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pepsi loves you, love him back!

Totally legit and likeable Bleach adopt. It`s currently on auction with highest bid being 80 bucks. Yay, amr?

I’m here to confess the sins I committed when I was a middle school student. I was hooked on the Shugo Chara series (especially Ikuto) so much back then that I made this abomination.

In case if her bio is too small to read (sorry for the low quality. I had to use my phone camera because my scanner is broken), her name is Aniela Joaquin Yamagata. Her name sounds almost similar to mine, and Joaquin is my favourite name. Judging from her name, she is a self-insert.

She is Finnish-Japanese (I had no idea why I picked those nationalities) and she has blonde hair from her Finnish mom, black eyes from her Japanese dad. 

She transferred to Seiyo Gakuen at the age of 11. She had been living in Helsinki for a while, so moving to Japan SHOULD give her new cultural experience, and cultural shock too. However, she didn’t have to go through that phase because while living in Finland, she was taught by her father to speak Japanese.

She got her 3 Shugo Charas; Bianca (the nun-like one), Margareth (the science-like one), and Rose (the one with frilly dress and parasol) because she wanted to be smart, sweet, and elegant. Aniela herself is a quiet but cute person who never does anything right and always gets the blame thanks to her clumsiness. That’s why she wants to be noticed for her best self. She likes fashion and science. 

After transferring to Seiyo Gakuen, she instantly got accepted into Guardians because she had 3 Shugo Charas like Amu. After that, she made friends with everyone. I mean EVERYONE because she’s cute with her looks and accent. They let her clumsiness slide. She got the Two of Hearts role which was made up by me because all of the canons have taken up the major roles like Joker, Ace, Queen, King, and Jack.

I paired her with Ikuto. She met him while battling against Batsu Tamas with the rest of the Guardians. I have drawn her character change with each of her Shugo Charas, but… They are too OP.

She likes onigiri, full cream milk, and the color purple. Her sign is Taurus.

I feel miserable after finding this bio I had made long time ago, mostly because I have made such stupid Mary Sue like this without researching.

I made a poem that’s kind of corny and cheesy, but it’s how I feel and I know if Mark knew I was sad he would probably give me a big hug and tell me not to be sad.

Found a Markiplier sue

So this is the artist’s self-insert (who I can’t name due to having the same name as the artist herself) that she pairs with Markiplier

Sheesh, it’s okay if you like Mark and everything, but pairing yourself with him?? He’s a real person for Heaven’s sake!

Just something about OC/Real Person kind of creeps me out juuusst a little…


The bios to both these ladies were really long and tedious, so I tried to shorten the basic information or snag all the good parts of it. Their kingdoms and backstories however remain unchanged, so I put a red more tab in because it’s so long. Also I couldn’t really find a good place to put this, but both ladies are married to, and have children to these two human/koopa/tanooki hybrid dudes.

Names: Luna Judith Toadstool (left) and Dylaila Lipard Toadstool (right)

Species: Luna is a mix of a human/dragon/fire wisp, Dylie is human/dragon/ice wisp

Kingdoms: Luna rules over the poisonFlow Kingdom and Dylie rules SherbetLand.

Powers/weapons: Both of them can partially or fully turn into dragons, although when in Lunas dragon form she has a spiked ball on the end of her tail which she uses as a weapon. They also have their respective elements and resistance to fire/ice. Dylie also has a magic wand and an array of potions she makes herself which can either heal themselves with or use to damage foes.

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All that was written was “OC Sketch”

No info on her was added and I really don’t think any is needed, either. She belongs here.

Let me tell you all about this oc for Dude that’s my ghost named Mimi Logan. 

She is paired with one of the Main characters of the series. Billy Joe Cobra,an insanely famous popstar who died(we don’t know how yet)  and now haunts his Mansion and the world as a ghost.  

Now pairing yourself with a Canon isn’t bad,if done right it can be great. However in the fanfic the creator wrote makes the oc out to be a very dislike-able character to say the least. She shoves her character at you and makes it out to be that Billy committed suicide because of her oc.  Every canon character OOC to the point you could just replace every canon character with an oc and nothing would of changed. Anyone who dislikes Mimi is yelled at,evil,and/or eventually won over by her “charms”. Even the guy sent to kill her stares at “the stunning strawberry blonde’s appearance” 

Of course the oc could be fixed,if the oc creator didn’t take every piece of advice as attack on her character. 

Whats worse is that she thinks she can police other DTMG ocs and harass others in the fandom because her oc gets advice and a anon who isn’t super nice all the time. Under the read more(unless the readmore doesn’t work) is her profile.

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Name - saria neti (if u get those reffrances u win a cookie)
Age- 16
Gender -f
What u can do w/ your elements-( plz be creative w/ this one) semi plant giving her the abiletty 2 ‘tallk’ to them, change the shape of her body at will and blast devestating blasts of absorbed solar energy (pokemon,solar beam)
she looks mostley human but with vines instead of hair and she blushes green (coz she has sap nt blood)
Personality- playfull friendly (sort of flirty i guess)
History- had an odd affinity with plants from a young age finding out she could controll them sumwat at age 14 she wanted 2 controll them compleatly eventully causing her to meld with them
she ran away scared of wat she’d done 2 herself her odd apearance led to her needing to steal to get food at 15 she was caught stealing from thugs they dragged her in2 an apartment block and hacked off her vines causing her to scream as they were tecnicly like extra limbs eventully she lost it and inadvertantly destroyed the biulding her still inside
she staggerd from the wrekage 2 days l8er with no idere were she was her past or wat happend to the biulding she eventully wound up were u guys r (sry >.< im new) and just practices her powers
Other - hates ppl pulling her ‘hair’ or asking y she blushes green
man dat pic took forever sry bout the skechyness     

Ladies, Gentleman, and those of Neutral sophistication, My first roleplay character

Name - luna black
Age- 16
Gender - f
Appearnce- i drew this (removed)
What u can do w/ your elements-( plz be creative w/ this one) can controll and bend shadows turning them in2 objects or monsters has horns that make her able 2 read minds, shadow/beast form she has other abilatys but doesent kno of them
Personality-shy can be rude tho h8s talking about her past
History- mother was murderd by a theif when she was 5 at that time she was also stabbed with a cursed dagger holding an evil spirit. the spirit made a deal with her to send her 2 her mother in heaven but luna had 2 kill ppl for their souls what fed the spirit. after that raised by her very religios farther strict so when her abilitys emerged giving her devil-ish horns he belived that she’d been possesed by satan and tryed to stab her she freaked her powers creating a oposing dagger that killed him. since the spirit wad raised her 2 be a killer
Other - wers a black ribon round her neck in memory of her mother possesed by a shadow deamon she calls “thing” & plays guitar     

Dolls, Dudes, and those of neutral companionship, I give you My SECOND ever rp character

"flame i hate being pregnant this is so not cool i love my boyfriend but how is i m going to take care of all of my babys it s to much i no i want it some kid s but still i hate being pregnant!!!" 

wut.. So this kid thinks their oc is real and that she can kill everyone in the world. As a bonus this kid also steals art and recolors it for there lil sue her

Some Naruto OC

So, I was searching up some Aika Village from Animal Crossing fanart and this is what I came upon…

(before I start the bio I just wanna mention that her neck is not SO THIN it's just her curly hair covering it XDDD Thankies hope you think this will be the most Sugoi charrie XDD)  Name: Aika Kurai Birthday: April 7  Gender: Girl Age: 16 Height: 5’1” Weight: light as a feather Blood Type: AB Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan Affiliation: Akatsuki Team: Itachi Clan: Kurai  Ninja Rank: S rank Registration Number: none Graduation Age: Didn't graduate Chuunin Promotion Age: 11 Jounin Promotion Age: 13   Family:   Father : unknown  Mother: Mrs Haruno (Sakura's mom)  Little sister: Sakura Haruno Jutsu: medical Ninjutsu, many chakra related attacks.  Tools: Suriken, Kunai, katana, six shooter, Uzi, bow and arrows, chainsaw mace, guillotine, Iron maiden, one of those spiky metal chairs you heat up, and a bronze bull.  Background:   Aika was Mrs Haruno's first kid when she was young but soon after birth her father found out she had a tailed demon i her and took her away so she would never find out. Aika was raised all the way on the other side of the world in Texas by her dad until she was ten. She was hording her dad's cattle one day when a rattle snake made them scared and stampede towards her dad crushing him in their hooves. before he died he told her about her mother which he had lied was dead. Aika entered in a deep depression and had nightmares thinking she was responsible for his death. Soon one of her neighbors hearing her cries of deep sorrow he took her in and treated her like a worthless slave beating her and making her do hard chores and took all her cattle. One day he tried to rape because he was a pedo her but her demon emerged and killed him brutally. she knew she was gonna be hung for that so she sold all the cattle and with the money she went back to Konoha where she was less than welcome by her mother. She was depressed again seeing that her momma now had a family with a little girl she constantly pampered. She hated Sakura right off the bat for having her mom's affections since birth and loved to make her life hell. She would make fun of her even after they forehead joked ceased making their parents have to punish her allot which only fueled her hate for her little sister. When she saw her Sakura's crush for Sasuke She started training hard to impress him even if he was way younger than her. She joined the exams and passed with flying colors at only eleven and then at thirteen she was already a Jounin. Her first crush was Kabuto when She saw him at his little sister's exam where she was supervising (she was 14 at th time) but she quickly got over him since she realized he was a four eyed creep. Soon after he battle against Orochimaru She ran away from home sick and tired of Sakura being the center of attention and saw Itachi and Kisame when they entered the village. she followed them for a while had to stop when a heard of cattle belonging to some rich lord stampeded towards Itachi. she saw him just sit there and feeling sorry she roped him and pulled him out of the way. She kinda liked him even if he looked like trouble. Itachi realized she had a tailed Demon in her more powerful that Naruto and ordered Kisame to catch her but she shot him in the shoulder with her dad's pistol and turned to Itachi offering to come with if they didn't kill her. he accepted and as soon as she was brought to the Akatsuki she was admitted in. she has lived there ever since and she's in a relation with her Ita-kun and she's nicknamed the Akatsuki six shooter (kinda like konan is the angel but they're not friends) !!!   Personality: She's nice to Itachi but she hated everyone else calling them snakes in the grass horn toads and yellow bely coyotes but deep down she's actually scared to reach out to others since itachi was the frst really nice person to her after her dad died.  Appearance: She is a petite girl only 5’1” with curves in all the right places D cup breasts and curves in all the right places. She has ivory skin which glows a light golden tan in the sunlight and Gold curly hair that reaches just below her curvy ass when straightened. her eyes are a beautiful sky blue sparking like the most expensive diamonds and framed by her cherry pink eyelashes which she go from her mother. her lips are plump and round their natural color is a deep pink but she always wears lip gloss. she has a long tail the fur matches her golden hair and has acid green tips to show off she's poisonous and when her inner demon emerges her wings become huge and bony.  If she's on mission she wears a cancan girl outfit under a female version of the Akatsuki robe and black cowgirl boots. Instad of the hat she wears her three feather pink hairclip.   When She's at the base she wears pink girly shirts see through to give her itakun some eyecandy, (even though the rest of the men give her hungry looks) short jean shorts and red cowgirl boots. She's really a girly girl despite being raised by her daddy. She also liked to walk in the halls in her underwear in the morning which is always red cause she knows itachi likes that color X3  Abilities:  Ninjutsu: She is a self taught medical ninja with powers as great as Tsunade's.  Genjutsu: She's learned all there is to know about it from itachi and she can resist even the strongest mangekyo Taijutsu: She's spied on Gai enough to learn it and now she's at the same level if not even higher than Rock Lee. (Unique Fighting Styles / Techniques) Summoning Technique : She can summon a giant bull and a zombie lion with a blue mane. (Kekkei Genkai)  Intelligence: She's not the sharpest knife in the core but she makes up for in in being hypnotizing sexy.  Stats: (0/5)  Part 1 Ninjutsu 4 Taijutsu 2 Genjutsu 1 Intelligence 3 Strength 4 Speed 5 Stamina 5 Hand Seals 4  Part 2 Ninjutsu 5 Taijutsu 5 Genjutsu 6 Intelligence 4 Strength 5 Speed 5 Stamina 5 Hand Seals 5  Part 1: 28  Part 2: 40   Quotes:  Get back here ya yellowbelly!  I don't need you bunch of varments and horn toads!  Hey Ita-kun what say we fo' a lille roll in da hey   But I always look like this. Dont-cha want you little rattle snake looking sexy?   I dress like a showgirl but I'm no pussy for hire varment!  How do I look in these boot shorts ita-kun  comeére my little desert weasel

The description is as follows:

(before I start the bio I just wanna mention that her neck is not SO THIN it’s just her curly hair covering it XDDD Thankies hope you think this will be the most Sugoi charrie XDD)

Name: Aika Kurai
Birthday: April 7 
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Height: 5’1”
Weight: light as a feather
Blood Type: AB
Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
Affiliation: Akatsuki
Team: Itachi
Clan: Kurai

Ninja Rank: S rank
Registration Number: none
Graduation Age: Didn’t graduate
Chuunin Promotion Age: 11
Jounin Promotion Age: 13


Father : unknown

Mother: Mrs Haruno (Sakura’s mom)

Little sister: Sakura Haruno
Jutsu: medical Ninjutsu, many chakra related attacks.

Tools: Suriken, Kunai, katana, six shooter, Uzi, bow and arrows, chainsaw mace, guillotine, Iron maiden, one of those spiky metal chairs you heat up, and a bronze bull.

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Image description:
Hi everyone, this is a special artwork with my OC Kira Tataguni beginning her adventure to save the worlds from a evil monster and you will soon see the main characters I’ll put up soon. In this pic, you can see Kira in two forms and she has star friends traveling with her, the older female siar is Lina, the older male star is Subokin and the yongest male star is Silver. I have gotten the story writen and translated them into two languages I had to pick, so enjoy.

The Legend

“Many years ago, in the ancient past of our kinds… we all lived together in harmony’s of peace, time, wishes, memories, dreams, creations, and the dimensions themselves. But one day, an evil legion of wicked demons appeared and had taken the element jewels that make our kingdoms safe and protected, but without them…we will all become prisoners of our homes in the shadow eclipses that have cast upon us. As the took the jewels, a brave group of creatures known as the Koopa Dragons of Light came and defended our jewels and had battle with the master Koopa Dragon we call… Darkness Koopa, but his army had recalled him as Yami for the shortness of his real name. After the battle against Yami, the Koopa Dragons of Light decided to send the jewels safely to the planet called Earth for the century’s to come and soon the heroes turned into souls and our worlds were safe… for now. And so we wait for the new chosen Koopa Dragons of Light to be born and reclaim their place with our chosen heroes who saved us from Yami, be we all fear that Yami will return again and be reborn with the blood of the nightmares and fears of people’s life as they are killed by their fates and choices…but Yami will actually create his army of Koopaling Dragons to control humans to kidnap people for his plans to be reborn once again and claim the jewels as well. But we know that the Koopa Dragons of Light will still put a stop to this villain and his army too. And so our legend begins in the 21st century.”

This story takes place in the high school called The Okami Sunsaki High School where Kira Tataguni goes and volunteers as a student and artist for the school. As Kira soon meets with a pair of 14 year old twins named Riana and Lucas Tikoyori (which also look so much a lot like Rin and Len from the Vocaloid series), and a young 19 year old girl named Jessica Hiyoshi (she wears a star necklace that is dark blue and looks just like Jonny’s dark star necklace, with her red hair band, she also has long light blond hair which is down to her knees, and has light blue/purple eyes, white pale skin, and wears red pearl earrings). But as the school’s last day for the summer vacations began, the four friends plan on going to the mall with Jessica’s friend; Sebastian Lye Igamashi (he has black and green lined hair spike-like, hi eyes color mixed (right eye yellow and left eye red), dressed in a punk outfit with black shoes and has a eye scanner for anything he scans on his left eye.) But all of the sudden, one of the people get turned into a monster and starts to take some teens as they soon get mind controlled by the master called Yami. As the group runs for their life’s as they tried to escape the monster, a voice calls to them and tells then to fight back, but Kira didn’t know how to fight people turned into monsters before. But as Yami commanded his monsters to attack, the teens screamed and a huge shining light hit our group and they soon transformed into the warrior forms of the Koopa Dragons of Light. As the teens soon discover that they also have reborn the guardians within their powers and soon rescued all of the city’s people just in time with their new found powers. But Yami was now ready to destroy the group, until a group of Koopa’s rise out of the summoning portal Kira used her new weapon The Koopa Fire Blade to open the gate for their awakening. As Kira and the leader known as Bowser Koopa combine their powers together, they soon created the ultimate move known as the Koopa Fire Rage Attack. In the end of these battle, Yami valued to get revenge on the Koopa’s and the teens if he meets with them again in time, but after he vanished back to his realm kingdom, Kira and the others saw the whole city destroyed and hope that they don’t get blamed for this. Luckily for our heroes, Jessica and Jonny Junior Koopa combine their abilities to repair the city as Lucas and Riana with Bowser Jr. use their ability called Graffiti Paint of Healing to heal the citizens from the attacks and Sebastian with Suborian Koopa try to find survivors and bring them to the team.

After everything was taken care of the fixing, the teens soon transformed back to their normal forms and saw their new friends transform into humans (in a disguising form that is to most humans to know) and then were told that in the ancient times, the jewels of harmony, peace, time, wishes, memories, dreams, creations, dimensions were hidden into parts of the earth and the Koopa’s needed to find more of their kind, recover the jewels, defeat the enemies and keep the worlds and kingdoms safe and protected from the evil forces of Yami and his army too. But they also need to find the seventh leader of the groups team which is Bowser’s rival; Dark Bowser himself, and about from in the back ally with his new found friend, Dark Bowser was with a 18 year old boy named Kouhei Kibakachi who was wearing the black star around his neck with his necklace known as the mega muscle growth gem. As they soon realized that Yami has returned and they were wanted by Bowser to join the team, they had to let the other Koopa’s and warriors know this and get the heroes to help protect them And so the Koopa’s legend begins when the worlds collide and the teams unite as well.

Holy shit, what?
I haven’t even seen parody Sues that are this bad.

Her gallery is full of other Sues and self-inserts, as well, but this one stood out.

Name- Monalisa O’Neil/Bradford 
Age- Fifteen
Power- Ninjutsu Expert  
Race- Caucasian
Nickname- Lisa
Love Interest- Raphael 
Eye Color- Green
Hair Color- Brown But Is Commonly Dyed Red And Black  
Likes- Hanging Out With The Turtles, Kissing Raphael And Shopping With April Or Karai
Dislikes- Pizza
Actress- Crystal Reed
Friends- Casey Jones, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo 
Family- Chris Bradford (Father), Katie O’Neil (Mother), Kirby O’Neil (Uncle) and April O’Neil (Cousin).
Back Story:
Chris ment Lisa’s mother while he was visiting New York, they hit it off and started dating. Which eventually led to there daughter, Monalisa, Chris and Katie got married soon after her birth but got divorced when Lisa was six. Lisa was trained in the art of ninjutsu by her father and met her best friend Karai through her father, they stayed close even up to teen years. Lisa is gifted with photographic memory. At age ten Chris took Lisa on a tour to visit all the states and Tokyo. When Lisa was thirteen years old she was excepted into the foot clan and put her training to use, good or bad. After Lisa’s fifteenth birthday her cousin, April O’Neil, moved in with her and her mother because her father was kidnapped. Lisa met Raphael when he stormed of on his Sensai and brothers, truth be told they both needed a listening ear. Lisa, who was planning revenge on the turtles for mutating her father, weaseled her way into Raphael’s heart. When the secret get’s out Raph finally gives Lisa the tour to the layer in which she faints at first sight of Splinter. When Lisa get’s to go out with the boys to fight, they have to fight none other then Razzar causing Lisa to hide. Raph try’s to get her out from behind the dumpster, all she does is yell at him, making Razzar think one of the turtles is hurting his daughter, he simply charges and takes her away back to Shredder’s place. Lisa convinces her dad to work with her on her plan, and the turtles “Rescue” her from Razzar. Splinter knows about Lisa’s plans, and gives her these words of wisdom "Hate Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting Someone Else To Die" Lisa who learns the true story about her father’s mutations and starts to truly like Raph, confesses about being apart of the foot clan. Raphael tells her to leave and feels as if she played him along. Lisa never comes back to the layer. Later when the Kraang put a explosive mutagen bomb on a boat in the east river, none of the boys know what to do when Lisa comes to help, she offer’s to drive the boat to a safe distance form the main land. As Lisa get’s on the boat she brushes a lizard away making the comment “I hate lizards” as she drives the boat off. The bomb goes off and everyone think she is dead when in truth she got mutated into the Monalisa we know and love. Lisa floats ashore missing and arm a few toes and her memory. She struggles to regain who she is as she finds her way back to the layer. She reaches the layer and the boys nurse her back to health and she regrows her arm (and toes) then she has to pick up the pieces of being a new person living in the sewer.

Not sure if I should put this under “OC” or not considering that it is an AU of a character from the 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the new  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I think that it deviates from the original character so much that I might as well tag it as in OC.

I SpeedPainted ShRouge  2 > NoaAmb This took me 7 Days to make ^^ ~~~~~CREDIT TO PERSON WHO MADE SHROUGE!!!!~~~~”