
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 21st
Species: Human
Nationality: American, to her knowledge
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual; slight preference for males
Religion: Polytheist
Occupation: Self-employed matchmaker
Significant other: Multiship blog. {9 dating, 3 marriages, 1 Fiancé}
Closest friends: Deceased friend Arthur— the list goes on.
Rivals: Internet dating sites…
Enemies: Her parents, a certain troll Umbrage.
EyeColor(s): Hazel/Amber in some lighting
Hair Color(s): Strawberry Blonde
Notable Physical Traits: the booty, Her hair, eyelashes, clothing style.
Fandom: Primarily OC fandom and multi fandom, though she has rooms in the Problem Stuck universes, with a dash of Space Dandy as well.

Kamora has slight abandonment issues, thanks to her family up and leaving her at a very young age. But these issues are not extreme to the point where she needs someone with her all the time, no. In fact, she’s used to going places by herself, and doing her own thing.
But when she does feel a little alone, she likes having a person or a few people to talk to.

Kamora never got to play around much as a child— most of her time was spent trying to impress her parents by running a ‘dating booth’ of sorts; in other words, the very early stages of her current business. Her efforts were in vain though.

And by the time she’d gotten to high school and was subsequently abandoned, she was in such a depressed state of mind, leading up to the whole “let’s-live-a-lie-so-the-bullying-will-stop” mentality, playtime, girl gossip, the ‘normal’ things a teenager would do, were out of the question.

So sometimes, she’ll really enjoy playing around, or experiencing something new. It’s like living out her childhood since she never got to do it properly.

PTSD is due in part to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents, both physically and mentally. Not officially diagnosed, but she does recognize it as such, even if she tries to hide it.

Kammy was born to a pair of wealthy socialites, who wanted to have a son to carry on their name, and bear tons of children. They were happy during their pregnancy, eagerly awaiting the little boy they would soon have— only for the child to be a girl. Needless to say, they were not pleased.

Fearful that putting the child up for adoption would ruin their image, they kept her, but treated her very poorly, in almost a Cinderella type fashion. They gave her just what she needed to get by; looking like a bum would ruin their image, of course. Everything was about them, and their image. Kamora was just a blemish in their perfect lives.
They didn’t hesitate to smack the little girl around whenever they could, and lock her away in her room— especially on Christmas. This was when Kamora snuck out the most, and would often be gone the entire day and most of the night. They never went looking for her, so whether they knew of her absence or not is unclear. Eventually, Kamora would start sneaking out more often, or just staying after school so she wouldn’t have to go home.

When she was 15, Kamora came home from school to find the house empty, and in her room, a single letter had been dumped on her bed, her parents stating they were leaving. They had “grown tired” of her presence, and called her a mistake— however, that was not the first time they’d done so.

Despite the freedom she now had, Kamora went into a state of depression, being abandoned and hated—for a while, she wore a pink wig.{why?}

Before opening her matchmaking business, she sold her parents house behind their back, and stored the money away in an unused bank account, which she adds to frequently. To say she hates her parents is an understatement.

While Kammy tries so hard not to give a shit about their opinions, she’s always wanted at least the approval of her mom. Knowing she’ll never get that hurts like nothing else.

Kamora really admires a man or woman who treats her like a lady, but to an extent— she doesn’t want to be treated like a completely fragile being. Her romantic partner must be willing to step in without a moment’s hesitation if she needs help.

Kammy is very, very fond of loving relationships, and she will dote on the lucky person, doing everything in her power to make them happy. She wants to be treated like a princess, like a lady in general. And don’t just talk the walk, either.

Kamora is unable to bear children. This is due to a blocked fallopian tube, making it impossible for her to ovulate. Kammy’s traveled quite a bit since leaving Midnight City. (Which is probably on another planet or something ) Now, she wants to travel through space (inspired by Dandy~)”.

The locket:
The locket was given to her by Percy, someone near and dear to her from an alternate universe. The locket is imbued with magical properties, relating to a “hidden power” Percy believed Kamora to possess. The power is able to “see” a person’s heart—more specifically, the emotions one tries to conceal within the heart. In the case of an evil person, Kamora will make a remark about said person’s heart being “black” or turning black, an indication that their evil nature is taking control of any shred of humanity the person has left. (It also has the ability to create a barrier against magic, in a Homestuck universe

Also inside the locket, is a centuries old spell, an incantation that, when used against someone who trusts Kamora, will allow her to control them. Especially useful in a tight spot.

The locket also allows her to summon items, though she uses this in a more discreet manner when possible. Doesn’t stop her from summoning a cast iron frying pan every now and then, though. And if need be, she can summon a translucent shield.

She has used her locket to discreetly snoop on people she’s spoken to. In most cases, she won’t tell anyone about this power outright, but will allude to it.

Compassion: 10/10
Empathy: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Mental Flexibility: 8/10 
Passion // Motivation: 10/10
Education: 10/10 
Stamina: 8/10
Physical Strength: 5/10
Battle Skill: 6/10
Initiative: 9/10
Restraint: 9/10 
Agility: 9/10
Strategy: 8/10
Teamwork: 10/10