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pepsi loves you, love him back!

Yumiko… What a Sue, yo.

Name:Sashiro, Yumiko
Age: 12

Normal, right? And then you see…

Eye Color:Purple
Hair Color:Purple/Black wore to the side

…This. Hair can’t — and should not naturally be — purple or any crazy color. The only exception is Sakura. That’s final.

[[GENTLE NOTE FROM MOD T if it was just purple it would be fine theres several people in the naruto universe with weird colors besides sakura]]

Nicknames:Smart Ass!!,Yumi,Miko,Ko-chan, and Sashiro

Oh look, no spacing!

Bloodline Limit:Dragon Eyes, Byakuugan, and Sharingan

And here comes the crazy bullshit! She must be so “kawaii desu” for having both Byakugan, Sharingan, and some made-up shit called Dragon Eyes. This is just gonna get worse and worse…

Sashiro Clan: the sashiro caln was also know as the demon clan.

Not another one…

Most of the people born in that caln would have a demon sealed inside of them. They were also great friends with the Uchiha clan as well.

Why? Why must a clan member have a demon inside them? What is it, a demon dolphin? What bullshit are you spouting about being “friends” with the Uchiha clan?

The Sashiro clan has mixed Bloodlines in it like for instance, the hyuuga bloodline and the uchiha bloodline are also in that clan blood but people in that clan rarely get those.

…Then why is it a separate clan? Last I checked, whichever clan is dominate or something like that, they belong to that clan, I believe. It it because of that Dragon Eye or whatever?

Past: your clan was brutally murdered by an unknown rogue ninja. Apparently some one wanted the powers of a certain bloodline limit. Although they have killed the clan the leader had also wanted to gain power of the Dragon Eye which you had the power of. Your brother and sister were taken away by the leader of the murdering group, who had piercing yellow eyes that looked like snakes!

… *facepalm* More “Orochimaru killed my family nya!” backstory. Kill me now…

Reitta Sashiro
age: unknown
sister of Yumiko
bloodline limit: sharingan
Rikou Sashiro
brother(little)of Yumiko
bloodline: Byakuugan
DRAGON EYE: a doujutsu that is able to copy anything shut as taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu such as the sharingan.But it also has the ability to copy any bloodline limit. It has three stages. The first stage is that it turns red and has a wide slit. The second stage is that it turns yellow with a medium slit, and the last stage is where it turns into a slit like a dragon and it turns gold.

Oh my god… How overpowered can that be? For the billionth time, no bloodline has the similar effect to the Sharingan and is able to surpass it. That just screams Sue right there.

Appearance: You have a red tube top with bandages around the chest. You wear a fishnet shirt under the tube top. You have a white hat that is always worn to the side but when you fight its backwards. But when your sad its worn forward. You have a pair of fingerless gloves with a steel plate on the top. You wear tan Shorts that go up to your knees and wear kneepads. Also you have the traditional ninja sandals in blue.
FRIENDS: Hinata, Naruto, Shika, and Kiba.
Your the top Kunoichi in your class although you mental part is barely making it above average.
Personality: you are really shy when it comes to meeting new people but once you start to get to know them your as hyper as naruto. but when someone gets you mad….. you get MAD!

Oh, hey vague personality, nice to see you again.

oh yeah and surprisingly you have *gulp* …..FAN BOYS!!

thanks i hope you liked it

No, no I did not.

More Bleach goodness! Apparently this lady is germaphobic, that`s why she wears a mask, but never covers her palms, breasts and shoulders. Also she is very shy and unsociable, which is accented nicely by lots of naked pictures of her in the authors gallery. She used to have a bio, which was deleted by her owner shortly after posted, where audience could`ve read about this captain cutie, that she is prone to panic attacks right in the middle of battlefield, but her place as a taicho is never questioned by her loyal troops. 

And oh, in her human childhood, before becoming a shinigami, she spent 2 weeks in company of rotting bodies of her close ones and family servants in a closed bunker, without water and food, and with lack of fresh air, totally elegantly surviving it with keeping relative sanity  and moe-ish angst. 

a lot of things about this really don’t make sense but I

I’ve decided to stop thinking about it

Totally legit and likeable Bleach adopt. It`s currently on auction with highest bid being 80 bucks. Yay, amr?

I’m here to confess the sins I committed when I was a middle school student. I was hooked on the Shugo Chara series (especially Ikuto) so much back then that I made this abomination.

In case if her bio is too small to read (sorry for the low quality. I had to use my phone camera because my scanner is broken), her name is Aniela Joaquin Yamagata. Her name sounds almost similar to mine, and Joaquin is my favourite name. Judging from her name, she is a self-insert.

She is Finnish-Japanese (I had no idea why I picked those nationalities) and she has blonde hair from her Finnish mom, black eyes from her Japanese dad. 

She transferred to Seiyo Gakuen at the age of 11. She had been living in Helsinki for a while, so moving to Japan SHOULD give her new cultural experience, and cultural shock too. However, she didn’t have to go through that phase because while living in Finland, she was taught by her father to speak Japanese.

She got her 3 Shugo Charas; Bianca (the nun-like one), Margareth (the science-like one), and Rose (the one with frilly dress and parasol) because she wanted to be smart, sweet, and elegant. Aniela herself is a quiet but cute person who never does anything right and always gets the blame thanks to her clumsiness. That’s why she wants to be noticed for her best self. She likes fashion and science. 

After transferring to Seiyo Gakuen, she instantly got accepted into Guardians because she had 3 Shugo Charas like Amu. After that, she made friends with everyone. I mean EVERYONE because she’s cute with her looks and accent. They let her clumsiness slide. She got the Two of Hearts role which was made up by me because all of the canons have taken up the major roles like Joker, Ace, Queen, King, and Jack.

I paired her with Ikuto. She met him while battling against Batsu Tamas with the rest of the Guardians. I have drawn her character change with each of her Shugo Charas, but… They are too OP.

She likes onigiri, full cream milk, and the color purple. Her sign is Taurus.

I feel miserable after finding this bio I had made long time ago, mostly because I have made such stupid Mary Sue like this without researching.

Hi, it’s the Persona Anon from before. I found another gem on dA. This OC is made by using TinierMe, a clone of Gaia.

This is what the bio says, according to the artist:

** I DID NOT USE A DRESS UP GAME TO MAKE THIS!! THIS IS FROM A SITE THATS LIKE GAIA SO, no I did not make this from a dress up game. they are my items that I bought and own from the site**

My second persona OC Amu.


Amu is a daughter of a high respected demon lord in the underworld. Her father wants her to follow his footsteps but she doesn’t want to. SHe hates the underworld and always sneaks up onto the surface to where is it full of life and mysterious things. Even love. // never forget her demon wings.


Cute, childing, silly, joyful, clumzy, really kind and helpful, loves others, very stubborn and lazy at times.

Age: 15

The cat:

The cat name is Pucci(pronounced as Puuchi or Poochie)

The cat is a boy and he is Amu’s somewhat gaurdian. he is suppose to watch over her like a personal buttler. He transforms into a small or giant scythe depending on how determined amu is into fighting and how much she beleives in herself. His personality is well, he’s the type of person that would say “work first, fun later” or “stop playing around” he’s a no fun character lol.

Thouch Pucci used to be a boy once. A human boy that used to live with his mother and father. but he signed a deadly contract with Amu’s father to become a servant of his forever. Pucci signed it, not knowing how much he will miss his old life and will never forget about it.


Judging from the scythe and the demon wings on the image, I thought it was a fanmade Persona. For those who are not familiar with Persona series, Personas are basically something that portrays a character’s inner self. Personas are usually based on mythological creatures or perhaps historical figures.

Well, turns out it’s a Persona user OC. Persona users are normally high school students. Having a companion pet and being the daughter of a demon makes no sense. At all. Nothing in the bio makes goddamn sense. The OC’s traits are sueish clichéd, the spelling seems to be neglected, and even everything about her kawaii (sarcasm intended) companion is not logical in terms of Persona fandom. 

I just found an old Fullmetal Alchemist Stu of mine. I suppose he isn’t the absolute worst, but still bad.

Name: Michael Elric

Family: Edward and Alphonse Elric (brothers) Trisha Elric (mother, desceased) Van Hohemhein (father, desceased)

yeah, Hohenheim is dead here because why not. Not like hes an important character or anything.

Age: 20

Hair color: brown

Eye color: green 

Clothes: when hes not wearing his military uniform, he prefers a casual pair of jeans and a red t-shirt.

It’s not too unrealistic for him to have joined the military, but his casual clothes make no sense. Watch FMA and count everyone whos wearing jeans and/or a t-shirt. The answer is zero.

he got his looks from his mother. 

Right or left handed: right

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 90 pounds

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure 90 pounds is not a healthy weight for a 20-year-old 5’8” male.

Military rank: colonel

Roy is 30 and is young for a colonel. How did this 20-year-old get such a high rank?

love interest: Ling and Roy. He loves them both and they love him but he cant decide between them.

Ah, a good old fashioned love triangle. What else did i expect. Also, Ling is only 15. That’s a little creepy, Michael.

history: he was 5 when Ed was born and 7 when Al was born. Hohenheim died when he was 8 and Trisha died when he was 13. 

That just doesn’t add up with canon at all. He’s supposed to be 5 years older than Ed, I don’t think Ed was 8 when Trisha died. And again, why is Hohenheim dead??

when he was 15, they attempted the human transmutation. He lost his left hand.

Just his left hand. Because opening the gate requires a great sacrifice and a hand that wasnt even his dominant hand is super important, right?

he got an automail hand and swore off using alchemy ever again. He started traveling with his brothers and joined the military at age 18.

2 years and he’s a colonel already. Alright, at this point, why the hell not?

Personalityhe seems very laid back most of the time, but that is only a disguise that hides his severe depression. He does it because he doesnt want his brothers to worry over him. He loves his brothers very much. They are the only things he cares about anymore. He feels like it’s his job to protect them since hes the only adult in the family. He cries every night abd he only hasnt killed himself because his brothers need him.

I dont think 11-year-old me had a good idea of what depression is. Also, it says here that he only cares but Ed and Al, but it said near the beggining that he was in love with Ling and Roy. Okay then.

That was it. I never wrote anything with him in it besides the profile, or used him in a roleplay or anything, but i drew him about five million times and he was one of my favorites. I can’t share any drawings of him because theyre all really embarrassing. 

Now, I know Hetalia does not have the best fan-reputation in general but…this is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. I wish I could include more than one pic in a submission because she has pleeeeeenty of bad base-art in her DeviantART to showcase but the above one will do. I did once give her a polite critique on her DA and told her I think the OC has Mary Sue traits, her response was something like “Sorry you think she’s a sue, she does have some flaws” and listed things like trusting people too easily, naivete, not making up her mind, and “SHE HAS APARAGUSES.” 

I don’t know if the last counts as a flaw because she gave no visible or even mental signs of being troubled by “Aparaguses”. 

Please be aware the “Backstory” section below is literally a summarized version of the OC’s first fanfic. The fanfic itself had 3 chapters, all of which were ONE single, monstrous paragraph with the same standard of writing as seen in these below descriptions. She also VERY blatantly made every male canon character be in love with her/the self-insert/the OC and would skip no opportunities to remind us of this. 

- End submitter’s notes 

backstory Serenia’s human name is Kaitlyn-Amethyst.Water lily and originally age 15. the back story on her is that she was a girl from our world but was transported to the hetalia world by a unknown person. she was sent there after wishing to save the life of the holy roman empire only thinking that it’s only a wish that would be impossible to come ture. when her wish was granted she was knocked out and when she woke up she was a 15 year old girl in a four year old girls body. she was found by Austria and taken into his home to be looked after in exchange for her to be a maid along with Feliciano A.K.A Italy. she saved holy roman empire by lying to him saying she can see the future he bought it and was saved. she traveled across the land after staying at austria’s home for 210 years then leveing for he land, Serenia. on the way she met little romano and Spain, then went on to meeting Arthur A.K.A England and little Australia and little America. she went through hard what whit the bombing of her country, she abandoned her pasifistways and embraced the fighter spirit with open arms. when she when to look for survivors she found 2 wolf cubs and 2 snow tiger she took them in as her own. after she was in isolation for a short period of time but found bye her good old friend Australia and taken to a world meeting to find out which country bombed hers. finding out it was switzerland she made a threat for him to call off the war on her country, switzerland called off his troops, after that she joined the allies.

Kaitlyn is a strong willed girl with a kick ass adittude she can defend herself and protect others, however underneath her kick ass adittude she’s as soft as a rose petal. she loves every animal and is known in her own language, Serenian ‘nemara lillian hihn kiena’ to translate the angel of light. she is very friendly and can make friends fairly easly but, that’s depending on who the person is. she has the strength of russia and america put together when mad and/or needed to fight but the kindness and motherly additued when someone with a childs inoccents A.K.A italy. she cares for her friend like they were her own family

september 1st. since serenia was fonded on september 1st 1500  and because the country had beautiful flower and animals it was originally going to be called ‘Gardenia’ however, the founder barnabey clay woth (made up person) traveled the area more he described it as a heavenly place thus calling it Serenia 

family brothers: Arthur, Alistor, Jack, Cole and Peter Kirkland


her pets were the 2 wolf and 2 snow tiger cubs:

Kilala: the white female wolf with a black cresent moon birthmark in the middle of her forhead andamber eyes.

Nomura: the black male wolf with emerald green eyes.

Herona: the male snow tiger with silver eyes.

Sesa: a black female snow tiger with white strips, a white cresent moon birthmark in the middle of her forhead

however, after the pictonians she lost the pets to them and later rescued a stary cat with dark brown fur and brown eyes. Kaitlyn calls her little angel but, the other cats know her as Serenicat.

extra informaion

Serenia can preform magic like her brother, Arthur and can see magical creatures.

serenia can’t decied who she is in love with but maybe in love with a 2p. her eyes turn emerald green like her brothers when she is in full rage using her magic and/or using her magic at maximum power

her magic comes out in a white glow hence why she is called the angel of light.

she is part of  one of her countryies myths about a spirit of light and a child who was found in a blue flower, apparently she was the child.

Your name is FAIREE LICKIX and you are quite possibly TOO KAWAII FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

Oh this is a lovely start.

You are SEVEN SWEEPS YOUNG, you take interest in BEING CUTE and LOVING LIFE. You take desu JOY in improving the days of those whom you encounter by SINGING, SMILING and all around being TRES TRES UGUU. ♥

You are a self-proclaimed TROLLITA. You have been described as just a LITTLE ANNOYING at times, however, it is obvious to anyone that your HEART is in the right place and is most definitely TWO SIZES TOO BIG and DOKI DOKIS at a volume none can hope to match.

What’s The Weeabo level? It’s over 9000!

Despite being of the highest calibur of the HemoSpectrum you are OPEN MINDED and ACCEPTING to all trolls. You are a little bit of a DRAMA HIME with a low tolerance to MEANIES and a tendency to get CARRIED AWAY. You get ATTACHED too easily and can be a tad AIRHEADED at times.

…Please tell me this is a joke. The blood colours don’t go higher than Fef and Meenah’s.

You wield the TIARAKIND which you tend to keep concealed beneath your bangs when not in use. You were taught not to flaunt your ROYALTY by your dear Lusus FAIRYGODMOTHER and have truly taken that lesson to HEART. Your fetch modus is the JEWELLERY BOX.

Your TrollTag is amorousStraitjacket < 3 and you are just the t♥n♥est b♥t obsessed w♥th d♥splaying your affect♥on at every opportun♥ty desu~!!!

Please tell me i’m not the only one who thought this OC was too “Desu Desu”?

"Queen Zoi of Dreamland.

She is A very sweet, kindhearted, gentle girl, Who loves to bake sweets, create art, & help people.

She is also clumsy, gullible, & a bit sensitive.

She cares a whole lot about her friends & family, She would never let anything bad happen to them.

She is the wife of King Dedede, The mother of Emily & Oscar, and the Owner of Nyan Cat & Om Nom.

Her dreams were to find a Man, To share her dreams with, to share her love for him, and to spend her whole life with.. That dream came true when Dedede came into her life. Now her new dream is to spend her whole life with her family, And making sure they have the best, happy, safe, fun lives.

Zoi likes to bake homemade things, like Cookies, Cake, Brownies, & Cupcakes.

She makes them all from scratch, And with a little love.

Zoi also loves to draw & paint.

She seriously loves playing doctor. Its why she always likes to listen to her husband’s heart.

Zoi also worries a lot.. She worries about her friends, & her family’s safety. She doesn’t even worry about herself.

Her fear is losing her family.. If she lost her husband, kids, & pets, She’d die.. Because life wouldn’t be worth living anymore..

She fell in love with Dedede when they first met, They weren’t friends for very long, Because she had strong feelings for him, So they became Boyfriend & Girlfriend instead.

The best day of her life was her wedding with Dedede. Her second best day was when their kids came into their lives.

She met Dedede in the middle of Cappy town, She was walking by, and then he spotted her. He felt he should meet her, he introduced himself. same with her, and then they became friends.

She found Om Nom when they were trapped in a basemint in a crazy lady’s house. He seemed scary at first, but when she gave him a piece of candy, he was adorable. He looked like he had no owner, and he was lost, So she decided to adopt him.

She found Nyan Cat when she was lost in a forest. He was hurt, His poptart was bitten, and he had some cuts. She had to help him. So she picked him up, & found her way out of the forest somehow. She took him home, & gave him some TLC. And then adopted him.

She has Brown hair, & Dark blue eyes. Sometimes she has soft red lips, & soft pink blush. She had short hair when she was little, But as she grew older, She kept her hair long, Cause she liked it that way. Its also why you always see her with extremely long hair. She is a small person, But that doesn’t stop her from hanging with taller people. She usually wears dresses, But mostly wears Dedede’s comberbun. And it seems that her and Dedede have the same dark-blue eye color..

She weights 110 pounds, and her height is 5”4. She used to live on Earth, But then one day, She wanted to explore into Space, So she and her father got into a Rocket ship, and explored Space. Then, After a short time, They found a planet called Popstar, She begged her father for them to go there, He had no choice, but to say Okay. And then they went there. It was a peaceful land, And she and her father met everybody there. But when she met Dedede, She felt something special between her and him. As they got older, they were together for quite some time. But as the years went by, It was time to go back home. It was heart-breaking, But she had to say Goodbye to the Prince. The years went by later, & Zoi & her father decided to visit Dreamland again. When they saw Dedede, he turned into a King. and when he saw Zoi, she turned into an Adult. It was the day He proposed to her. She couldn’t say no to his big-puppy dog eyes of his. She screamed yes, and then they got married.

And after some time of being married for awhile, They saw other people with their babies, Zoi really wanted to have kids, but wasn’t sure if Dedede wanted them. So she talked to him about it one day, And he decided he does want to have kids. Even the pets wanted them too!! So now they have kids. & of course, their pets. And she no longer lives on earth, Because she lives with her Husband Dedede in Dreamland. Shes the happiest woman alive to be Together Forever with him, And so was he.

Her favorite color is Pink, Her favorite food is Cupcakes, Her birthday is April 6, Her favorite animals are Penguins, And her favorite song is Together Forever by Rick Astley.

She has some flaws, She isn’t good at math, And she isn’t good at fighting. But, She is good at baking things, & singing.”

I feel okay bringing this OC to the public eye because I offerred her con-crit in a huuuge FF review once but she blatantly ignored me and kept putting out chapters and fanarts of hilarious bullshit. 



serenia is a country made up by (name withheld).

backstory Serenia’s human name is Kaitlyn-Amethyst.Water lily and originally age 15. the back story on her is that she was a girl from our world but was transported to the hetalia world by a unknown person. she was sent there after wishing to save the life of the holy roman empire only thinking that it’s only a wish that would be impossible to come ture. when her wish was granted she was knocked out and when she woke up she was a 15 year old girl in a four year old girls body. she was found by Austria and taken into his home to be looked after in exchange for her to be a maid along with Feliciano A.K.A Italy. she saved holy roman empire by lying to him saying she can see the future he bought it and was saved. she traveled across the land after staying at austria’s home for 210 years then leveing for he land, Serenia. on the way she met little romano and Spain, then went on to meeting Arthur A.K.A England and little Australia and little America. she went through hard what whit the bombing of her country, she abandoned her pasifistways and embraced the fighter spirit with open arms. when she when to look for survivors she found 2 wolf cubs and 2 snow tiger she took them in as her own. after she was in isolation for a short period of time but found bye her good old friend Australia and taken to a world meeting to find out which country bombed hers. finding out it was switzerland she made a threat for him to call off the war on her country, switzerland called off his troops, after that she joined the allies.

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So today on Charat, I decided to be Eridan. After a few minutes of searching, I came across what appeared to be a fanmade kid of his. I thought the roleplayer hadn’t gotten many rps, so I decided to humor her. With Eridan in character. As we posted, it turned out her fantroll was Eridan’s sister. Being the veteran roleplayer that I am, I thought it would be a good idea to help her follow canon a bit better. Not only did she refuse to change her oc, she tried to force me into being Sollux. Because her oc was in love with him. I thought I should show her my fantroll, who I edited a ton before I started role-playing her. After an explanation of my character, she quickly left under the excuse of ‘I have to eat dinner’. I encountered her five seconds later, searching on random again.

This blog needs a rude author tag.

The bios to both these ladies were really long and tedious, so I tried to shorten the basic information or snag all the good parts of it. Their kingdoms and backstories however remain unchanged, so I put a red more tab in because it’s so long. Also I couldn’t really find a good place to put this, but both ladies are married to, and have children to these two human/koopa/tanooki hybrid dudes.

Names: Luna Judith Toadstool (left) and Dylaila Lipard Toadstool (right)

Species: Luna is a mix of a human/dragon/fire wisp, Dylie is human/dragon/ice wisp

Kingdoms: Luna rules over the poisonFlow Kingdom and Dylie rules SherbetLand.

Powers/weapons: Both of them can partially or fully turn into dragons, although when in Lunas dragon form she has a spiked ball on the end of her tail which she uses as a weapon. They also have their respective elements and resistance to fire/ice. Dylie also has a magic wand and an array of potions she makes herself which can either heal themselves with or use to damage foes.

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Let me tell you all about this oc for Dude that’s my ghost named Mimi Logan. 

She is paired with one of the Main characters of the series. Billy Joe Cobra,an insanely famous popstar who died(we don’t know how yet)  and now haunts his Mansion and the world as a ghost.  

Now pairing yourself with a Canon isn’t bad,if done right it can be great. However in the fanfic the creator wrote makes the oc out to be a very dislike-able character to say the least. She shoves her character at you and makes it out to be that Billy committed suicide because of her oc.  Every canon character OOC to the point you could just replace every canon character with an oc and nothing would of changed. Anyone who dislikes Mimi is yelled at,evil,and/or eventually won over by her “charms”. Even the guy sent to kill her stares at “the stunning strawberry blonde’s appearance” 

Of course the oc could be fixed,if the oc creator didn’t take every piece of advice as attack on her character. 

Whats worse is that she thinks she can police other DTMG ocs and harass others in the fandom because her oc gets advice and a anon who isn’t super nice all the time. Under the read more(unless the readmore doesn’t work) is her profile.

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She didn’t seem so bad at first…

22nd July

:bulletblack: Nationality

:bulletblack: Personality
Humanity’s brightest. Most intelligent person in Military Police, Hoo boy, special snowflake syndrome much? Like seriously, humanity’s brightest? Lena is very curious and dedicated girl. Also a big perfectionist. Usually she’s quiet and don’t talk too much, but she can also be sarcastic, noisy and annoying, just like her twin brother. She loves stupid jokes and pranks.  Mostly seen while studying anatomy books or working on new kind of weapons, Lena doesn’t like spending time with others. She lacks confidence and any social sense. She prefers hard working in her room than paryting with people from her squad. She has a hard time while builging new relationships. Lena is kind of shy and it’s easy to hurt her. Although she can hold grudge for very long time and won’t be stopped before she gets her revenge.

Her entire personality is one whole contradiction. Her pose shows a confident young lady, right? Well wrong. Apparently she’s “quiet” and “doesn’t talk much”, and is also kind of anti-social and “shy”, and “easily hurt”. Also “lacks confidence”. Yet at the same time she’s “sarcastic, noisy and annoying”, and “likes stupid jokes and pranks”? Author, you need to pick a personality and stick with it. The first traits I listed do not match up with the second set of traits, and the first set of traits do not match up with how you portrayed her in the image. Looks like you’re just trying too hard to be likeable, either that or you thought you were giving her flaws when really you were just adding nonsensical traits.
:bulletblack: Background
Lena is one of the Schneider twins - Lions from North - daughter of aristocrat from King’s surroundings and high priest. Both of them, alongside with their distant cousin, Dimitri lived good and decent life behind Wall Sina, until a certain accident. When she was 7 years old she was abducted with her brother and cousin, as well as with other childer from every Wall. They were held in some kind of underground laboratory. Cruel experiments and genetic changes, caused them a lot of painful memories and phobias (And where are YOUR debilitating phobias? Of course this OC is so special she doesn’t experience the consequences of this bullshit experiment). After a year of searching her parents finally managed to rescue all children (How the hell did her parents find all these children when the operation was being run underground? You’d think this organization would be secretive enough that they don’t get caught in, oh I don’t know, a year?). Some of them were already dead, in results of experiments. Higher-ups covered for this accident (What higher-ups? Why were they even involved in all of this?), but it still remain in hearts of rescued kids. The experiments conducted by army to create new type of titans, that can control others and won’t kill people, named Berserkes. Only a few of them were consider succesful, beside them Lena, whose operation codename was “Schrodinger”. 
All of this caused Lena to be obsessive for one point - revenge on those who conducted experiments. After a few years of rehabilitation and peace, she decided to join army with other Berserkers. Through good passed exam and promotions they could reach King’s surroundings and kill whoever was responsible for thei tragedy (She apparently went through “rehabilitation and peace”. Why is she still obsessed with revenge?). Using her parents conections and position in Miliatry Police, Lena and other finally discovered the truth behind experiments and goal behind them - Berserkes where just half product. The purpose was to create ideal titan being, called now Neo Berserker that was supposed to use in coup d’etat and abolition of the King. Both Schneiders and other Berserkers decided, that they will do everything they can to stop that faceless organization from taking over the reign and then fullfil their personal revenge.

This entire backstory is just what the fuck. Seriously you have humans, titans and titan shifters. Already it’s super difficult to steal the serum that allows titans to gain a consciousness. Why in the world do you feel the need to add just another non-human category? And what the hell is a Berserker anyways? What was the purpose of this experiment? I doubt scientists in this timeline have the means to create such a thing in the first place. Also, the ideology behind the Berserker experiments was revolution, but Erwin Smith is already planning a revolution. NO, stop trying to make your OC so special.

Also, why in the world would the higher-ups cover up this operation and support it? They’d lose their positions and power if revolution was carried out. LIKE REALLY UGGGGHHHHH

:bulletblack: Reasons
The main reason Lena joined army was to carry out her revange on the organization and higher-ups responsible for experiments that ruined her and her family’s life.
But after realising the real goal of creating Berserkers, she decided to protect the kingdom first. Joining Military Police was for the better contact with high ranks and King’s surroundings.

Honey how are you even going to find the people who experimented on you through the military police? Besides I highly doubt the “higher-ups” (seriously, who are these people? It’s just so random) who you’re aiming to kill will just go unnoticed if they die. Chances are your OC is going to get in a lot of trouble.

If you really want to get in on all the classified cult information, shouldn’t you have joined the other branch of the MP? The one that murdered Pastor Nick and the one that Commander Nile Dawk has no control over? I mean, it’s more logical to obtain information and then carry out revenge. I’m not entirely sure how you even used your parents’ “connections” to gain information. If this is as covert as you imply, I don’t think she can just gain information like that, especially if she’s not a HIGH-RANKING OFFICER.

:bulletblack: Goals
As was said before, the thing that keeps Lena going is her revenge and desire to protect her family and kingdom. As for the future plans, she would be aiming for position of general.

:bulletblack: Statistics
Intelligence - 10/10
Social Skill - 3/10
Vitality - 10/10
Speed - 6/10
Battle Skill - 9/10

I have a feeling the Berserkers were created to be better than humans, and therefore give the creator an excuse to have such high stats. You could’ve at least given her some logical, debilitating personality flaws. But I already covered the contradictory personality.

:bulletblack: Likes/Dislikes
Lena loves books, especially those conected to anatomy and history. She also has interest in all kind of weapons and new types of medicaments; she makes them by herself too. 
She dislikes crowd, all kind of criminals, laboratories and cigarettes.


:bulletblack: Habbits (I think you mean “hobbies”)
Reading books, drawing, making weapons.

:bulletblack: Other
- Lena is a Berserker by name of “Schrodinger”. She was rejected as Neo Berserker because she still kills people.
- She has steel-wired gloves with lion’s head on them.
- She admires her father greatly.

I highly doubt she can just get away with killing people. Not only will the MP and the Wall Cult extremists notice, but whoever experimented on her will also notice. I’m pretty sure they’d try to kill her to get rid of the evidence.

All in all, this OC is… a train-wreck. This is just not okay. Just… WHY.