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pepsi loves you, love him back!

My OC and here’s her bio:

Name: Sane the Offendergirl (Sane)
age: 19 (in this picture)
sex: female
personality: sly, nice (ONLY to her friends), stubborn, Mysterious, can be anything you want her to be…
height: 6’1 
Role: killer, rapist (sort of), troublemaker
WOC: her tentacles, her teeth, her bite

Ability: attracting boys, can preform love spells, making people have hallucinations
speed: 10/10
strength: 9/10
skill: 8/10
power: 6/10
killing ability: 7/10
theme song: “Fuck u betta” Nightcore’d and “I am all of me” by crush 40

likes: to help nice guys, raping, her parents, flirting and video games
dislikes: Zalgo, a bad boy, being toyed with and Vector.

Friends: Ender the killer, VECTOR drowned, Javine the killer clown, Eyeless Rain, Lost Mandy, Kosin the Dark, The bloodpainter twins (Sola and Raven), Toby Jr., Snow, Frost, Mask and Madeline, X and LightningDash, Song and Rave, Catie and Hood.

Family (By blood and by adoption): Jeff the killer and Kate Returns, BEN drowned and Sharp the Knife girl, Eyeless Jack and Silvia the cannibal, Laughing Jack and Sandy the killer, Herobrine and Joley the Bloodpainter, Lost Silver and Clockwork, Slender man and Minty the torturer, Dark Link and Kathi Corrupted, Ticci-Toby and Ice, Evera and Masky, Rainbow Dash and Sonic.exe, Sexual Offenderman and Angelbloom, BRVR and Melody, Hoodie and Deathcat, Sally, Miss P., Enderman, Tenderman, Splenderman, LONELINESS, Linda the vampire.

Enemies: Zalgo, Jane the killer, the Rake, Blooddrain (or Drain (Danial) my OC), Silver.HORROR, tails doll, Amber the Reaper, Laughing Jill, Rachel and Bloody Sin.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Frost

Ender the killer- “mah bro/friend, bitch!” Kinda like cousins (adopted)
VECTOR drowned- “WHY HIS NAME!!!!” dislikes him (cuz he beats her in videogames)
Javine the clown killer- “BFF dude” BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!”
Eyeless Rain- “Good pal” her really good friend
Lost Mandy
Kosin the dark
Sola and Raven
Toby Jr.
Mask and Madeline
X and Lightning Dash
Song and Rave
Catie and Hoodie

Sexual Offenderman- “AWESOME DAD WHO I COPIED MY CREEPINESS FROM!!!! YEAH!!!” They get along really well, though she still rarely sees him (blood)
AngelBloom- “my caring mother… no wounder dad fell head to heals for her…~” mother. (blood)
Slender man and Minty- “MAH REAL UNCLE AND AUNT!!!” (Blood)
Tender man- “my caring uncle” (blood)
Splendor man- “my uncle who is obsessed with balloons” (blood)
LONELINESS- “my pet well more like a very close friend” (____)
Jeff and Kate- “my aunt and uncle” (adopted)
BEN and Sharp- “my uncle and AWESOME aunt” (adopted)
Eyeless Jack and Silvia the cannibal- “Aunt and uncle” (adopted)
Laughing Jack and Sandy- “They really feel like my aunt and uncle, because Sandy and my mom get along like sisters” (adopted and Blood)
Herobrine and Joley- “uncle and aunt, Joley and Herobrine are a bit overprotective at some points, worried i could get pregnant with my… job” (adopted)
Lost Silver and Clockwork- “I hardly see them now a days (aunt and uncle)” (adopted)
Dark Link and Kathi- “I don’t really know them so well… I think of them as my distant relatives” (adopted)
Ticci-Toby and Ice- “mah soon too be father and mother in-law…~” Because she dates Frost (she thinks they’ll get married soon… Adopted, soon to be blood)
Evera and Masky- “aunt and uncle” (adopted)
BRVR and Melody- “don’t really think of them as much besides really good friends/relatives” (adopted)
Hoodie and Deathcat- “aunt and uncle *thinks* jeez, how many aunts and uncles do i have?!” (adopted)
Sally- “cousin” (adopted)
Miss P.- “my aunt and nanie when i was younger” (adopted)
Linda the Vampire- “aunt” (adopted)

Zalgo- “I FUCKING HATE HIM!!!” hey, he nearly killed her father!!
Jane the killer- “a pathetic bitch” just doesn’t like her..
The Rake- “a weirdo who copies Uncle Slendy” She said it all!!!
BloodDrain- “… the bastard tried to kill aunt Sandy!!! that asshat!” …
Silver.HORROR- “after he left the Slender team, we all started to hate him..”
Tails doll- “he betrayed Sonic.exe” doesn’t like him for that reson..
Amber the Reaper- “she almost murdered Melody!!! that BITCH!!!”
Laughing Jill- “she is so.. bitchy” she is the mother of Rachel and Sin
Bloody Sin and Rachel- “ASSHOLES! DONE!”

health: she is perfectly fine.

She was born half Slender folk and half nightwitch, But she is the daughter of a rapist, so guess what she does… 
Nope! not a rapist. well kinda. 
She will often appear in nightclubs and bars, not looking for drinks, but for men. She’ll approach any guy and ask him if he wants some… “fun” (like her father). If he accepts, she’ll teleport them to a room and give him the time of his life, however when she’s finished she’ll bite his neck, and make the guy go crazy until he kills himself. Punishing him.
If he declines, she’ll give him a kiss on the lips and then disappear forever. But it will make the guy extremely charming and make the girl who he has a crush on/is in love with fall for him forever. This is his prize.
She became like that when she was raped by a guy when 7 years old. This is her payback.
She lives with her parents in the slender mansion as a member of the Jr. Slender Team, but has a proxy named Alice.

Achievement Hunter Super Hero Cross Over… ANGSTYSUE EDITION!

little miss perfect red >>

Hey, I’m Zoey Raserei. Formerly Red Rebellion. I know you may be surprised to hear me in your head, but there’s a reason for that. After Michael broke me to the point of being unable to speak, Mister MK made it so I had a degree of psychic abilities. As for why I’m not with him anymore? I chose happiness over forced loyalty. (( Indie oc for the Achievement Hunter Superhero AU.. FC is Phoebe Tonkin. Red is also sort of modeled after Harley Quinn. ))


The mun of this atrocity isn’t any better.
Cross over, she’s had sex with the Joker. There’s one guy that harasses her all the time yet she only RPs with him because it’s ‘fun’. By the way she gets broken and gets psychic abilities yet in her lovely face claim she’s smiling dorkily everytime. She’s basically Harley Quinn yet says she’s “based” off of her.
Also, that name. Raserei.
I just quit.
Angsty angsty angsty angsty past and life because everybody breaks her.

*Trigger warnings ahead*

She ignores everybody except the ones that attack/abuse her characters in multiple ways. Especially sexual attacks to “Break” her. AKA Rape. Noncon is her fetish and friggin’ everywhere in her blog.

Here’s her “RPing”:

Her: “P-please! Leave me alone!”
Other RP’er: “Beg me.”
Her: “No, I have pride.”
Other RP’er: “I said,” he growled, sliding the knife across her throat, wordlessly threatening to cut her open,”beg me, lil Red.”
Her: “I’ll do whatever you want, I swear! Just let me go!”“

She doesn’t do actions, just words. And, she ignores RPs that aren’t like that. I’ve seen her completely drop RPs for others for the sexy demon. So, it isn’t that she’s just a bad RP’er all around, she’s also a very selfish mun that doesn’t even put a TW on her blog.

She ditches any and all RPs that don’t satisfy her sex craved loins, basically. Even those she don’t complete because she “Doesn’t know how to do them”. »;;;

this is my version of glitch city from pokemon as a hetalia character

name: glitch city or glitchy ^^
age: 16
personalaty: crazy, happy and insaine at times 
she also twiches alot and talks with random numbers

glitch: h3ll0 my n4m3 iz g1itch *twiches*

So this was on deviantart, and eh, at first I was gonna let it go, but then I saw that someone gave a small critique like “Hetalia is about nations, her hair is a bit abnormal and doesn’t fit, everyone in Hetalia are humans, one glasses frame is impossible, she wouldn’t be able to communicate in numbers” and I’m just summarizing, but the critique was really good and nice and had valid points.

Then the artist just kinda blew up and ranted, and the critic responded apologetically and was pretty mature and explained they weren’t trying to be mean, but the artist just ranted again and was pretty much a bit of a jerk… Also she has a few self-inserts and child of Italy I believe, but I think this was the weirdest one worth being here.


well gosh diddly dang where do i start

i found this monstrosity on deviantArt….here’s author’s description:

okayyyyy lol so heres my first oc that ive submitted 2 deviantart! :o her name is cleo kapenelli and i spent over 3 HOURS working on her. um… ya so the lightning bolt on her head is actually a MAGIC TATTOO :O that allowes her 2 switch between the naruto universe and the harry potter universe :O how cool is that?! X3 ya lol anyways her eyes actually change color with her mood! :3 awesome, right? XD cleos a teenager who’s a s ranked ninja. she left konoha cause she had to! she’s in the Akatsuki though and all of da guys r in lurv with her! ;PPP lolz she knew the tem 7and some of dem had crushs on her! She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty that guys like her and dey don’t even need to know her name! x3 she has three diff types of justsus x333 fire, water, n lightning. Cool huh!???? All da othr gurls were jelly of her. She got a bloodline and it copies other bloodlins and when its active hur eyes r rainbow colored!!!! Saskue used to be sooo jealus of her! Cuz she cold use it when she was a genin ;D also she used to have uber huge b()()bz ;D

so there you have it, and guess what? it’s not even a joke. please kill me

So there was this website I used to frequent all the time, a fan forum for Young Justice where people would make OCs. And basically every single OC was a massive Mary Sue. I randomly went back on the other day and I found this gem from a while ago, a bio of an OC that was a regular on the site.

Name: Pandora Maria Elizabeth Diana Alice Ruby Rouge-Spade 

Nick Names: Pan, Phoebe, Phoebs, Love, Moonshine 

Occupation: Hero 

Hero Name: Eclipse 

Age: 16 

Date of Birth: 25/12/1997 

Type:Human Host, Goddess Soul, Human weapon 

Nationality: American, French, Canadian, Japanese 

Hair: Dark Brown (almost black) or some times a fair shade of Brown (it changes in the sun) has a side fringe that covers one eye and medium hair in a side parting) 

Eyes: Emerald Green 

Powers and Ability’s: 
-Powerful and God-like Magic (to a certain limit) and only when she is wearing the Omega Necklace. 
-Skin can turn into adamantium. 
-Adamantium claws located in each finger. 
-Black Wings 
-Good flexibility and practices gymnastic fighting. 
-Knowledge of how to use guns and weaponry. 
-Carry’s a vorpal blade that can morph into very basic weapons. 
-Spy/agent in training. 
-Super strength. 
-Immune to a high level of pain. 
-Good battle foresight and sense of logic. 
-Strong Senses. 
-Can drive most cars. 
-Can turn her body into smoke and butterfly for a few seconds to doge attacks. 
-The kiss to bring back life 
-The kiss to kill someone 

Weaknesses: Runs out of energy for Magic, Extreme Damage to her body, Enough blows to the head or spine, Dylan, Mention her past, Jason 

Past: Taken four hours after her birth, parents were assassinated and the village of Whitewater was burnt down, LOST OR UNRECORDED FILES, returns after missing for 10 years as the last member of the Rouge family out of 48. [[the author actually had given her more to her past than this, that she revealed in segments during RPs. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but there was something about her being queen of Wonderland, as well as Death’s apprentice or daughter and a SHIELD agent as well as a member of the X Men]]

Relation to the team: Married to Dylan Spade and has a son called Jason. 

-Suffers with Hallucinations and multiple personality syndrome. 
-She is quiet and doesn’t trust anyone until after a long while. 
-She has to wear/protect her omega necklace 24/7. 
-With out the omega necklace her doesn’t have any magical power. 
-She died but is healing from suffering with trauma. 
-Her bones are covered in adamantium. 
-Has child like writing and can’t spell very well. 
-She can recognise and play piano sheet music. 
-Rather un-sociable and doesn’t show to much emotion. 

This OC is a Marvel and DC cross over OC

Okay the canon is irrelevant here (because no one on that club followed the actual canon) but although Young Justice is a show about superpowered teens it was NOTHING like this.  Dylan Spade is another OC on the site FYI.

Homestuck (c) Octopimp

Homestuck (c) Octopimp

Homestuck (c) Octopimp

Introduction- hey guys! Just a quick update! I forgot to add the character info in the begining hehe I’m a Baka lol I forget things sometimes…. Hhahaha anyways- Character info-

Name keira hoshi meaning- little black star

Age: 16

Originally from: Central, Amestris

Family: young step- sister of Mustang

Thinks of Ed as an older brother, and Al as a younger brother even though there not related.

Alchemist title: Lightning blood alchemist

Hair color: Brown, with a blue streak going on right side

Eyes: green

Personality: Loud, short tempered, laid back, care free, serious, sweet, show off

Height: 5”3

Weapons in weapon alchemy: guns, swords, scythes, and archery equipment.

SE world- weapon and meister

Keira’s signature- in pic

No comment.

This is an X-men OC.
The design is copied from an angel in Persona Shin Megami Tensei.

Lilith is angel/mutant who is proud on her powers

She wont hesitate to use her powers if she will feel in danger.She dont really starts conversation untill someone else starts it or ask her something….otherwise she is kinda quiet.

Lilith couldnt really find a job so she decided that she will go on the mutant school since there she dont need to pay for anything lol its not her only reason of course…she also came there to see if there are more people with powers like hers

Lilith dont really minds showing her body

She dont really like to wear some fancy clothes so as you can see she wear simple clothes

she is Alpha level mutant and went through secondary mutation…x-men fans will know what im talking about xD

her powers she uses for attacking is creating energy orbs as you can see,she can control them or just shot them,for defense she can turn her body into hard crystal…you can see it there…but her main skills are supporting ones like healing or making powers from others stronger

she actually eats alot but never gets fat….she loves eating,especially if the food is for free or cheap xD

because of her wings she got mistaken for angel so alot of demons was attacking her,so she was forced to fight to stay alive

she loves all kind of animals but her favorite animals are cats and bears xD

when she was younger she actually wasnt all nice and quiet like she is now

she was using her mutant powers to steal food and money but stopped when one policeman caugh her but actually let her go…didnt hurt her

she is afraid of future…scared since she dont know what she will do after she finish the mutant school

Help I created a monster!

[So I was challenged with making the biggest Gary Stu I could. This is the result.]

Name: Tetsuo Yamazaki Ebonyblade

Age: Twenty Trillion (Appears 17 because old people should die.)

Race: He is half Saiyan, half Dragon, and  half Majin (But he isn’t pink or evil because that’s stupid and Tetsuo is awesome.) with cybernetic implants making him technically an Android but he follows his own programming because he was too powerful for Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu to control.

Height: Tall

Weight: Not Fat.

———Positive Personality Traits——-

 Tetsuo is stronger than Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta and Super Saiyan 6 Vegito combined. Everyone in the galaxy fears his power and everyone knows of it. Due to his timeless age: old legends have been formed based solely on his power. From closing hundreds of blackholes with his bare fists to creating numerous stars and constellations. Each and every planet knows of his feats of pure power. The name ‘Ebonyblade’ equates to limitless power in all languages.

Heroic: Tetsuo is the bravest and most noble of all the saiyans. His acts of valor and courage even make Goku jealous. In the instances where Goku hides away in fear Tetsuo charges into the heat of battle in order to bring forth justice. He never does anything wrong or evil and the people of earth love him for it. Unlike Goku and the Z fighters Tetsuo doesn’t let Hercule take all the glory. In fact, upon seeing his heroic and unmistakably good deeds the people of earth renamed ‘Hercule City’ to Tetsuoville. Only strong people and really hot chicks are allowed there.

Awesome: Tetsuo is really awesome and super cool. Everyone of the Z fighters likes to hang out with him. In fact: he keeps having to repair the wall of his house because the Z fighters keep breaking it down to come and see him. He doesn’t get mad though, he only laughs and says: “You guys really shouldn’t break down my wall. I have to keep on rebuilding it. Ya know?” Then they all laugh. Tetsuo is really good at video games. He beats everyone. Even his brother Luk-Er…Lukian Senji Ebonyblade at Street Fighter.Yeah even though Lukian is a cheap butt Tetsuo makes him cry when he uses gengatsu Hadoken. A move he programmed into the game with his android power. He can even beat Super Smash Bros Melee’s story mode in 2 seconds.

Ladies Man: All the ladies love Tetsuo. In fact his charm and wit are so powerful that women all over the galaxy are easily seduced by his gaze alone. When they see him they *CENSORED* and he *CENSORED* rubbing and licking and *CENSORED* Because he’s that good. Also he thinks gay people are detestable and blows them away with a ki blast to prevent catching the gay. He only likes ladies for *FUCKING CENSORED* and men for training partners. Though all the *CENSORED JESUS* interrupts his training. Not that he minds. 

Wise: Since Tetsuo is so old he has experienced many things over the countless years of his life. This makes him incredibly wise and smart. Far more so than the ‘great masters.’ In fact, all those great masters were once his students. They learned everything they knew from him. He even invented the Kamehameha and the lost and forbidden attack Goujetsu Roudan Kamehameha. (It’s like a Kamehameha but it flashes different colors. Not rainbow though cause that’s gay.)

Funny: "Yamcha, if you were worse at fighting you wouldn’t be very good at all." If you thought that was a knee slapper (Which you should.) then you’ll think Tetsuo is a riot. He makes everyone laugh with witty one liners such as. "Did that hurt?" Even snappy comebacks like. "Yeah, that’s what your mom said!"Even the villains stop and laugh giving him the ample opportunity to finish them off. Not before saying something golden like: "Pwned."

Strong: Tetsuo is stronger than Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta and Super Saiyan 6 Vegito combined. Everyone in the galaxy fears his power and everyone knows of it. Due to his timeless age: old legends have been formed based solely on his power. From closing hundreds of blackholes with his bare fists to creating numerous stars and constellations. Each and every planet knows of his feats of pure power. The name ‘Ebonyblade’ equates to limitless power in all languages.

Confident: He’s suave, confident and always has a handle on the situation. No matter what happens he knows what to do and even if he doesn’t know what to do (as if.) He is so confident that people believe he does and that makes it true.

Humble: Despite all of his power and success he doesn’t let it get to his head. Tetsuo would never brag. However, if someone questions his elite skill he will very confidently prove them wrong.

Strong: His power level in base form is 209eu30985485y739-55r345u9045y73 to the 50th power and it’s squared whenever he transforms. SUPERMAN PRIME CAN’T BEAT HIM. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY. SUPERMAN PRIME IS NOTHING COMPARED TO HIM!

————————-Negative Personality Traits———————————

Anger: Tetsuo is easy to anger and whenever he gets mad he gets more and more powerful. When enraged he activates a feral transformation where his eyes glow red and his fangs and dragon claws come out. This feral form makes him a berserker and he doesn’t hesitate to brutally kill his enemy.

Too Powerful: Tetsuo is so powerful that ancient evils come to fight him constantly. These evils test his limit to the max. He hasn’t lost yet.

Workaholic: Tetsuo fights and trains so much that his girlfriends tease him by calling him a workaholic.


Twenty Trillion years ago there was a planet known as Ebony. Ebony was a planet orbiting a black sun that was far away from the rest of the universe. This is where the saiyans lived before they migrated to planet Vegeta. This planet was ruled by Kakarot Ebonyblade the first and his wife Queen Sarah. He was the strongest of all Saiyans. Able to reach super saiyan 5 at just 8 years old King Kakarot was not to be trifled with. His wife was a rare hybrid of Majin and Dragon. She had magical power that could alter and distort time and space while also being able to grant wishes. 

This wish granting power was unknown to the king, So while he was having sex with her he didn’t realize that upon saying. “I wish our son is the most powerful thing in the universe” would actually make it come true.

When he was born Tetsuo transformed the moment he started crying. He wasn’t a super saiyan 1 or 2 or 9! He was the mystical Super Genjatzu Saiyan. The power of his aura alone destroyed half of his homeworld and killed his parents. Fearing his strength the Saiyan’s sent him away while leaving to find a better home.

He spent years drifting alone in space but eventually landed on earth when he was 6. Alone and confused the young hybrid searched about for any signs of his parents. What he found was a wolf pack. At first he was scared because he thought the wolves were going to eat him but the leader stood out from the pack. He was large, with thick black fur and a scar on his eye. The leader looked to the young boy and realized his potential instantly.

The wolf decided to raise him as his own cub. For years he lived among the wolves and learned their culture. The wolves taught him quite a bit, even how to use a sword! Though there were things he learned on his own. While he was living with them he eventually learned about himself. He learned that he wasn’t a wolf but a sayain and a prince. When he was old enough he left the planet to go save other people in need thus starting his legends.

As eons passed he flew through space. His adventures among the stars permanently changed him. In all his travels though he never found his home planet or his parents. The only thing he could remember was a fiery explosion. This memory fueled his desire to train and create the art of fighting. Whatever killed his parents or his home was strong and he had to confront it.

It wasn’t until he trained with Master Yoda that he realized the truth. The person who he had to face. Was himself.

He eventually found Dr.Gero, Dr.Myuu and Bill Nye the science guy and with their help they all invented a device that would allow him to go into his mindscape and fight himself. Though this Tetsuo was evil.

The battle in his mind took years. During this time Dr.Gero and Dr.Myuu experimented on the hybrid much to Bill Nye’s chagrin. Though as hard as they tried they couldn’t defeat Tetsuo’s iron will. Neither could evil Tetsuo.

Years later Tetsuo would awaken to find that he gained cybernetic implants that gave him android power.

So he decided to return to earth for more adventures.

———————Powers and Abilities—————————

  • Creator of all forms of hand to hand combat
  • Master of the Forbidden Wolf-Jin-Kai sword style
  • Master of the Buster Sword
  • Sultry Gaze
  • Android Powers
  • Goujetsu Roudan Kamehameha
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Great Wolf Form
  • Ability to create stars
  • Multiversal Spirit Bomb
  • Luminare
  • Bankai
  • 3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Rasengan Barrage
  • Instant Transmission
  • Matter Creation
  • Black Hole Creation
  • Hadoken
  • Shoryuken
  • Planeswalking
  • Magic
  • Wish Granting Power


Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Dante, Vergil, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Neo, Trinity, Morpheous, Crono, Magus, Archer, Gilgamesh, Assassain, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Axel Stone, Haggar, Zangief, Ryu, Ken, Alex, Q, Akuma, Gouken, Garfield, Jon Arbuckle, Bill Clinton, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Sauske, Naruto, Garra, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mr. Clean


Bulma, Chi Chi, Android 18, Sakura, Princess Leia, Juri Han, Chun Li, Hillary Clinton, Hinata, Ino, Sheena, Tifa Lockheart, Marle, Ayla, Felica, Morrigan, Bayonetta

Time to admit how bad the first characters I wrote with were. It’s taken my like six because I put my heart and soul into theses characters. I didn’t even know about mary sues when I first wrote these characters (I was like eight and it was my first time writing anything heck I didn’t even know about fanfiction) I was convinced that my writing was wonderful and I guess it was sort of poetic (maybe I should turn it into poetry so I can at least keep my first characters) but It was very sueish. The first words in my book were ‘the girl stood at the top of the tower reflecting on her pitiful life’ (kill me now, why did I even write that) I also talked about how the her eyes reflected to tones of the forest and how when she ran her hair turned to wind. she has like impossibly long hair at least it all gets cut off when her boyfriend kills her (yes kills her, this was basically a copy of rurouni kenshin) any way let me tell you about my character.

her name is shinta and she is a princess who lives in japan, expect its not japan its this ancient version of japan which become japan when the world repeats itself and becomes japan. (how does that even make sense) I only did that because I didn’t know any history and wanted to make it up. she is the last of a line of dragon flowers who are masters of this really bad-ass sword style (copy of kenshin’s style) then she meets this hitokiri called Kuzu who tries to kill her, then teaches her the copycatted sword style then they fall in love. then he has to go off to be a hitokiri and she follows him then they kill lots of people at a battle I called the battle of the burning mountain (I changed it to the battle of exploding hearts when I reworked this but I’ll talk about that late) but shinta kills more because I wanted her to be bad-ass, then he kills her (I don’t even know why, maybe he realized how much of a sue she is) If only that was the end of the story but it’s not she (comes back to life as an immortal guardian spirit of the sakura tree (I renamed then ashura, and they are like half gods because no mary sue is complete as a human) then she goes back to her princess castle thing and they don’t think it’s weird at all that she left. then she angsts for a awhile and when ever she gets happy ‘thoughts of hitokiri kuzu and the knife he had thrown through though her chest damaging not only her heart but her love and soul as while would pour into her mind’ (thats not what I wrote but it’s similar) then she randomly goes to a stream where a girl transported through a well from the modern world is (guess where I copied that from) shinta tells the girl her life story angsts about it, kills the girl for no reason then angsts about it because they were ‘friends’ (they knew each other for like, 15 minutes. wtf?!) after that she goes to find kuzu they have a giant angsty battle of doom then they kiss, fall into a river (If only they had died then) drift up in the forest and take a vow to a random giant tree that they will never kill again (Copying kenshin much) then like, 500000 years later they figure out that there is a bakumatsu going on and because no one can be as awesome as kenshin they decide to go randomly kill people. but half way there they meet another sue named kamala who is the pre-reincarnation of that copy of kagome. Shinta angst about it then saves kamala from being rapped (she get whipped and gets these really awesome looking scars) while she saves Kamala, kuzu runs off for no reason and leaves behind a love poem, an ink painting and the knife he used to kill shinta. she says something horrible like “now he has killed me twice with this knife” (someone kill me please.) then randomly runs off with kamala to teach her to be a dragon flower (kamala is a sue and so she is from the same bloodline as shinta) After being taught kamala runs off and copies hitokiri battosai. the shinta comes in and wins the war. also there are four other sues/stus running around one of home is even more angsty than shinta. long story short she is a shadow bird thingy that used to love a wolf but now loves a human (i copied a book but I can’t remember the name) the wolf shows back up along with the sue’s long lost sister. originally the sue killed her self human went insane a sister fell in love with him but I changed it so that the sue kills the wolf and he goes into the future meets future kamala and shinta and the send him away to angst in london . then sister goes away and the sue and the human get together. then they all become immortal. lots of other stuff happens but it is basically the same. more sues/stus so up and even a girl named soku (the computer keeps trying to correct that to sonja so if it shows up as that sorry, but thats not her name her name is japanese for swiftly, does thats make her a sue?)  who is not a sue. anywhere eventually they all get blown to bits and everyone dies but shinta who turns into the god of the cherry tree. then she gets killed and the world ends, but  it’s not over yet (I need mind bleach or a knife to kill myself with, this is pure suffering) shinta and kuzu’s souls are bound to the bodies of  two other people (more copying) who are also sues/stus named sarah and jessie (the world some re evolved from a crane)  there is lots of angsting and stuff, but they get back together. the end (finnally)

sorry to have shared this horrible sue with the rest of the world but I think I needed to do it. sharing this will help me get rid off my love for these characters so that I can become a person capable of writing good stuff. I am also going to turn in the rewrite of the the story above because that needs to go to. at least I think i does I know the story above is beyond hope (except maybe If i wrote a five line poem about it) but I would like to rework the re-write into something plausible. the Sue in the rewrite is a girl named taka moja snew (it means something like desired snow) she lives in a future world where the ice age has come back and there are aliens that are basically airbenders, waterbenders and firebenders (this is avatar fanfiction). she is pure waterbender or so she thinks (she is actually all three) her mother was killed by a firebender (who is actually her father who had gone insane) and s her grand mother is sending her away incase the firebender attacks again. she is also betrothed to thy last of the airbenders and this causes her a lot of trouble. eventually she is kidnapped escapes using air bending powers she never knew she had. then she becomes an apprentice to a girl named marshiumflower (she picked that name for herself and won’t say her real name) who knows what is really going on she tells moja first that there are actually 6 elements and six types of people. then that moja is descended from Akoto who was cursed twice once that the person who would win the war in the favor of the firebenders who he had fought against would be his descendant and next that he, and all of his descendants would not be able to protect the people closest to them. she also tells moja that she is the daughter of  the firebender who killed her mother. she goes and becomes allies with a rebel fire bender and the go to war against the firebender who is her father. then In the battle of exploding heart almost everyone on her side dies, And i’m not really sure what happens from then on.

sorry again for sharing these horrible things.

Confession time :D

First things first, I absolutely adore this blog! You guys are so funny, keep up the good work.

And now, time to introduce my very first oc (and sue) Mizuri Phan.

Some history behind her: I got into manga and anime by watching tokyo mew mew and mermaid melody. She was a tokyo mew mew fc at first, her mew name was mew mew blackberry, her animal was a plack panther and she could turn into her animal at will (here it comes, here it comes) but when I became a fan of mermaid melody I came up with a silly sue headcanon that she was someone uber important to keep storylines the way they should be and poof she travelled to the mermaid melody-verse.

Random facts!: 

-She can turn into a cat, a panther and a big black tiger.

-She can turn into a mermaid

-She can materialize shadows into a pair of wings

-Her eyes change colour when she’s angry

-She’s immortal and invincible. (forever 16 :D)

-She has dual wield pitch-black katanas, many scars and an angsty backstory to match it.

-She can manipulate shadows and the colour black and turn into a poof of shadows herself.

-She travels from world to world and is like reeeaaally important in every world and everyone likes her and even Sasuke wanted to have her around him.

-Did I forget to mention that she was a self-insert :>

Pictuuurreeee :D

Oh god I’m laughing so hard at myself and my weird little weabo phase, luckily I grew out of it and my characters are a’lot more balanced and a’lot less sue-ish.

Mizuri is still around, I couldn’t just get rid of my very first oc (you get some sort of special bond with the character that started it all).

So she got a huge makeover, both in abilities and personality (and a bit in appearance).

Redraw of post/5227344791

I just had to redraw her. She fascinates me that much. Sorry abou the gigantic size and the feet. I’m not good at feet, or portraying emotions. Also I forgot the fabulous eye-shadow. The rainbow hair made me high, so I filled the background with kawaii desu things.

OK, so I had this character… She was a comical character who had the hots for Kirby— Kirby— and he couldn’t stand her. Sounds like an anti-Sue, but her entire shtick was that she was me. Oh, and “random XD”.

Her name was honestly Alice2, number and all, because that was my username. Everything revolved around her. She was hyperactive and got away with awful things because it was “random”. She had a rock band and a cool guitar + mad songwriting skillz, and was in every roleplay in every canon. Especially Sonic.

I have a million of these pictures. They’ve all got “love” in the filename.

I think she paints those curls on.

I first found this sue when she was submitted to one of my pokemon groups to ask the artist why a warrior cat had been submitted, somebody actually beat me to the punch. It’d assumed so since she was called ‘waterstar’ and looked nothing like any identifiable pokemon. She said she was a zoura, but later said she was a zoura/cat hybrid.

Besides her colours and attributes, she’s the ‘one of the ‘guardians of the land’, and she’s the sea queen. She’s a young elite of the ‘zoura clan’ but took a break from her duties, and her abilities include being able to make wings and transforming into a dragon and a wolf. She’s also friends with a mutant mew.

God bless the artist, she’s a nice person, but every time her art appears in my inbox I have to spent ten minutes just trying to figure out what species it is…

Submitting this via anon because of… well, reasons, ahah…

Okay so I was going through my dash and I found this lovely gem of an rp blog. She’s a RotG OC who is paired with almost TEN characters. Some of them being canon, which is a huge red flag. Also, her face claim is Daenerys from Game of Thrones. I dunno why, but using characters from other series’ as face claims just doesn’t seem right to me.

I couldn’t find a bio page, so this is from her blog description:

This is the story of a Guardian. A Queen. Who did not think she should be one. Her name, was Jacqueline. Jacqueline Frost. She was many things. Queen of Snow, Guardian of Fun, Lady of Winter, and Spirit of Frost. She could control anything relating to Winter. But she had one weakness. 
She is in love.

This is her relationships page:

Name:Andrew Gracie 

Relation: Newlyweds

Jacqueline and Andrew have come a long way; their relationship first started out bumpy, while Jacqueline was still with Pitch, but after leaving Pitch, she began to realize her feelings for him. 

Name: Njord Irishmen


Relation: Husband and Wife

Njord and Jacqueline are married, and Jacqueline loves him with every fibre of her being, and will do anything for him.

Name: Jack Frost

Relation: Lovers

Jack and Jacqueline are close, if not inseparable. Due to a Magic!Anon, Jacqueline is the mother of Jack’s son, Gwen.

Name: Flynn Rider

Relation: Neither not really sure…

Jacqueline found Flynn in the wood by her palace and invited him in, before shortly realizing whohe was, and why he was there, and she doesn’t want to hang him, or hand him over to Corona, but she can not hide a criminal in her palace…

Name: Pitch Black

Relation: Enemies 

Once lovers, Jacqueline now despises Pitch, since he had threatened to kill her current lover, Andrew. Anyways, according to him, she was just a bed warmer. 

She also has a daughter:

Cassia is Jacqueline’s adopted daughter.

She appears to be 16 years old, wears a black tank top and ripped jeans, has brown hair, and grey eyes.

I’m… terrified.