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Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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Submitting a Mary Sue from the bowels of Quizilla in honor of Quizilla’s eventual closing

A Fallout 3 fanfic that was, unfortunately, never finished. The story is horribly formatted and a pain to read so I’ll only be including select quotes from it to spare your eyes. This Sue is unique in that she does absolutely fucking nothing in this entire fanfic. I repeat: nothing. Even the sex scene turns out to be all just a dream. The whole story is about how Harkness, once the badass security guard who is secretly an escaped android, is now an angsty teenager discovering boobs for the first time through lovely little lone wanderer Samantha.

Harkness sighed softly his eyes scanning the Capital Wasteland as he stood at the door into Rivet City a small part of him longed to see HER, she went by many names, “The Lone Wanderer”, “Miss Vault 101”, Messiah of the Wastes” but Harkness knew her as Samantha, the girl who had stolen his heart…or so he had thought until he knew he didn’t HAVE a heart…not a real one anyway…but whatever it was, real or not was hers.

In just the first sentence (yes that is just one sentence), we have someone going OOC for the sake of ~*drama*~. Harkness, for all intents and purposes, considers himself human. He breathes, he eats, he sleeps, he even bleeds. Should the Lone Wanderer choose to tell Harkness that he’s an android, and that he should stay in Rivet City, Harkness decides to live the rest of his life as a human and pretend that nothing has changed. He would not be thinking about his heart not being “real.”

…he smiled very slightly thinking about Samantha, she was so beautiful her long chocolate brown hair, her pale skin, her hazel eyes that always seemed to sparkle in the light, those full red lips….

Of course. Of fucking course. Even though this is a postapocalyptic wasteland, she still has to look perfect, sparkling eyes and all.

.what he would give just to taste those lips for the briefest moment…to kiss the sweet angel of the wasteland but he knew that someone like her deserved far more than him…an android… he wasn’t even human…The common wealth had always made him think it was impossible for him to fall in love and to be truthful even when he didn’t believe any of their other lies this one he did believe…after all how can someone who wasn’t born, didn’t have a real heart to give, would outlive any potential love…how then could they fall in love?

The whole point of Harkness’ character arc in canon is that an android CAN feel emotions! He understands the concepts of self-determination and freedom, so why would he angst about whether he can love?

Then he starts actually shedding tears over this, believing he’ll never be “human enough.”

Harkness frowned as he saw something in the distance as the person crossed the bridge a small smile flickered across his face and grew as he saw who it was, it was her Samantha, yes she was dirty, yes her hair clung to her face because of sweat but to him at that very moment she had never looked more beautiful he longed to pull her into his arms and hold her, never let her out of them and kiss her over and over again, yes he wanted more than just kisses android or not he was still a man but if a kiss was an unachievable dream why dare hope for more?

Shouldn’t she smell terrible, though?

He nodded slightly to her in greeting still unable to banish the smile from his face though the Merc Charmer outfit she was wearing made it harm for him to focus and android or not he had to focus solely on her face or else he may have ended up hard and that would have been an awkward moment for them both if she noticed THAT

His “human” identity is supposed to be 35 years old, and he’s acting like a pubescent boy over teh boobies.

And the Merc Charmer outfit is weak. Any Lone Wanderer who’s reached Rivet City should have the Reilly’s Rangers armor at the very least.

“Hello Samantha” she smiled brightly and nodded “Hey Harkness how is everything?” her eyes sparkling with happiness to see him or so he thought “things have been good…peaceful which is always good…no crime recently” she smiled and nodded “Oh ok…” she bit her lower lip and then stretched “I’m going to get something to eat see you later” she said walking off

And this is literally all she does in the entire story. Maybe if it was more than two chapters, we’d actually see why she’s so great, but that’s not the case. Some protagonist!

He then angsts about wanting to keep her safe.

The next chapter is a sex scene, so the rest of this post is NSFW. Put it under a Read More if you think it’s necessary.

Hot breath ghosted over his skin, under his hands he could feel smooth skin like silk and the occasional ridge of a scar…looking down he could see her under him, his angel, his Samantha.

Alright, I can excuse the smooth silky skin because this is just a dream, but what are the chances that the Suethor actually intends for her to look that way?

“take me Harkness” she whispered it breathlessly and needily raising her hips to meet his, he hesitated “Samantha…I’m not…I’m not human enough for you” she groans and kissed him passionately “I will decide that…take me…please…”

Terrible porn dialogue! We can never get enough of that.

Harkness groans her pleading undoing him in one swift movement he was deep inside her, buried to the hilt he groans his forehead against hers “my angel…” he whispered hoarsely…

OUCH. Poor little Mary Sue’s vagina!

she was so warm, so wet…so tight…he groaned at this moment he had never felt more complete…more alive…more human…

He never considered himself not alive. He even has a set of human memories, albeit, someone else’s.

at that exact moment Harkness’s alarm when off he groaned his eyes opening “Just a dream…” he mumbled softly his eyes darkening with his displeasure, he sighed running a hand through his hair of course it was just a dream…

If only it was for us.

Angel Iron Man OC

( I was looking at Marvel OCs on deviantArt when I found this gem. It’s nothing short of creepy. )

Name: Angel Starlin Bain
Alias: Dark Fighter
Age: 16
Profession: Student
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Particular signs: scar on his forehead caused by a battle 
Relationships: Tony Stark
Citizenship: Italian
Marital status: Single
Education: Hi-Tech Academy
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Place of Residence: Malibu, USA
Style: Rock or Gothic style
Curiosities: high knowledge at technology and robotics engineering 

Personality: Sarcastic, megalomaniac, smart, ironic, adventuros, hides her sentiments, lonely, silent, sincere


Angel is a young student and she was born in Venice (Italy).
Angel is stubborn and she doesn’t give up.
She likes technology, and loves Tony Stark.
She lived in Italy until the age of thirteen, then she moved to New York and after to Malibu.
While in New York, she met Justin Hammer, and she decided to work for Hammer.
Every night, she went to Stark Industries to steal secret information about Iron Man.
But, one night, she saw Tony Stark and fell in love with him.
With the information he had stolen, he decided to build an armor.
She returned to Hammer Industries and canceled all information, she moved to Malibu.
In Malibu, she made her armor, and she enrolled in a school: Hi-Tech Academy.
One day, Tony Stark went to Hi-Tech Academy for a robotic lesson, even though Angel was an expert in robotics, pretended not to know nothing for be helped by Tony. 
For a moment Tony saw her grades and realized that this was only an excuse, but he did not care.
Every day, Tony watched Angel, and over time Tony fell in love with her.
The last day of school, there was a party, Angel was sit when Tony arrived and asked her to dance.
She accepted. When the party was finished, Tony asked her to go to is home but she refused.
Tony managed to persuade her only a kiss. At Tony’s house, they laughed and talked until late at night, later, they slept together (they only slept, they didn’t do bad anything).
From that night, they began to go out together. 
One night, while Angel testing her armor, she saw that Iron Man was in trouble and decided to help him. Iron Man asked her name, but she started to run away, after a long chase she managed to escape.
From that night, all the world but especially Tony asks: Who is Dark Fighter???

Kirikateku Dragneel (FTOC)

OMG! Yes, I know this look like Natsu with purple hair and eyes, but this is how this Gary Sue creator design him. -_- Alright, let’s move on to the real topic. I found this guys profile on the owners profile and boy do I want to smack the owner of this Gary Sue, let’s dive in on this Gray Sue.

Name : Kirikateku Dragneel
Alias’ : Belphegor, Salamander

Okay, I don’t even know if his name is a real name, but I do know he can’t be a Dragneel since Natsu is the only Dragneel from getting the name from Igneel. Also, he can’t be called Salamander, that is Natsu’s name.

Age : 18
Gender : Male
Magic : Fire Dragon slayer, White Dragon Slayer, Shadow Dragon Slayer, Fire Devil Slayer, Fire God Slayer, Heavenly Body, Gravity, Memory Make, Re-quip (swords and other hand to hand weapons) Arc Of Time

Okay, age and sex is okay, I guess, but he can’t have that many different types of magic!!! One, he only gets one! -_- He can’t be a Fire Dragon Slayer because Natsu is the only one and if your character was one it would mess up Natsu as a canon. -_- He can’t have White Dragon Slayer because that is Sting’s and Sting killed the last known dragon of that type and again it would be like in Natsu’s case. -_- Shadow Dragon Slayer is Rogue’s and it goes on the same line for Stings. -_- Really, Fire Devil Slayer? No! There has only been one Devil Slayer in the series and that is Silver, so just stop. Fire God Slayer? No, just, no. Natsu kills the only know Fire God Slayer. -_- The rest he can’t have. You can only have one, uno, and etc out of all of these. Requip is logical, but none of the others. -reads more- F@#$, the Reequip makes no since, he’s either sword or gun. Nothing more on that. -_- -rubs my head from a pounding headache-

Guardians : Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Guardians? What do you mean by this, if your many parents there is no way on this Earth they can be since he is 18!!! DX

Hair colour : Purple
Eye colour : Dark Purple, Blood Red (when in demon form)

I guess the hair color is fine, but how the living crap does he even have a demon form? -_- That isn’t listed in the unrealistic magic list you have. So your saying he has magic like Mirajane Struess too. -_-

Guild : Fairy Tail (Century Class Mage)

Is there even a Century Class Mage in the Fairy Tail series? If so this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Guild mark location : Left side of chest 
Likes : Kaira Lockheart, Fighting, Becoming stronger, My friends, My team
Dislikes : Transport, Getting soaked, Dark Guilds

I guess the Guild Mark Location is fine, but seriously? I can understand liking a person, but you likes after that are so over done and should be explained, not just thrown together. -_- Not every Dragon Slayer get’s Motion Sickness, so him disliking transport at a low level like he should be should bother him. Getting soak? Seriously, your copying Gray now. Dark Guilds seem like the only legit dislike, but again you should explain WHY!?!

Okay, I’m done, I know know how you guys that do this all the time can handle this bs.

I had an old Zelda OC who was named after me then later renamed Snow. She was of course in love with Link and was BFFs with Zelda. Anyway, when her story starts out, she’s pretty much a tag-along to Link through the events of Twilight Princess. When I wrote my fic, I literally would just play the game then copy down what was happening and add my OC’s actions in the situation.

Anyway, she was a pretty typical Sue. The light spirits gave her a crystal teardrop-shaped necklace that acts as the source of all her powers. It gives her angel wings and pretty much the powers of Starfire from Teen Titans. (i.e. she shot lasers or “magical beams” from her hands and eyes.) They also gave her a blue crystal recorder, as in the instrument. It pretty much acted as the Ocarina of Time but in the Twilight Princess universe. She also had a tragic past where her father was killed in a war and her mother went crazy and tried to kill her. I also implemented what I thought was character development by making her a super happy and energetic girl who craved adventure in the beginning of the series, and then a dark, tortured soul who regrets the life she’s lived by the end. When she and Link kill Ganondorf at the end of the Twilight princess arc, she gets the Triforce of Power for no reason whatsoever.

The next arc is her trying to remove a curse that Ganondorf put on her through her piece of the Triforce, and she’s ultimately forced to bring Ganondorf back to life to stop the curse. Cuz one life is worth bringing back the Lord of Evil. Then, in the final arc I pulled a plot point out of my ass where it turns out that she’s the princess of a realm called the Frost Kingdom and that her real name is Snow. Get it? Anyways, she has to go back to rule this kingdom and abandon her life in Hyrule after she just got married to Link. Her dad who turned out to be not dead and Link take her there only to discover that the Frost Kingdom is completely empty and that Snow’s the last of her kind, but she has to stay and rule there anyway. Doesn’t last long though, cuz she finds a way back to Hyrule and watches Link die a horrible death, so she sacrifices herself to bring him back only not really because she ends up still alive somehow, in the clutches of Dark Link who was a recurring villain. Of course everything ends happily ever after. Why wouldn’t it?



elly is a shy, timid girl. she is terrified of the other animatronics, who are so awful and murderous. when the lights go out she sneaks off to the backstage and tinkers around with all the extra parts and such, which has given her considerable skill with mechanics, specifically animatronics and their inner workings. if looked at with the camera too long, she will glare back at it for a few seconds and then run from the room. she will stand outside the left door and stare at the guard for the entire night, but make no move to hurt them. she is self-aware and knows the difference between a human and an endo skeleton to stuff into a suit.

note that she and the others ocs in my last fnaf drawing aren’t in the same general ‘group’ as foxy, chica, freddy, and bonnie

so what we’re looking at here is essentially a sue for the show Xiaolin Showdown. This fandom is full of them, but this one tops the cake. Here we see both her male and female sides…of the same person……. She’s a Goddess who gives one of the characters wings while acting as his “mother”. she also gets raped by the main antagonist which also by some weird goddess law makes her his wife??? i don’t understand.

open up for a creepypasta sue ? I found her while strolling around. 
people won’t realize that creepypasta is meant to be CREEPY not CUTE

Her full name is Marble Burned , she’s 17 years old and something like BEN Drowned’s little sister.
She’s very shy around new people but if she made friends with someone she is very open-minded.

she also stutters because of her so called ‘shyness’ 

I have had many Mary Sue ocs over my lifetime, but I’ll submit my first one ever for now. (I don’t have any pictures, sorry)

She was a Harry Potter character who was both Harry’s twin sister and also half fire-fairy. This was before I understood how children come about, so this made sense in my 3rd grade mind. She also was an Animagus and was Crookshanks. She was an Animagus because Sirius Black had picked her up after the whole Voldemort-killed-her-parents (But not Harry for some reason??) and somehow managed to take her to jail with him to raise her. I don’t even know. She, of course, knew the future and came to help out her dear brother whom she had always wondered about but never met, (I guess being raised in jail would do that) and decided the best way to go about this was to get adopted as a cat by Hermoine. Also being half fire-fairy gave her sometimes-there-sometimes-not wings and special fire powers. And only her and Harry working together could defeat Voldemort. At one point, I think Draco was in love with her, of course. Her name was Anna.

I have to tell you about my sisters Harry Potter OC. I don’t have any art because she made it years ago. Feel free to add your own comments!

Name: Sarah Riddle (Named after herself of course)

Appearance: Blonde hair with red streaks, Eyes that change colour with her mood. Stunningly beautiful and perfect of course.

Boyfriend: Harry Potter 

Enemy: Cho Chang

Animagus: Snake, Dragon AND Unicorn

House: All of them

She is Lord Voldemorts secret daughter and also leader of the Death Eaters. She was sent to hogwarts at the same time as Harry on a special mission to kill him. The sorting hat couldn’t place her in just one house so she floats between whatever house she chooses. She’s a seeker on the Slytherin quidditch team. After multiple attempts to kill Harry she slowly starts finding herself falling madly in love with him. And she dramatically turns on her father and sacrifices herself to save Harry. 

There was also something about her being able to apparate in hogwarts since she was 11 and using unforgivable curses left and right whenever it tickled her fancy.

And here’s my first Zelda fancharacter!

She has basically all the hallmarks of that fandom’s sue profile. She had a fourth Triforce, the Triforce of Time (represented by the BORDER of the Triforce not the center triangle wasn’t I so original??)

She was selected at birth by the Goddess of Time. Oh yeah she was human and from Earth and was magically transported to Hyrule where she fell in love with Vaati and then became best friends with the Four Swords Links. Then they betrayed her and used her to kill Vaati, except Vaati survived and returned a couple years later and she taught him how to be not evil.

Then this prince from her original world came and kidnapped her to marry her and Vaati went and fought him to the death for Hayley back and then they returned to Hyrule and built a new castle in the Wind Ruins and had three kids together.

Oh yeah and she had the power to stop time. With her Triforce.

Okay I don’t have a better image of her since I haven’t drawn her in like…. seven years.

This is my first OC, and at the time I made her she was literally a self-insert. She even had my name, Melinda (though I can’t remember her last name)

She was from a universe called “Portalworlds” which was an “”original”” verse made by like every fictional universe that currently existed connected by this weird space-like void. They were all connected by portals and there was one superportal that connected it to a nega-version of it.
Melinda (I renamed her Malynda to make it seem less like me) was the guardian of this place and she could fly and create energy fields and portals and knew tae kwon do and was all super goody two-shoes. She had an archrival (can’t remember much about her) who was typical evil and represented by dark blue and a dragonfly (Melinda was represented by purple and a butterfly) and had pretty much the same powers and guarded the evil portalworld.

They each had the goal of protecting their respective domains from intermixing and causing problems (which in hindsight means they should have been working together)

Melinda was also the girlfriend to Danny Phantom (who I later “redesigned” into another OC) and had other friends.

But it was basically a giant crossover and I was in charge of protecting it.

so, while browsing deviantart, i found this masterpiece

i didnt find much about the sue, except that her name is emma

i mean she could be a decent character but the hair is really not realistic??? also, nail polish?? i doubt theres any nail polish where everyone is but whatever

the suethor also used the same character to make a free! character, who used to hate rin matsuoka, but then something happened and they started liking each other??? idk

My lords and ladies, today I present to you a choice specimen. This OC is from Fire Emblem PoR/RD (though she probably was initally made for Smash Bros. instead), and has appeared on other MS blogs prior to this, resulting in a shitstorm and (though begrudgingly) a reform. Now, if said reform made her less of a Mary Sue she wouldn’t be here, but here we are anyway.

You don’t need to have any prior understanding to this series, other than it’s a turn-by-turn based strategy game, and characters come in the form of classes that conform to uniform designs and standard weapon counts/movements within a turn. With the sole exception of final bosses and the main protagonist, everyone is seemingly normal and are statistically balanced. The challenge in each of the games is to make the best out of your soldiers (dubbed as units) and bring down your enemies through strategy. Unless you’re playing on lower levels, it’s impossible for one-man-armies to exist. Your enemies are often as strong as you are, and going alone is suicide…

…But that doesn’t seem to be so, not with this Sue, who stylizes herself as the ‘Queen of the Swords’, despite not being of royal blood. Often she is depicted cutting down mountains of bodies with no explanation of whom or where they came from, or for her reason to do so, save to show off the fact she’s extremely, superbly strong. Do note that these are open starters for others to reply to, and her dialogues are either her boasting her strength, or looking down on the already-existing Crimean Queen Elincia, despite the latter being canonly one of the best rulers Tellius has ever seen. Akane’s reason for disrespecting Elincia (e.g., by not referring to her by a title despite not belonging to any other social status herself, seeing that her own ‘queenly’ title is all but name) is based on being raised knowing that royals are served everything they want. That excuse can fly for only so long, since Elincia canonly fights and bleeds alongside them, amongst other respect-worthy feats throughout the story. Akane has quoted to ‘have done more than any royal can ever do’, despite her story lacking any elements to top Elincia, save for her pre-established mastery with the sword, and still disrespects the Crimean Queen all the same in her interactions. Hey, we all can’t be caught with the same title, eh? Because having same titles are totally like getting caught in a party with the same dress. Eew.

As all Mary Sues, they completely miss the point of the whole series and in this case, Akane places herself within her universe as even more popular than the main character (also her pet squeeze), Ike, himself by being so well-known the masses call her a ‘queen’, while Ike is merely known as ‘The Hero of Blue Flames’. Mind you, that only happened after two whole fucking games’ worth of achievements. 

This RP OC’s posts that contain nothing other than sneering at other canon characters for being perpetually inferior to her standing, or to /kill off said canon characters with little to no provocation. A favourite of hers to torment and terrorize is FE: Awakening’s Lucina. Yes, Lucina, only because she simply looks like Akane, swings a holy sword and is a genuine female sword-wielding royal. (You can imagine the burn when Lucina got confirmed for Smash. Haha.) Then there’s also her being snappy at Soren, probably because he’s the closest person to Ike in canon. She’ll hang onto the excuse that her character was possessed by a dark Goddess who compells the darkness inside of her to rise, and to go on murderous rampages. Surprisingly enough, very little RP partners actually stick through those threads, because the only option is to be dramatically killed, mary-sue style.

Oh, and she does a large share of bragging that Main Protag-Mercenary Ike is her one and true love, through ways of shippy art, and porn. There’s virtually nothing wrong with any canon/oc pairing, unless it 1) Doesn’t make sense and is OOC, 2) the art is traced.

Unfortunately, Akane qualifies as both.

Ike, the main character, is a dense brick who is about 700% focused on fighting for his friends. Plus, I doubt someone who views everyone as equals despite racial or national standing would fall in love with an arrogant, self-obsessed swordswoman who took on the title as ‘Queen’ all because that’s apparently ‘what other people named her’, and that ‘she deserved it more than Elincia did’. A good canon Ike would either a) friendzone the shit out of this cray lady or b) focus on the Goddamn war he’s fighting.

You can also tell that some of her work definitely traced off Visual Novels or lame shit hentai (nsfw tags), by looking at how drastically inconsistent her art is. Taking into consideration that all this art was made within a span of 2-3 months, there’s more than enough evidence to prove that her art has been heavily traced.

Comparing figures A to E, we have the almighty sword queen piercing the hearts of her people with her expandable ass size. If anyone questions the obvious, always say that it’s the mun playing around with size variation; we all need our fun, no matter how illogical or unrealistic.

Of course, we can’t leave a sue in the dirt and constantly poke holes at her, can we? We need to give a bit of help for the creator to fix this legendary train wreck of an original character, else we’ll just be branded as haters like the many other people who have tried to fix this OC. For agreeing to this, you’ll be branded as a hater, too, and there will be a fuckload of anons praising the Queen and claiming that they’ll bow to her wwwwww what the fuck is that shit

Say we’d let Akane retain her unparalelled strength to continuously slay innocents with her glowing sword that’s totally not blessed by Tellius’ Goddess (because that’s solely reserved for important characters only), then that illogical body (that has birthed two children) has to change up.

As far as I know, there’s only one character who has done a mountain’s worth of slaughter by his own hand, and it’s this guy right here.

This Red Lobster reject is strong enough to completely wipe out a nation’s elite forces by his lonefuckingsome, and let’s say Akane is about twice as more skilled as he is, because Walhart there could only manage one while the glorious queen could do two.

She needs to have his physique, won’t you agree?

There, all fixed… Physically, that is. We’ve yet to touch her background, whatever it was, because the blog itself is too cringeworthy to explore. I’ll leave that to anyone to fix, along with her art to gloriously redline.

To be honest, several people have tried to fix her character, and nothing could be done without an insane level of sacrifices. So, what do you think, my good ladies and gentlemen? Can you save this sue, or should we toss her down into the pit of shame?

P.s., RP-wise, this character is literally on to bang or outdo anything canon. Anything. She went so far as to bang Bowser once.

Yes, this Bowser; I wish I was joking, but she did. 

Alright, let’s play ‘remember your old sues and suffer’. Best game, I know.

Years ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was into one specific anime; Sailor moon.

I started out with a cutesy thing where my OC was “Sailor Star” or “Sailor Pink Star” since I don’t remember which one. I’m going with Star since it seems the less-sue option. In weeaboo!me’s defense, I didn’t know about Star Fighter and them since I only had watched the English episodes. She was based off of me with brown hair and blue eyes, and was a transfer student from America who ended up meeting Serena and went to her home and ended up teased by her little bro. Then they went for ice cream and oh no someone’s attacking and Luna magically appeared and suddenly magical girl. She could send stars as attacks, and was one of the strongest scouts but not stronger than Serena.

Another sailor sue I had, I don’t remember her name so I’m gonna call her Sailor Dark. Anyway, her job was apparently to kidnap Darien since for some odd reason, she was kidnapped and turned into a dark scout or whatever. She would fake like she was returning to normal and grab Darien when he ran over to check on her.

As promised…I will bring you bad FNaF sues. You’re welcome.

Name: Dotty Dalmation
Gender: Female
Occupation: Solo singer.
Items: Her Bow and Dress.

I’m 99% sure they don’t really have occupations…

Dotty was purchased from a builder that had no use for her anymore, putting her up for sale on Ebay in new condition, she was then put to work at the pizzeria soon enough, doing a small solo act for all of the guests there, however, one day during performance, there was a malfunction in her system, causing her to fall off of the stage, breaking her arm off in the process. The owner didn’t have the heart to throw her away and instead kept her in the back so she could stay with the other animatronics, though for a long time, the door was accidentally locked from the outside, making her dress start to rot around the bottom, Dotty tried to break open the door with a pipe she found, but lost her eye when she made the attempt. After being locked in for a week, she was rescued by Foxy, the animatronic from Pirate’s Cove, she had never truly met Foxy in person, but she always had, they bonded quickly and became friends, Dotty starting to develop a slight tomboy attitude from him. She is slight friends with the other cast members, but she spends most of her time with Foxy, keeping hidden in Pirate’s Cove after hours.

Run ons much? Like oh my gosh I could correct this with periods to make it all right. Anyways, buying animatronics on ebay is…a stretch. This just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Like, if she was hella broken they would have at LEAST taken her apart.

Path: Storage, Eating Area, Stage, Pirates Cove, West Hallway, Office.

Idk if her path is similar to the others but…the only one who should be in pirates cove is Foxy. Justtttt sayin.

Attack signs:

-Hearing “shoes” on the floor are her claws, she is moving to her next area.

-Hearing sobbing from somewhere, she is in the storage room.

-Hearing a soft song being sung, she is on the Stage.

-Late at night she will be in front of the camera in the Eating area.

-Hearing a growl or a whimper, she is in Pirate’s Cove.

-Hearing sparks, she is in the West hallway.

-Hearing a panting noise, she is at the door.



She was made in Canada and she was originally entered in a robot building competition.

I give up. So done…