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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!
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I’ve struck again

I really shouldn’t be so mean to people with OCs I’m sorry

But her reply was the best before she took off

Soooooo all the way back in 2008 I had a very brief stint in Batman Fandom. This is an OC I made to be paired with the Penguin. She was inexplicably British (not from a specific area or anything, just ~British~) and had metal wings in her back that unfolded. You could severely injure and incapacitate her by sticking a fork in her back.

She and Penguin became business partners who hated each other  but both liked birds and somehow ended up dating and having a kid named Peacock. As my OCs go she’s pretty inoffensive but still wowe self, wowe. Also I was going for ‘not traditionally pretty’ but didn’t have the drawing ability yet so the face is just kind of jenky.

HI GUYS! I made my own Sue. Fear me. I might write some fan fiction about her. Please be gentle, she’s so precious to meh~

Name: Wilburina Von Schlangenbaumf, though most people call her Angel

Age: 16 at DH

School: Hogwarts

House: The Sorting Hat told Angel that she could have been in ANY house. So she was able to choose and of course picked Slytherin. 

Wand: Cherry, Unicorn Hair AND Phoenix Feather. She’s so special. 

Patronus: A fairy. 

Appearance: Angel is so attractive most male students start walking to walls when they pass her. She has icy blue eyes, slender nose, luscious lips and long lashes andandand the omg-most-perfect eye brows ever seen. Angel’s hair is almost white. She has a petite figure and could be modeling only if she would be taller than 5”2. Angel likes natural make up, wavy curls and girly clothes. 

Trivia: Angel is an unregistered animagus, she can transform into a beautiful swan. Because she is so talented Angel received a special permission to fight against Death Eaters at the end of her sixth year. Angel had many boys chasing her but ended up with Srius Black whom she magically brought back to life. Other guys just seemed so… immature. So basically she is Harry’s godmother. Yay special-ness! 

(I’m so sorry, please don’t kill me)

Here’s a joke sue I founnnnnd!

Name: Lillian Potter (Harry’s twin sister)

Age:15 or 16 (6th year)

House: Griffendor

Appearance: Have a scar but it is not that big. Her hair used to be brown and curly, but she dyed it blonde, her hair also changes colour depending on her emotions. One of her eyes is blue and the other is green. Tall and perfect figure. Pale, almost white, skin.

 Personality: brave, nice to everyone but mean to her enemies, bubbly, caring and romantic (in other words, no personality whatsoever).

Likes: One Direction, The Wanted, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief series, New York city, pizza, butterbeer, Hogsmade.

Best subjects: charms, transfiguration, potions, defence against the dark arts, herbology, study of magical creatures, flying, magical history, etc.

Dislikes: Slythyerins, bullies, the Dusley family, spiders and snakes.

Friends: Hermoine, Ron, Harry, Ginny and pretty much all the other canon characters.

Boyfriend: Draco Malfoy, they love each other so much that they are willing to die for each other, despite Draco being a Slytherin. Voldemort wants her as his wife (no, seriously, that is what the whole story is about).

Weaknesses: None mentioned.

A sample of her story, Back off Malfoy (which does not make any sense):

'Lily you okay?' Quizzes Hermione. 'I-I-I'm good' I stammered lying. 'No you're not, tell me or I'll get Harry.' She shouted. 'He who must not be named appeared and told me I'm his forever and ever. Then he was going to put the killing curse on me and I woke up' I said, tears still streaming down my cheeks. 'That's horrible.' Ginny said, waking up. 'You were awake?' Asked Hermione and we all burst out laughing but was cut short by me bursting into tears again. 'What if he comes after us and harms Harry?' I asked concerned. 'Don't worry Lily he's never coming back.' Said 'Mione, trying to calm me down. I nodded my hair still a dark shade of blue meaning deeply sad.


I noticed there was a lack of Kingdom Hearts OCs, so I’m here to save the day with my oldest sue that I have held on to for ages.

So back in the day, I got into Kingdom Hearts. Specifically KH2 which is my favorite game. I fell in love with Roxas (because I fell in love with Jesse like a million years ago). And from that moment on I knew I would have to have an OC!

Well my friend and I found this club on dA called OrganizationXSociety which was where everyone tossed there OCs/self inserts and we all lived in harmony. My friend created her OC Luma (wow works out so well) and I created Axula (huh wonder what TV show I was into at the time?) On the left you’ll see her first design in its original state. And below I attached her original bio.

Name: Axula (The X makes the Z sound)
Gender: Female
Nickname: The Gem of Flames

Hair Color: Black with red streaks and tips
Eye Color: Purple
Personality: Sweet and kind and VERY shy. But when provoked, she can do some REAL damage.
Weapon: Fire kunai and shuriken and 2 flame Katana’s.
Element: Fire
Habits: Never usually thinks before acting.

Friends: Axel, Larxene, Demyx, Roxas and Zexion.
Major Enemies: Saix, Luxord and Marluxia.
Crush/Love: Roxas

Known Family: The organization!
Quote: “I take being a pyro VERY offensive.”
Past Injuries: None
other: Number 14 (XIV) in the Organization and she’s 15.

Basically she was kind of me but not me at the same time. I copied a lot off of Axel and made them BFFs. I like to think of her as what Xion if she were a massive sue. So Axula and Roxas fell in love and then Roxas left the organization (mind you I made her bio before 358/2 days even came out). She tried to follow him and bring him back but realized there was no point. So she sat in the castle and cried about it…a lot. I never changed her bio, but eventually Axula was “terminated”. This was due to lack of activity. A head stone was made in her honor! Yet I can’t find it D:

Well I revisited her years later and went holy shit this is unacceptable. I sat down and redrew her to reflect more of the KH style. I’m reworking her bio to make her not as much of a sue. Please enjoy! I have a multitude of Sue’s…


Name: Naomi Eztli
Name Meaning: Beautiful Blood

I’m sure that the Titans think your blood is beautiful, too.

Nicknames: Blood Stained Sakura, commonly just Sakura Age: unknown… belived to be around 23                 Weight: 59 KG                                                             Height: 5’2                                                                           Birhtday: December 2nd                                                 Origin: Belived to be asian by name, actual orgin unknown

Naomi Eztli’s Statistics:                                                   Rank: 1st trainee

Affiliation: Surveys Corps
Former affiliation: 96th Trainee Squad
Battle Skill 
Strengths: Gifted using the 3DMG, shes known to be a great stealth user and very fast. Her legs, they are known to be pure muscle and no one really wishes to be kicked, due to this she is a fast runner.
Weaknesses: She is a horrible team worker and often dosent think things through, has multiple scars to prove this.
Likes: To fight, read, and cook
Dislikes: being forced to cook, large groups of people, being bossed around
You. Are joining the military. Why would you join the military. If you hate being bossed around?
Short personal info: 
Cold and hateful, she seeks solitude. Despite this, if you constantly bother her and reflect in a good way, you can manage to get her to open up and be friendly. Shes violent and sly, although, she is secretly a great cook and enjoys to draw..Sometimes she can be caught singing when she thinks no one is near. Despite her strong, fearless demanor, she has a few strong fears, when faced with them she will be caught like a deer in the head lights and will possibly become extremely violent with the one who put her in the situation. She can easily snap but never shows it.
Titan Kills: 
Solo = 23
Team = 9

found this on deviant art, the description was:

Your name is Hydraa Drakon, and there was just Too Much CHAOS in the world you used to live in.

Your name is Hydraa Drakon, and there was just Too Much CHAOS in the world you used to live in.

apparently this person ships her fantroll with cronus
and I see she named her troll after a goddess from greek mythology that’s just great
what the description says: Persephone is my troll OC for Homestuck. I ship her with Cronus because… Well she is in love with music and a fan of the musical Grease, and she calls Cronus “Danny” because in a way, Cronus looks like Danny Zuko. Anyways, her sign is a lighting bolt because well… A rebel symbol I guess..? I haven’t thought this out straight, I’ll fix this later and upload her Bio later.

she also ships her human oc (I think its human) with karkat, her other oc with Death the Kid, and another oc with Eyeless Jack..

Persephone is my troll OC for Homestuck. I ship her with Cronus because… Well she is in love with music and a fan of the musical Grease, and she calls Cronus “Danny” because in a way, Cronus looks like Danny Zuko. Anyways, her sign is a lighting bolt because well… A rebel symbol I guess..? I haven’t thought this out straight, I’ll fix this later and upload her Bio later.


I was digging through some papers I found (hidden in the darkest, deepest crevice of my closet) and I found some old pics of an… “OC” I made some 423647897 years ago based off of one I read IN ANOTHER FANFICTION ON QUIZILLA. (I was VERY original, you see)

(no pics sorry scanner is kaput)

Name: Saya 

Age: 17

Appearance: White hair blue eyes and she always wore this sleeveless white dress and Triforce earrings.

(I cannot read my handwriting from when I was younger so sorry I’m just trying to fill in the blanks)

Bio: Marin was born into a poor family and her parents hated her because reasons and one day she woke up and found out she had these kuh-razy powers. Her town was like ‘WITCHCRAFT’ and they killed her parents and she was chased into Kokiri Forest. There she was raised by the Great Deku Tree because he sensed she had some great power. She met Link and they became friends. Then they went on an adventure together as adults THEN ALLUVA SUDDEN she’s walking alone and Shadow Link (somehow) went inside her mind for… no apparent reason. SO THEN she and Link falls in love with her but Saya can’t pick between Shadow Link and Link. Then… she finds out that she got her powers because… SHE IS THE 4TH GODDESS (not to mention the youngest sister) and she was cast out by the other 3 because they thought she was too powerful. 

*head/desk* I’ve created a monster and I cannot kill it. (And sadly I have more of these abominations.)

I found this beautiful piece of work while on omegle 

Needless to say she disconnected shortly after my reply

Redraw of post/89768271518 with Canon Homestuck Colors and Original Sue Colors.

okay so

i have been watching this girl on dA for so long and she’s been ‘attacked’ (which was actually someone saying that her OC had a lot of bullshit and was a sue or something amongst that) because her oc is a really bad sue. i’ll probably put a read more here, if i can.

so her name is danielle and she’s a self-insert for the professor layton fandom and she (like a good majority of layton OCs) is in love with descole, which i normally wouldn’t have a problem with but…

the thing about canon x oc is that the canon character shouldnt be changed due to the oc. danielle, on the other hand, met descole and OMG ROMANSU RABU RABU and after that, all descole wants is to fuck her because why not thats what tru romansu is about.

anyway, i feel the need just to show the profile and do commentary because i can’t express how much this sue annoys me. there are some spoilers but mostly its about danielle and her romansu

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Troll Sue?

Eye-color: any color depending on what mood i’m in
Blood-Type: Powder blue
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Year of birth: February 15. 1993
Astrology: Fire of circulation 2
Hair color: Black
Skin tone: duh grey

The people she adores :Tavros,Gamzee, Feferi,Nepeta, Eridan, Sollux, Karkat, Kanaya, Dave, John, Bro and Equius.

The people she hates: Vriska.
The people she has red feelings for: Gamzee, Feferi, Eriden, Bro, Tavros
Powers: Can create imaginary friends that you can see.
Can turn invisible. Can manipulate feelings. Can create fire from hands.
Hobbies: Cleaning up the ocean beaches for Eriden and Feferi.
Drinking. Drawing and collecting Faygo bottles.
Things that she hates to do: She hates banana’s and organized people sometimes.
Things she loves to do: pissing off Karkat and playign hide and seek with Faygo bottles. Loves eating sollux’s mind honey and doesn’t care what it does to her.

The clothes she wears would probably get her culled buuuuut

My fantroll by MegaGeek69

Well, this is my fantroll Eriluxia Ampora!
She’s the child of Eridan Ampora and Sollux (<3< Of course!) and her quadrants are 
Matesprit: Gamzee
Moirail: Karkat
Kismesis: Vriska
OtherThing- Equius and Tavros
Bio: Other then that stuff, she always tends to hangout with Karkat, she sometimes has bows on her horns. Sometimes, but forgets alot. And she has a genetic messup and got light purplish horns. Her blood color also happens to be rainbow. |-|3R QUIRK IS T|-|IS /\/\3SS @F L3TT3RS. And her trolltag is Trolltag= caligulasArmageddons. Her title is Maid of Love and she lives at the land of bows and dresses. She also braids her hair, not often though. She’s a lazy bum at points. She also likes to stalk Gamzee while not with Karkat, because Gamzee is her Complete Waifu! She also knows all of the 4 kids! Also, her lusus is a cat. Because cats are awesome, oh yeah! John has a crush on her!

It is not a joke troll


name: Kawaii Typpio
title: Maid of Kawaii
age: 6 sweeps
screenname: PinkZakar
typing style: Types in almost perfect grammer, doubles and capitalizes “o”s. Ends all sentences with desu~. Uses Japanese honorifics. Says “hiss” when angry.
symbol: penis
strife specibi: dildokind
relations: Karkat Vantas - crush
She is friends with every troll expect Vriska (because she bullied Tavors)
Vriska Serket - kismesis (unrequited)
Kanaya, Eridan, Tavros and Equius secretly have crushes on her.
Tavros Nitram - moiral
The Sugoi - ancestor (deceased)
planet: Land of Anime and Bishies
music: Pon Pon Pon
lusus: big snake

Due to her pink blood she has blond hair.

likes: anime, manga, Japan, penises, Gamzee’s hair, Tinkerbull, yaoi, snakes, Homestuck, the internet, pink

dislikes: bullies, anime haters, mud, spiders, anything gross

She has a dark side and can kill easily when angry. She has the power to summon snakes.

Found da best joke troll of da year