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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Is this a good time to vent about an old atrocity?

This was my first OC, written when I was probably 12 and last drawn in 2011. I’ve held this too long. I need to share how bad this PoS was. Maybe this is a good time. We can all laugh.

Name: Kama Shay (it was ‘Ito’ in earlier incarnations)

Clan: Shay/Uchiha (yeah. she’s a halfling. kill me plz)
Age: 13 in original, 16 in Shippuden
Rank: Genin
Species: Human/Vampire (with no explination or repercussions)
Sexual Orientation: Oh So Very Straight (pretty much all the main guys crush on her. she didn’t even talk to girl characters. dear god.)
Personality: Passive-agressive and cold. Only reasonable to Sasuke/the crush interest of the moment. Socially-inept and randomly nice at best, homicidal and rash at worst. I wrote her essentially like a sociopath.
Good Traits: uhhhhhh
Bad Traits: prone to violent outbursts for no considerable reason, regards topics such as cutting, death, and kiling with a sick sense of amusement/contempt.
Likes: Singing, cooking, being excessively hostile to Sakura for hardly no reason
Dislikes: being abducted, ‘Mr.pedo’
Fears: snakes (laugh when i tell you she joins Orochimaru and completely forgets about this only once-used fear)
Personal Quote: “You haven’t changed one bit…Sasuke.”
Powers: Kekke-genkai “Psychi” (don’t ask me what it does, I really can’t tell you), singing jutsu(?), chakra barriers (???), random medical ninjutsu only used 60 pages in
Skilled in: Speed, Endurance, Genjutsu (the song jutsu thing)
Weak in: Taijutsu, Strength

Okay, so apparently Kama was a halfie but when she was like 5 she supposedly killed her friend to obtain mangekyo and got banned from the clan, only to go to the shay clan in an unnamed village settlement.
Then apparently Orochimari raids their little settlement and kills everyone (but her of course) but she has ‘distinctive eyes’ because they’re bright-ass green
so way later he meets her with Team 7 and recognizes her? This had no further purpose, I don’t know why I went to the trouble of setting it up.
So she meets Sasuke when they’re little before she goes yandere and he saves her from drowning because oh the dramaz. She goes away and Team 7 rescues her from a hostage situation.
She bawws about being a medical-nin slave for her clan, even though she has heir money? or something? So basically Sasuke and Kama become emo-baww friends and of course they like eachother
so they throw OOC dialogue at eachother at inappropriate times (like right after she saves Sasuke from a spike-pitted death). Kama is hiding her Uchiha origin for some reason? I really don’t know why,
and I can’t explain how an exiled nin could so easily go back to her village after committing murder? Don’t think that I used the vampire thing for anything cool,
it was literally only for comic relief. The kekke-genkai thing is also never used in battle. She uses her medical ninjutsu all of twice, and her random chakra barrier power only once when it wasn’t even necessary.
Of course she gets her own curse mark (earth) so she can run off to Sound with her little emo lover boy. Antics ensue and kama is kidnapped, she fights Orochimaru in Final Valley.
Not only does she wound him to the point of no longer being able to fight, she stays okay enough to go back to Sound to help heal him. Sasuke goes after her and why do they stay? I gave literally no reason.
I went from being afraid of snakes and terrified of Orochimaru to hanging out in his snake cave JUST BECAUSE. I didn’t even have Sasuke go dark to his curse mark, so he has no reason either at that point.

She originated as a self-insert-in-disguise to be with Sasuke, but I ended up having Gaara, Neji, Naruto, and even Orochimaru crush on her in some way rather in the central story or in a spinoff fic.
I wrote things in that story that make me ashamed to be breathing, and I wrote many more that shame me in completely different ways (KamaxOro), but I feel like I need to get it out so i can move on.
I actually still use the first name, as you can see. I don’t even use it for meaning anymore (it meant scythe. Yeah. It was cited as a beta name for Kakashi); I’ve grown so used to the sound that I use that alias on pretty much all my sites.

I have created a new Kama Shay, but she is far different from this attrocity. Maybe now I can lay this crazy SoB to rest.

Name: Abel Icefire Sickle (koru)
Age 19 ( dragon) human: ???
Race: dragon
Magic: escaplise

Father: Acnologia
Mother: mizune
Brother: Soubi, Shi

Love/husband: Tempest Sickle
Kids: shiji,dia,NAthan,Zena,Fate,ryu,Kikyo

K, The Sue Maker (Part 3)

Hey there FYMS. I’m back with an update on K the sue maker. While exploring my archives, I found another one of K’s sues that she submitted for my story and I had got a little sidetracked during the weeks I’ve been away.

(**)= breaks canon
* before a name=characters that I erased.
{#} = love interest of another character
(@)= made up Japanese name.
$= Just…wtf.

I have a few more characters that K made:

*Sonya Madonado- Now you’d think with this last name K was trying to use her Wapanese again. Actually…I’m proud to say that this character is the most diverse I’ve ever seen her go outside her. Sonya is Latina from Central America (Mexico to Panama). But that is where the pride cuts off. Sadly, this character is as cliche as the rest as she is the stereotypical “Spicy Latin Lover”. She had purple hair, she appeared as an anime character in brown face with naturally purple hair and brown eyes. Her only distinguishing feature was that she had impractically huge boobs and a huge butt.  I also should mention that K had a bad habit of speaking in Spanish when RPing this character. Now I’m not a Latina nor am I Hispanic; however, I’ve taken Spanish and I could tell any Spanish Sonya spoke was from GoogleTranslate plus a bunch of my female Latin friends said this is a very inconsiderate stereotype (#, $, @?) 

*Tabby: She was a second gen character. Second gen meaning that she was from the generation that picked/picks up, which is mostly with the descendants and children of the first gen. Tabby is Tsumuri’s daughter. Tsumuri joined the Police Force and fell in love with Tabby’s unnamed father…after being given to an orphanage. Tabby is a very bad Naoto copyoff, in terms of she has the same hair cut/color, same eye color,wants to be a detective so she could work with the Police Force like her mom & crossdresses like Naoto (again with no reason to do so, unlike Naoto) but the only difference is that people knew Tabby was a girl. She was an obsessive fan girl over *fanfare* Remember the seventeen year old guy that Tsumari was obsessed over? Tabby caught the “lurv ert ferst saiiight uguuuu~~~!!!!!111” bug with the guy’s son. Yeah, we all see where this is going. She ends up driving him away because she was a stalker and clingy—like mother, like daughter amirite? (#?, **, $)

*Starr- I am 2000% sure that this was the character’s name. She was the lesbian character I mentioned in my last post. Excuse me, she had pink/blonde ombre hair (pink into blonde). But K is an extremely shallow person and RPer as when she found out that I changed Starr’s love interest to African-American, she withdrew her. (#, $)

Now here comes the kicker before I shut up about K for good. Aside from participating my story, K was involved with another story with another one of her friends. Here’s the thing that you all need to understand about her. In my last post, I mentioned that K gave her characters to me technically; she put no info into them, except their looks and relatively useless or cliche info. This is the case with her friend as well. The friend (I’ll call her A) and I put all info into K’s character(s) for our respective stories.


Here comes the kick in the ass: K tries to claim them back, despite the fact that most of her art is traced, saying that they are “her” characters. A and I have changed the designs of course. But K dumped her characters in our laps and tried to claim them back as her own when they were redesigned.

I guess the moral of this story is please be careful of who you RP with. Stay awesome, guys.

Name: Maria Leemaster
Birth: October 31, 1991
Sex: Female
Hair color: Brown, Red and blue
Eye Color: Black
Other: Undead Sayain werewolf
Born: Planet Vegeta
Powers: Teleport, Invisible, Elements, Heal, Transform any animal, Turns undead.
Extras: Is a slave, Already dead, Is a werewolf.
Friends: Krillin, Bulma, Vegeta
Enemy: Chi chi
Best Friend and love: Son Goku
Relatives: Lucas & Liru
Weapons: Blade, Hunter Bow, Staff, & Claws

(I apologize if this post gets long)

Holy crap, this thing…

So this is the creator’s self-insert that she has used to fandom-hop into various different fictional worlds including, but not limited to:

-Dragonball: Here she is paired with Goku and, from what I’ve seen, Vegeta seems to have a crush on her as well despite them both being married (Guess that would explain why Chi Chi is her “rival”). She is also an “undead sayain werewolf” thing and is Frieza’s slave

-Legend of Zelda: According to what the suethor stated, here the sue just teleports from the Dragonball worldinto the LoZ world with no explanation and she and Link just randomly fall in love

-Sonic the Hedgehog: For this one, the suethor tends to pair her self-insert with another of her Sonic OCs, but will occasionally pair her with Scourge (I know that Scourge tends to be a big flirt, but at this point, he’s already in a relationship with Fiona)

And finally she’s also inserted her sue into Lion King, but she has SO MANY DAMN RECOLORS that I can hardly tell who’s who. It also doesn’t help that she tends to give very little in the way of a description and that she tends to call what appears to be the same OC different names (I think the insert for this one might be Scar’s daughter and is a lioness princess or something? I don’t know man she’s got like three different Lion King OCs named “Maria”)

But yeah, there’s that horror story

Full Name: Kamora Eudora
Nickname(s): Kammy, Kammycutie, Kammycakes, Kams, Kam-Kam, Kammy-baby
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 21st
Species: Human
Nationality: American, to her knowledge
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual; slight preference for males
Religion: Polytheist
Occupation: Self-employed matchmaker
Significant other: Multiship blog. {9 dating, 3 marriages, 1 Fiancé}
Closest friends: Deceased friend Arthur— the list goes on.
Rivals: Internet dating sites…
Enemies: Her parents, a certain troll Umbrage.
EyeColor(s): Hazel/Amber in some lighting
Hair Color(s): Strawberry Blonde
Notable Physical Traits: the booty, Her hair, eyelashes, clothing style.
Fandom: Primarily OC fandom and multi fandom, though she has rooms in the Problem Stuck universes, with a dash of Space Dandy as well.

Kamora has slight abandonment issues, thanks to her family up and leaving her at a very young age. But these issues are not extreme to the point where she needs someone with her all the time, no. In fact, she’s used to going places by herself, and doing her own thing.
But when she does feel a little alone, she likes having a person or a few people to talk to.

Kamora never got to play around much as a child— most of her time was spent trying to impress her parents by running a ‘dating booth’ of sorts; in other words, the very early stages of her current business. Her efforts were in vain though.

And by the time she’d gotten to high school and was subsequently abandoned, she was in such a depressed state of mind, leading up to the whole “let’s-live-a-lie-so-the-bullying-will-stop” mentality, playtime, girl gossip, the ‘normal’ things a teenager would do, were out of the question.

So sometimes, she’ll really enjoy playing around, or experiencing something new. It’s like living out her childhood since she never got to do it properly.

PTSD is due in part to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents, both physically and mentally. Not officially diagnosed, but she does recognize it as such, even if she tries to hide it.

Kammy was born to a pair of wealthy socialites, who wanted to have a son to carry on their name, and bear tons of children. They were happy during their pregnancy, eagerly awaiting the little boy they would soon have— only for the child to be a girl. Needless to say, they were not pleased.

Fearful that putting the child up for adoption would ruin their image, they kept her, but treated her very poorly, in almost a Cinderella type fashion. They gave her just what she needed to get by; looking like a bum would ruin their image, of course. Everything was about them, and their image. Kamora was just a blemish in their perfect lives.
They didn’t hesitate to smack the little girl around whenever they could, and lock her away in her room— especially on Christmas. This was when Kamora snuck out the most, and would often be gone the entire day and most of the night. They never went looking for her, so whether they knew of her absence or not is unclear. Eventually, Kamora would start sneaking out more often, or just staying after school so she wouldn’t have to go home.

When she was 15, Kamora came home from school to find the house empty, and in her room, a single letter had been dumped on her bed, her parents stating they were leaving. They had “grown tired” of her presence, and called her a mistake— however, that was not the first time they’d done so.

Despite the freedom she now had, Kamora went into a state of depression, being abandoned and hated—for a while, she wore a pink wig.{why?}

Before opening her matchmaking business, she sold her parents house behind their back, and stored the money away in an unused bank account, which she adds to frequently. To say she hates her parents is an understatement.

While Kammy tries so hard not to give a shit about their opinions, she’s always wanted at least the approval of her mom. Knowing she’ll never get that hurts like nothing else.

Kamora really admires a man or woman who treats her like a lady, but to an extent— she doesn’t want to be treated like a completely fragile being. Her romantic partner must be willing to step in without a moment’s hesitation if she needs help.

Kammy is very, very fond of loving relationships, and she will dote on the lucky person, doing everything in her power to make them happy. She wants to be treated like a princess, like a lady in general. And don’t just talk the walk, either.

Kamora is unable to bear children. This is due to a blocked fallopian tube, making it impossible for her to ovulate. Kammy’s traveled quite a bit since leaving Midnight City. (Which is probably on another planet or something ) Now, she wants to travel through space (inspired by Dandy~)”.

The locket:
The locket was given to her by Percy, someone near and dear to her from an alternate universe. The locket is imbued with magical properties, relating to a “hidden power” Percy believed Kamora to possess. The power is able to “see” a person’s heart—more specifically, the emotions one tries to conceal within the heart. In the case of an evil person, Kamora will make a remark about said person’s heart being “black” or turning black, an indication that their evil nature is taking control of any shred of humanity the person has left. (It also has the ability to create a barrier against magic, in a Homestuck universe

Also inside the locket, is a centuries old spell, an incantation that, when used against someone who trusts Kamora, will allow her to control them. Especially useful in a tight spot.

The locket also allows her to summon items, though she uses this in a more discreet manner when possible. Doesn’t stop her from summoning a cast iron frying pan every now and then, though. And if need be, she can summon a translucent shield.

She has used her locket to discreetly snoop on people she’s spoken to. In most cases, she won’t tell anyone about this power outright, but will allude to it.

Compassion: 10/10
Empathy: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Mental Flexibility: 8/10 
Passion // Motivation: 10/10
Education: 10/10 
Stamina: 8/10
Physical Strength: 5/10
Battle Skill: 6/10
Initiative: 9/10
Restraint: 9/10 
Agility: 9/10
Strategy: 8/10
Teamwork: 10/10

I was browsing, as you do, and found…..her. I have no commentary to add, it’s long enough already. Enjoy.

Let’s see if you have guts to read this.Sorry I’m not really good at combining colors,how to highlight and such but I’m still keeping this talent of mine since this is the treasure that I have.About her biography,there are a lot things there which is just freaking fictions that’s why don’t even believe so much and lastly,my most common problem is my wrong grammars that’s why I’m sorry if you don’t understand some sentences there.This would be her past biography that’s why her present is not existed here like what’s situation she’s having right now but I think there some of it.

My reminder,she’s not a Rhg character I just tell you some important information about her.

Name: Katherine Fushiwara Hana Azumi Nika Yukimura

Species: Demon

Age: 17 years old


Playful,serious,childish,helpful,loyal,humble,loving,caring,Understanding,shy,kind,friendly,patient,clumsy and sensitive. 

Power(s): Light powers 


She has strength inside of her that’s why she can carry such heavy things.

She only knows basics in fighting.

She has invisibility.

She has an ability to heal someone and heal her damage,wounds all by its own.

She has a power of speed.

She can summon an orb or some multiple light orbs which has a stronger impact,once she throws it by her mind at her opponent it creates a strong explosion to blow its target as well as its surroundings because of its powerful waves.

She can read minds.
She can see through things for short it’s like an x-ray vision that’s why be careful,she might see’s it~                        

She can see clearly in the dark.

She can manipulates objects,things,weapons etc using her light powers.
She can summon anything she wants.

She can creates portal in different places,planets,time or dimension.

She has ability to copy her subject.

She can creates an orb that flashes to make her subject blind for a few seconds.

She can teleport every second where ever she wanted to.

She can defend herself using her “Light Barrier” which is her indestructible dome shield,no matter how powerful is your hit it will never be destroy not even a single crack.

She has an ability called “Lullaby Kiss” which she kisses her target to their lips to stun it for a little bit and make her subject falls into a deep sleep.

She has her own ability called “Dancing Light” which has 3 versions of it:

1) Dancing Light Version 0.1 - She can summons some multiple light which dances like a snake but it’s not actually a snake it looks like some streamers and it’s an actual size of the snake that strikes with a speed of light on its target which creates an explosion.It can spread and multiplies even more which depends how many is her target.         
2) Dancing Light Version 0.2 - She can summon some multiple orbs which gathered together and makes a spiral drill shape to drill its target and after a few seconds it will explodes like a bomb.

3) Dancing Light Version 0.3 - She can summon light at the sky which pours like a rain which has a size of 12 inches like a ruler and it contains a speed of the actual rain.It can creates explosions even more powerful because of its stronger impact.

She has an ability called “Eternal Light” this would be her final blow which she creates a giant beam out of her chest.


Since she is sensitive she is so easily to cry if she’s hurt,it depends.
She didn’t discover her speed yet.

Her physical fight is only basics so she’s not good in fighting and for defense.

Afraid of heights and in the dark,it depends.

Her “Lullaby Kiss” will last longer for only 1 minute.

If she uses her “Eternal Light” for 3 times she will be out of conscience or there’s a possibility that her memory will erased.                             

She really can copy her subject but not their skill,ability,attitude and behavior.

Her being clumsy.

For having mercy,rarely.

Weapon(s): Giant shuriken of blade,Dual knives and Staff (She never uses this anymore)


1, Beatrice Fushiwara Hana Yukimura

2, Vincent Gray Hano Yukimura 

3, Kenzo Blood Hiro Yukimura 

4, Elathan James Alexander Yukimura 

Hobby(s): Reading,Drawing,Travelling,Meditating,Cooking,Training,Playing,Helping,Observing,Singing,Chores and Gardening.

Personal Quote(s):  

Happiness requires a sacrifice but it will be worth it if the right time comes.

Just smile no matter what you have been through because there is happiness waiting for you.

If you’re the one who gives me strength then you’re the one who makes me weaker.

Not all souls shall not go to hell but if you create a sin that you never regret perhaps it’s your fate that your soul will go down to hell by the evil hands of the devil and burn your soul to the fire of hell,feel pain and suffering while the devil enjoys
hearing your endless agony.

                    She was born when the war started where demons fought with full of rage and hatred against the human 
beings before the war ended her mother and her father are so worried that Katherine might involve in this war that’s why 
they have no chance to take her away from the endless war against humanity.They need Kenzo’s assistance to keep her far and safe from harm so they give Katherine to their only son and requested “Thy our only son,the safety of your young 
sister is on your hands.” As they give it without regrets and Kenzo replies as he accepts their request “Yes,my mother and my father…Thy sister shall be protected even though my life is the cost of it” he accepts it by all his heart and loyalty
to their family to keep he’s duty with his whole life to love,serve and protect her sister no matter what happens to him,he quickly grabs,holds and carries her sister as he runs away as fast as he could to make their selves far away from the battle field.He have been headed to the unknown and mysterious place which is filled with some burning houses that turns into ashes,each by each of houses,no one’s around and all he can hear is the sound of silent but it doesn’t matter to him how much scary this place is because it might some unexpected things gonna happen to them that’s why he just continues running until he reaches the destination he’s been looking for to create a portal to the world of their mortal enemy,the world of human species which they really despise of because of their attitude,behavior and such.He just raises his hand in front,opens his hand and the portal has been appear as he quickly enters to it no matter how refuse he is because he thought that no one might will adopt her young sister as he knew most humans are so cruel and selfish,after entering the portal they appear to the unknown forest which is part of the province and close to the city where there’s a young lady who lives nearby.He felt so calm in that place which means if he leaves her sister there maybe there’s someone who has a good heart and soul will take care of her as their own child so he’s finding a good spot where he will leave her sister until he finds a small field which is filled with flowers as he walks towards to that field and before saying good bye to her young sister he hugs her gently,kisses her forehead then puts it to the flower bed gently,leaves the necklace with her and so when she grows up she will understands that there’s a reason why her own parents take her away from them that no matter how far she is from them they still love and remembers her.He quickly hides behind the trees and bushes as he waits someone who will adopt her but the wait has not been wasted cause after minutes there’s a young lady walks by as he was expected that’s why he smiles then leaves the place and said “Thy human being,I hope you will take your fate to take care my young sister and loves her no matter what she is whether she is not your own kind,not your own flesh and not your own blood…Take care of her and love her as your own child” after those words he smiles and cries with only one tear on his face,no one knows where he went but he lives by his own after leaving her sister and he promises to himself that “When the time comes,I will find you young sister…Just wait until I come for you,in the right time….”.The young lady just walks by at the flower bed and saw a baby with a necklace as she picks her up and said “Aw…poor you baby,don’t you worry now I will take care of you” as she walks quickly to her home and said “Look young one,this is my home which is your new home from now on Katherine” she smiles with happiness and joy because this is what she dreams,to have a child like the others even she is just single lady,she takes care Katherine as a young baby until she grew up as a child there might some up and down situation but that’s not the reason to make them apart.They spend most of the time of their life together,when she turns six years old she started to learn things all by her own because once she started to read some books at their home she’s going outside and walks to the public libraries to read,read and read until she learns so many things,her mother finds a job which fits to her until she has a leave for vacation so Katherine is alone at their home but since she learns a lot of things she can cook all by herself,do chores and such then when the night came she didn’t even feel sleepy,not even a single feel of being sleepy that’s why she just remain standing and watches the door just in case someone will enters.After a few hours later there’s a one thief came and she asks the thief “So you wanna play with me?”as she giggles and the thief reply “He he he…You have got to be kidding kid,its night already that’s why you should sleep” he thought that Katherine is like the other kids around who just playing because of their innocent mind but he is so wrong about it and since she is a demon she feels something strange inside of her which she cannot explain like she want to attack that thief with her full rage and anger for short she wants to kill for her own purpose after that feel,the thief added “Go to sleep you son of a b*tch or else I’ll kill you with my own hands” he laughs like a psycho then Katherine replied “Oh that means you really wanna play”as she runs to the thief and jumps on him and she added “Come on,let’s play together…That would be fun~” as she grins evilly and quickly cut his throat using her own hands the thief won’t able to speak or shout the only thing he do is to struggle to get out which is impossible because of her powerful strength until the thief won’t able to move and run out of life,she’s just giggling like it’s fun for her to kill somebody and that’s how it goes there’s some killing incidents always appearing at the news and because of no ending kills,everyone has gathered and discussing about the girl who lives far away from the city which they blaming of but that moment her mother came home and she saw Katherine watching television,she was filled with a stains of blood while holding a sharp knife,she gasps as she show fear from her face then steps back as Katherine hears her she looks back and said “Mother,I’m a bad child…Am I?” she’s crying and tight grips on the knife,her mother walks towards to her then hugs her and said “Your either bad or good…I’m still loving you as my own daughter” Katherine was confuse for what she have said but after that she now understands what she means “I understand mother…” she hugs her mother back while holding a sharp knife.Her mother knows about what happened since she saw the news that’s why she has no choice to prove how she loves Katherine so much “Katherine,I have been take care of you since you were just a baby until you grew up like this…All those precious moments we have is now our most precious memories that’s why I want you to keep it until you all grown up just in case your face is frown just smile no matter what happens,no matter how much pain you feel,no matter how much suffering you can get just smile….Now,I want to prove how much I Love you…” she stops hugging her then stands up with a bravery shows upon her face “Katherine,this is my last chance calling your precious name that’s why I want you to keep the necklace you’ve been wearing and run away as fast and far as you could” she said with a smile on her face and covered with tears of joy by having Katherine in her life.Katherine was so refuse to do that but since she’s been told that she will always follow the ones who’s older than her that’s why she reply “Yes,I will mother but promise me that you will come back…” Her mother nods as she walks away outside the house then Katherine runs at the back of their house then continues running as fast as she could when she runs to far she looks back and see their home burning then she quickly looks away crying and said “Don’t worry mother,I will assure you that those people who’s responsible for this,any human being,each by each…I will kill them with no mercy…I promise” she smiles with tears while remembering her mother said “Just smile,no matter how much pain you feel”  she runs until she stops,she ran so far away from that place,she has no idea how to start her life without her mother but she knows this is just a beginning of her life and so on.She’s now travelling each home and kills who lives their but once she stays their she will look for another home to stay as she repeats this everyday when she turns 14 years old,her brother was successfully finds her,how? Because they can feel their blood flows through their veins if its their relative or not.She cannot believe that she has a brother that’s why she comes with him with joy and happiness,they live together at the same home happily,do all the things that they like but she realize that happiness is not permanent as anyone think that’s why she’s been waiting what’s gonna happen next to her life but for now,she’s enjoying with her elder brother and trying to forget all the traumatic things she’s experience which is impossible to happen for her.Her pain is her wounds that can still be heal while her scars is her horrible memories that will remains forever and never be forgotten,no one knows what happens to them…until now.

Facts about her: 

1, She has an orb inside of her which is her source of life called “Orb of Life” at her left chest.

2, Her heart is located at her right chest.

3, She is immortal which means she never gets old but her immortality its just natural that’s why she can still feel hunger,get sick,feel pain and die.

4, She can die but she can let herself revive.

5, Her most favorite to eat is sweets,apple specially strawberry.

6, She might be nice to look at but she’s still dangerous specially if you make her pissed.

7, She’s good at pretending but not the game is what I have been talking about.

8, She is not sleeping too but it depends if she likes to sleep.

9, There’s a secret underneath of her white wrist bands.

10, She’s giving unexpected test that’s why be prepare once you meet her.

Don’t even ask anything cause my only answer is logic or magic.To be honest they have pretty weird names and most of all Katherine’s name because is kind of long and she’s not that over power,right? cause she is really weak.Take note they don’t have middle names.

K, the Sue Maker (part 2)

So now onto original RPs that I did with K. A forewarning this may be a bit on the long side so I apologize in advance. K drew her own characters….or so she told me. She traced them then gave them to me, trying to pass her tracings off as her own characters. The most she did was change the colors to differentiate from that of the tracings. Hell, she traced this:
http://heartlesslink.deviantart.com/art/Toph-Earthbending-Master-130615979 (credit to HeartlessLink)
As for character information, all she had down was imo very superficial, shallow, rather useless info; such as their hair color, skin color, eye color, their body measurements, and not very much of it at that. Only this info at that. Jack shit about their personalities. I only see it as superficial b/c do-do-doo-do-da-do! I have their pictures so I already know what their look like.

I gave K a bunch of tip pages on how to help improve her characters, such as character development, how not to make your character a mary sue, how to describe characters (without using purple prose), etc. K did not even bother to click the pages, in fact, she just gave me an “xD” face.

K left it up to me to change up her character info. Like just chucked her characters at me and said “hurrrhurr take ‘em!”
So here’s what you need to know about my story K was RPing for. There is no magic——the only “magic” used in canon is scientific-based alchemy used to modify body parts, meaning if you ever used it and shit, you’d only be able to manipulate elements on the periodic table. The story’s synopsis also had a very long, in depth description about what the story was about that I gave to K ( before anyone says that “maybe it was tl;dr”, it was condensed into five paragraphs, the last paragraph having the RP info, as well as the story’s synopsis) Literally thirty seconds later and in the middle of the second paragraph, K says: “This is good!” The second paragraph is still telling the story sretuanfjdu :T

Anyways, K made several characters. I will give you brief descriptions on all of them. But before I do that:

(**)= breaks canon
* before a name=characters that I erased.
{#} = love interest of another character
(@)= made up Japanese name.
$= Just…wtf.

To prevent alcohol-related deaths, I will not have the viewers nor the mods take a shot every time a Japanese name is used for K’s characters because you’ll be dead before I finish the descriptions :T I should mention now that however that K has a very bad habit of bastardizing Japanese and if you try to tell her the correct pronunciation, she’ll blow up at you and try to tell you how she “likes to pronounce it”.

* Tsumuri (“Soo-MAH-Ree”): Lulzrandom fourteen year old girl with a bazooka as a weapon but was a total klutz with it and she was strong enough to carry around a bazooka and five other warheads, which means that she was carrying 68.3 lbs worth of stuff, give or take a few pounds if you count her other stuff she carried around with her in a backpack. Despite carrying this much shit, she was still able to maintain a waifish (still developing) figure. Btw did I mention that Tsumuri was only 100lbs? Took interest in a seventeen year old guy, became an obsessive fangirl of his and frequently stalked him and fell in luv with him at first sight but also sees him as an older brother type because her parents and her older brother are dead. Which gave Tsumuri an excuse to try to break up the seventeen year old guy from both his past gf and current gf. Oh, btw, she loves sushi (**, #, @) (This character was a big issue b/c K loved her the most and because she has an obvious weapon in a group that wants to remain hidden)

*Kura: Another lulzrandom seventeen year old girl with short, teal hair which was never described if it was naturally colored that way or not, so I’m just going by assumptions that it was naturally colored that way. Personality not described. The most that K put down about Kura was her bra size which was in the G section, but somehow didn’t hinder her 22 inch waist. (**?, #, @).

*Kaguya: Not so lulzrandom, but equally annoying. Why? Because she’s “darkdeepandmysterious and a bloodlover”. Ruby red/yellow eyes, black hair that reaches the floor, white skin that is covered in scars, and she walks around naked…but she never said she was a nudist and has the means to clothes. Is a “psychopathic sociopath xD”. Was a telekinetic human and loved to kill others (**, #, $) (Broke canon as telekinesis is only available to a certain group of people. K also did not want to rid the story of her even though this character brought the story to a screeching halt. Btw this character had a sister but the only difference between the two was their eye color and age, but who could tell they looked like twins)

*Panda: A lulzrandom thirteen year old girl from parts unknown. Light blue hair kept in two pigtails, purple or pink eyes, pale skin. Her real name is not known and neither is her past but she carried around a creepy ass doll that when it emitted “darkness”, it changed her into a voluptuous, Kim K or Dita Von Teese-level voluptuous, and extremely salacious full-grown woman. //tw for the next sentence// When Panda was finished “copulating” with a guy, she turned back into a little girl. //tw over// That and drenching her with cold water changed her back into a little girl. (**, #, @?, $)

*Eiri Motosuwa: A rather sweet, quiet girl, who for some odd reason wore kimonos all the time (it’s just really peculiar because kimonos aren’t called for). Bad thing is that her personality is a copy-paste of Oboro’s from Basilisk and guess what? Her pictures of Eiri were traced from screenshots of Oboro from Basilisk. (**, #)

*Hitomi Izawa: I can’t say much about her personality. But I do remember that she looked almost identical to Sailor Moon; the only difference is that her hair was light orange and her skin was peachier. (**, #)

*Jessica: Not much to her personality either. The only reason I remember her is because she was considered hot enough to be a sex toy for two guys at the same time (yes, a threesome). But even that was unoriginal as the character was a trace-over of Jessica Rabbit. (**, #)

Ryoko Kanno: I edited her personality from her being a blank toy whom was hot enough to bang and again, gratuitous kimonos. This character has a brother and before I stopped talking to K, she told me that this character has a sister that she can’t bring guys around at the risk of the sister taking her bf away from her (ie K’s calling her character’s sister a whore). (**, #, $)

Dylan Kobayashi: She was the Toph Bei Fong traceover I mentioned before. She was born blind, but her mom died in childbirth and her dad was left with raising her. //ableist tw// All lulzrandom (I apologize for overusing that word) jokes made about Dylan were tasteless imo as the punchline was always the same: she can’t see //tw over//. But despite being blind, she didn’t have any real trials to overcome and I honestly didn’t understand why K made this character blind. I guess she wanted me to pity her. She was half-white and half-Japanese but I changed her completely aside from her blindness, thank Jesus. (**, #, $)

*Leo: This is a trans-gender character who was physically female that disguised herself as a male. K never mentioned why Leo did this. She just dressed like a guy with no given reason by K (I apologize if I need a reason as to why this character dresses like a guy). Aside from this, xe wasn’t portrayed realistically for a trans character. She was supposed to have a female love interest that K was going to ship with her, however the relationship was one-sided as the love interest was in love with Leo, but Leo was not even remotely invested in the relationship. (#, $)

*Lyn: This girl was literally nothing more than a sex toy. Every RP with this character was nothing but sex. (#, $)

*Zoe (pronunced “Zoh”): Her only personality was that she was a “badass” or tsundere” stereotype that was a constant troublemaker. Like K would brag to me about all of Zoe’s adventures as a kid about how she was bounced from foster home to foster home, how Zoe always got in trouble in her house, in class, and was generally a menace to society. I guess K was trying to make her seem like a badass but I didn’t really feel that Zoe was a badass. “She went to juvie when she was 6 because she robbed a convenience store!”- K (**, #, $)

*Horizon: No personality. Was supposed to be a sex toy as well but she was supposed to be a strong independent woman that was a hunter-gatherer like Katniss Everdeen (I personally like Katniss and even though she’s rather unlikable, I still like her) and Merida Dunbroch. (**, #) I hated this character with a burning passion because she went out of her way to “pwn” others (whom are more skilled than her) in archery and generally show off her trapping, hunting & gathering skills in front of others….for no reason, but pulled off her pwnage of others ironically.

*Reina: No personality. Sex toy. Buxom blonde with purple eyes who walked around in nothing but white dress shirts. She was the only one that was from Europe out of this K’s group. (**, #, @)

*Yukka (“You-kah”): No personality. Sex toy that somehow had silver hair and a 20 in waist with double D’s. Had more than three kids (triplets) with a guy, maintained her tiny waist but her breasts ballooned up. (**, #, $, @) (I took Japanese for two years and I had to ask my Japanese teacher if the character’s name was real. He said it wasn’t.)

*Azumi Totaka (“EH-zoo-me”): A Sailor Moon/Queen Serenity traceover. No personality but had babies by the same guy that impregnated Yukka. (**, #, @)

*SomethingJapaneseIdon’tremember- A Chii (Chobits) traceover. Canon breaker and abadoned child (**, #, @, $)

*Xio-Li Yun (can any of my Mandarin speakers and Pinyin translators out there clarify if “Xio” is a character or a name): Brunette Sailor Moon with brown eyes. See Anime Chinese Girl on TVTropes, as she fits all those tropes. Again, sex toy; this time her parents want her to have children desparately. (**, #, $)

*Lia: I believe this character was just made for K to say something racist towards a character “that got in the way of her ship/otp” without “getting in trouble”, even though the two characters I’m about to mention are strictly platonically involved. //tw racism ahead// Lia said onto a character (I’ll call Y) that is an apprentice under a character I’ll call “X”. Y is Native, X is half-Native from a different tribe. X is seventeen while Y is fourteen, X sees Y as a little sister while Y looks up to X. X is shipped with Dylan but didn’t spend as much time with her because he was busy training Y. Lia said unto Y, “I’m so tired of seeing this little savage around you all the time, X!” //tw end//

Out of all of those characters, I only kept two of them. There was a buttfuck load of Sues, including a lesbian sex toy, styled a la stereotypical lesbian pornstar (long blonde hair, a body that would put Marilyn Monroe to shame, and long fingernails), a girl with a katana, another “sadistic psychopath” girl and more Japanese girl characters.

I personally hated RPing with K as her characters were always very bland and cliched but she deludes herself into thinking that her characters have more appeal and are more creative than anyone else’s…..despite the fact that all her art is traced aaaaaand that she relies on looks to make her characters memorable aaaand that her characters are nothing more than blank toys with no personalities or same personalities.

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye
Name: Araki Noriaki
Age: 13
Info: he is the most gayest thing you ever saw in your live nah jk he’s adorbs and will love evryone but he doens’t really likes people at all so ye 
he’s parents are dead they died when Araki’s house was burning and Araki’s bf came to rescue him but when they were going to rescue his parents they were dead but not by the fire Araki’s bf saw that they were already dead but something killed them DUN DUN DUUN and he has been in the care of his bf (boyfriend fuk ye) since he was small like 8-9 years old plus no marie su plz nu he’s just fab 
species: NOT a neko he’s half raindrop’sloid half Drealia (own species that might look like cats but they are a mixed animal species also they own powers and an special ability)
Special ability: he controls the wind and dreams/nightmares so he’s quite dangerous!
likes: you, free and carefree live, forests rocks everything
dislikes: idk fire, closed spaces//yes he has that phobia in which I don’t remember the name fuck) he hates but hates with a big H the smell of smoke (like me ew I hate that smell ugh I can’t handle it when I see someone smoking i’m like e_e)
Sorry if I sound stupid its night and I get high at nights haha ovo”
EDIT*! his heigh its 2 fucking meters bby he’s an species of mine and all are 2 meters when they’re 10+ more haha he’s 2.64 meters bby but you don’t necesary need to draw him like a giant lol

The owner of this OC isn’t joking either. They’re serious about using him as their main RP character. FOR YAOI. HE’S 13!

K, the sue maker

'Sup FYMS? So back when I was in junior high to early high school, I was balls-deep into anime. But, around the end of my freshman year, I met this girl whom I will call “K”. During that time period, I was near finished with the Air Gear anime/fandom. So K and I started RPing Air Gear with our FCs for the show. Now I'll admit blatantly and upfront, my two male OCs and their team for Air Gear weren't exactly the greatest (but then again, maybe some of the more hardcore fans of AG can tell me what would be considered a Sue in AG as I've only watched the anime :/)
So we RPed Air Gear without a hitch and K’s OCs weren’t so much as Mary Sues in there as they were just 1-dimensional and painful to RP with.
On to the real meat and potatoes though. When I moved into the D.Gray-Man fandom, K soon followed suit—-and we did RPs of it.
My FC for DGM is Korean (as why not? They did not mention what happened to Korea in canon). Love interest of Lavi, is close to him but not in the sense of she can’t be seen without him. Comes from an Exorcist family, her backstory is tragic but not too tragic (older brother was killed by a higher level akuma and family wanted her to be in an arranged marriage). But she doesn’t like to talk about it a lot. She knows how to handle herself, knows how to fight w/o the assistance of her Innocence, she has fears. She was good friends with Lenalee, Krory, Allen, Miranda and Marie. If I could describe her in seven words I’d say, she’s humble, independent, courageous, enthusiastic, straightforward, adventurous and generous. Her flaws are that she is bullheaded, blunt, wrathful if you hurt her or her friends, & impatient. I was pretty damned proud of her as she was my first developed, well-rounded character. Oh and her Innocence was a wol-do that had control over lightning and wind but in regular form, looked like a rusty metal bo-staff. And her sync rate was only 71%.

Now let’s meet K’s Mary Sue, Serenity Kuran (I’m pretty sure those that are in the Vampire Knight fandom are getting suspicious). Serenity has a non-Japanese name, despite being from Japan. Serenity had pink hair pinned up in the Sailor Moon-style odango buns with the ponytail ends stopping at her shoulders. Pink hair that got longer with each arc at that, that she wore in looser styles w/ each new arc, and it was never a hindrance nor a problem and was not dyed that color. She was “lulzrandom” and the acts of her “lulzrandumness” ranged from pulling rice balls out of her shirt (ie her cleavage) and saying that they have been “boobified” or putting herself in unintentionally suggestive positions before getting mad that others were looking at her. She was from Japan. For those that are unfamiliar with D. Gray-Man, let me fill you in: canonically, Japan has been taken over by akuma and the former residents of the country are gone. The only canonical member from the country is Kanda Yuu. It was never explained how Miss Serenity survived but somehow both of her parents were missing or dead. Miss Serenity also did not have a legit Exorcist uniform. Her weapon can only be compared to that of Nnoitora Giruga’s zanpakutou but with only one crescent moon blade and it remained in that form w/o hindering her safety, her missions, her teammates , nor her Sync rate. Her personality. jfc what personality did she have? She was one of those “lulzrandom”, “nice until you pissed her off” types. She was possessive of Allen Walker to the point of attacking a passing Lenalee when Allen greeted her, a fight that my character and another female OC had to break up. Also, K had a bad habit of writing canon characters extremely OOC around Serenity: Allen became a blushing, shy rubbernecking perv
(but only had wandering eyes for her) around Serenity. Kanda was afraid of her. Like hiding-behind-objects-quaking-in-his-boots-afraid. Lenalee turned into a total bitch towards her (pre-attack incident). Lavi was a lecherous goofball to the point of being “lulzrandom” like her. Other male OCs flirted with her. Did I mention that her Sync rate was over 100%, which is high enough be an Exorcist general, but she chose to hang/ be with the other Exorcists. I would blame this on the fact that K only watched the anime from the first season fillers up until the episode about the ghost ship but she did have the first two volumes of manga, in which they did cover how Sync rates work. Even when my character went back home to Korea for a mission, she managed to make something that was supposed to be serious character development into LULZRANDOMMOMENTSINKOREA!!!11!!!1 Then K starting throwing in other random Sues, all of whom which were Japanese females that were equally “lulzrandom” with no personality that had Japanese last names and English first names and brought the RPs, serious or not, to a screeching halt. There were so many of these Sues and the canon characters were so deliciously OOC that I eventually stopped RPing DGM. I couldn’t even watch DGM without K screaming out what her Mary Sues would do in certain scenes. 

I have more memories of K’ s Sues from both original RPs and fan RPs. So I may return if the mods allow it.

Name: Victor Fortier 

Specialization: Super High-School Level Brawler

D.O.B: May 5th

Height: 188 cm 

Weight: 161 lbs

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Dark Purple

Personality:  Calm and outgoing, More relaxed


French (Fluent)

English (Fluent)

Japanese (Intermediate)

Sign Language (Intermediate)

Nationality: French 

School Bio (Available to those with access to the school records):

A brawler with a strange love/hate relationship of fighting. 

The male grew up on a strict diet of learning various martial arts, mainly Muay Thai, Shotokan, Ansatsuken and no holds bar fighting. 

He previously had brothers who studied with him but they mysteriously died as well as the male grew up. As young as the age of 8 he was on an undefeatable win streak from local to provincial on to regional underground black market tournaments, and was taken to europeen MMA style tournaments to win glory and praise as a notorious brawler.  His father pushed him painfully hard, often resorting to training him harshly in order to mold him into a fighter that won at all cost, including completely destroying his opponents emotionally and physically. 

But even the tales of the underground fights can reach the ears of the higher ups, and as he was participating in the much more lethal Japanese circuit, he was accepted into Hopes Peak. The following week his father dissappeared from his life…and sadly his mother passed away the following month. Despite this, he shouldered on and continued on with Hope’s Peak in order to learn his craft. 


  1. He loves tea makign and is very good at making tea
  2. He enjoys gardening and can be often seen taking care of plants when the other SHSL florists arent there
  3. He rarely trains in public 
  4. He loves cats but due to unfortunate circumstances, cannot have one of his own. 
  5. He loves anything disney related, has seen every disney movie and loves cuddling and watching disney movies with people!
  6. Loyalty means everything to him. Honor means nothing to him 


1#: An Overwhelming amount of strength : As he has trained as a mixed martial arts fighter all his life, he has built up an overwhelming amount of power and skill regarding fighting, either formal or impromptu, and through his painful and abusive training, has trained up his body to be able to take intense amounts of pain, though only through sustained fighting. An instant burst of pain without any fighting is still liable. 

2#: Dirty Tactics: Through his training of never holding back and utterly and painfully hurting the opponent, he has learned how to brawl through emotional fights as well, and is proficient at manipulating his opponents to wear them down. This also involves when not physical fighting, as he derives satisfication in manipulating people to become as damaged as him. 

True!Victor (SPOILERS): (Not an MM but who Victor truly is)

Despite the sad ending his life had before attending Hope’s Peak..It was sadly not the end of the story. His life soon was thrown out of balance after his father died when he was recruited by a powerful man who owned an undeground organization of the name Desparo seeked Victor out in order to let Victor recruit for Desparo and soon initiate a plan to destroy Japan. Victor accepted and was thus  given an outlet and the ability to fulfill his devotion of causing despair to others like his own wretched life. He goes to Hope’s Peak in search of other despairing acolytes to recruit and gain a queen to rule with him once the plan is finished. 

(he dated toko fukawa as his canon ship along with dating every single girl he rped with)

Kill it with fire!

Soooo, when I was 12, I made my very first Harry Potter OC, and let me tell you… it was BAD.

Her Name was Dragica Mila Lilly Owl River Twerov ( Lilly being my real name and Twerov kinda sounds like my last name.) It is/ was the worst self-insert I have ever seen in my whole life. Of course she looked like me (only more beautiful right?) and shared my birthday, hobbies, fav teachers at Hogwarts and so on. BUT IT GETS WORSE.

She was a transfer student from DURMSTRANG (who need a “boys only” school? NOT THIS SUE.) and was the cousin of Victor Krum. At Hogwarts she quickly befriended Seamus, Fred, George, Luna and Slytherin student Adrian Pucey and was later sorted into Ravenclaw. She had a raven as pet called Guardian and of course she had the ability to talk to him.

Her ONLY flaws were that she was shy and had a fear of heights.

Of course she already mastered the patronus charm (barn owl) and her freaking animagus form was a bear!

Of course she got along with Prof. Snape perfectly.

Dragica also had a Firebolt waaaay before Harry, but I made her hate flying and quidditch. Seems legit, right?

The Patil sisters and Lavender Brown hated her for no reason, so she pulled pranks on them which, of course, everybody laughed about.

Seamus was constantly flirting with her, same with Adrian Pucey.

Now on to her personality: she was funny, emotional, sensitive, unapproachable, curious, calm, freedom-loving, creative, witty, had mood swings and was scared of most men.

Being the clever girl she was, she found out about Lupin being a werewolf in a matter of hours and sneaked outside on a full moon just to transform into her animagus form to observe Lupin which wasn’t creepy at all. Of course she didn’t get punished when Lupin found out that the bear was Dragica, he even was kinda happy about it. (wth went through my head?!)

At this time, Lupin started flirting with her too. (pedobear.) I’m going to stop here because I guess you all can imagine what monster I created there.

After this horribly self insert/ Mary Sue I promised to myself to never let this happen again. Hopefully I can keep this promise. D: (It’s hard/ impossible to create a believable animagus OC, but it’s just way too much fun! *rolls into corner of shame*)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Sue. My sister apparently recognized her from somewhere.
Apparently this is a female, because they refer to them as “she” but they traced a picture of one of the male characters (badly)
Actually, it states her gender is Blue Eyes Shining, though that’s probably because of awful cutoff.
Listed on the picture are her quirks:

-Is an ace at dueling and shadow game history (calling bullshit on that because no one in GX knew about shadow games.)
-Takes all Advanced Placement classes.
-Does very well with other students
-Tutors and forms student support small groups for students who need help, are failing or don’t understand what is happening in class
-Favorite Student of Dr. Crowler

Duel Spirit(s):
-Blue Eyes Shining (Which is BS because Kaiba’s still alive. You’d have to pry BEWD out of his cold, lifeless hands)
-Winged Dragon of Ra (pls rewatch the series)
-Slifer the Sky Dragon (restated, please rewatch. They no longer exist)

On top of all that, they have a Winged Dragon of Ra form, and a Blue Eyes White Dragon form. Canonically, no one can turn into a duel monster. I highly doubt they watched past the first season.
In the picture they have of their “Ra form” the state:
"Ra chose me for a reason……. For this isn’t the first time Ra has spread his wings for me. For he sees his own reflection when he sees me. So he shared his power with me"

This sue is so much shit I can’t even. They also have fanfictions where they beat Kaiba in Battle City, then proceed to enter Duel Academy with a 98.2% and directly into the highest class (which, stated in canon, you needed to have gone to the Prep School to get into, which obviously they didn’t since in the fic they are said to be placed straight into Obelisk Blue)

There aren’t many good Yu-Gi-Oh! fancharacters in general, but this one is legit the worst I’ve seen.

My OC and here’s her bio:

Name: Sane the Offendergirl (Sane)
age: 19 (in this picture)
sex: female
personality: sly, nice (ONLY to her friends), stubborn, Mysterious, can be anything you want her to be…
height: 6’1 
Role: killer, rapist (sort of), troublemaker
WOC: her tentacles, her teeth, her bite

Ability: attracting boys, can preform love spells, making people have hallucinations
speed: 10/10
strength: 9/10
skill: 8/10
power: 6/10
killing ability: 7/10
theme song: “Fuck u betta” Nightcore’d and “I am all of me” by crush 40

likes: to help nice guys, raping, her parents, flirting and video games
dislikes: Zalgo, a bad boy, being toyed with and Vector.

Friends: Ender the killer, VECTOR drowned, Javine the killer clown, Eyeless Rain, Lost Mandy, Kosin the Dark, The bloodpainter twins (Sola and Raven), Toby Jr., Snow, Frost, Mask and Madeline, X and LightningDash, Song and Rave, Catie and Hood.

Family (By blood and by adoption): Jeff the killer and Kate Returns, BEN drowned and Sharp the Knife girl, Eyeless Jack and Silvia the cannibal, Laughing Jack and Sandy the killer, Herobrine and Joley the Bloodpainter, Lost Silver and Clockwork, Slender man and Minty the torturer, Dark Link and Kathi Corrupted, Ticci-Toby and Ice, Evera and Masky, Rainbow Dash and Sonic.exe, Sexual Offenderman and Angelbloom, BRVR and Melody, Hoodie and Deathcat, Sally, Miss P., Enderman, Tenderman, Splenderman, LONELINESS, Linda the vampire.

Enemies: Zalgo, Jane the killer, the Rake, Blooddrain (or Drain (Danial) my OC), Silver.HORROR, tails doll, Amber the Reaper, Laughing Jill, Rachel and Bloody Sin.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Frost

Ender the killer- “mah bro/friend, bitch!” Kinda like cousins (adopted)
VECTOR drowned- “WHY HIS NAME!!!!” dislikes him (cuz he beats her in videogames)
Javine the clown killer- “BFF dude” BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!”
Eyeless Rain- “Good pal” her really good friend
Lost Mandy
Kosin the dark
Sola and Raven
Toby Jr.
Mask and Madeline
X and Lightning Dash
Song and Rave
Catie and Hoodie

Sexual Offenderman- “AWESOME DAD WHO I COPIED MY CREEPINESS FROM!!!! YEAH!!!” They get along really well, though she still rarely sees him (blood)
AngelBloom- “my caring mother… no wounder dad fell head to heals for her…~” mother. (blood)
Slender man and Minty- “MAH REAL UNCLE AND AUNT!!!” (Blood)
Tender man- “my caring uncle” (blood)
Splendor man- “my uncle who is obsessed with balloons” (blood)
LONELINESS- “my pet well more like a very close friend” (____)
Jeff and Kate- “my aunt and uncle” (adopted)
BEN and Sharp- “my uncle and AWESOME aunt” (adopted)
Eyeless Jack and Silvia the cannibal- “Aunt and uncle” (adopted)
Laughing Jack and Sandy- “They really feel like my aunt and uncle, because Sandy and my mom get along like sisters” (adopted and Blood)
Herobrine and Joley- “uncle and aunt, Joley and Herobrine are a bit overprotective at some points, worried i could get pregnant with my… job” (adopted)
Lost Silver and Clockwork- “I hardly see them now a days (aunt and uncle)” (adopted)
Dark Link and Kathi- “I don’t really know them so well… I think of them as my distant relatives” (adopted)
Ticci-Toby and Ice- “mah soon too be father and mother in-law…~” Because she dates Frost (she thinks they’ll get married soon… Adopted, soon to be blood)
Evera and Masky- “aunt and uncle” (adopted)
BRVR and Melody- “don’t really think of them as much besides really good friends/relatives” (adopted)
Hoodie and Deathcat- “aunt and uncle *thinks* jeez, how many aunts and uncles do i have?!” (adopted)
Sally- “cousin” (adopted)
Miss P.- “my aunt and nanie when i was younger” (adopted)
Linda the Vampire- “aunt” (adopted)

Zalgo- “I FUCKING HATE HIM!!!” hey, he nearly killed her father!!
Jane the killer- “a pathetic bitch” just doesn’t like her..
The Rake- “a weirdo who copies Uncle Slendy” She said it all!!!
BloodDrain- “… the bastard tried to kill aunt Sandy!!! that asshat!” …
Silver.HORROR- “after he left the Slender team, we all started to hate him..”
Tails doll- “he betrayed Sonic.exe” doesn’t like him for that reson..
Amber the Reaper- “she almost murdered Melody!!! that BITCH!!!”
Laughing Jill- “she is so.. bitchy” she is the mother of Rachel and Sin
Bloody Sin and Rachel- “ASSHOLES! DONE!”

health: she is perfectly fine.

She was born half Slender folk and half nightwitch, But she is the daughter of a rapist, so guess what she does… 
Nope! not a rapist. well kinda. 
She will often appear in nightclubs and bars, not looking for drinks, but for men. She’ll approach any guy and ask him if he wants some… “fun” (like her father). If he accepts, she’ll teleport them to a room and give him the time of his life, however when she’s finished she’ll bite his neck, and make the guy go crazy until he kills himself. Punishing him.
If he declines, she’ll give him a kiss on the lips and then disappear forever. But it will make the guy extremely charming and make the girl who he has a crush on/is in love with fall for him forever. This is his prize.
She became like that when she was raped by a guy when 7 years old. This is her payback.
She lives with her parents in the slender mansion as a member of the Jr. Slender Team, but has a proxy named Alice.

Pierce them skies with your tits, captain-chan.

Seriously, this guy`s gallery is a fricking goldmine.

If you hurry up, you can adopt her!