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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!
We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

When I was 7 I made a Sonic OC… you know where this is going right…? Like most sonic OCs, he’s a recolor of an existing character

He basically shadow but white and blue and I had no idea what I was thinking back then but made him so over powered that he could basically face one of those god-monster things that super sonic fights even without the chaos emeralds and stuff.

I gave him all sorts of powers and I sorta regret making him that since, now that I think about it, if I put him in a sonic game, he would get boring to play as very quickly…

Updated by NatsumiDragneel and created by Knudie,please give credits to Knudie for the character creation and to Natsumi for the recentely update.

Gohen’s Theme- Brand New Legend(A new ultimate legend is here!!)(Toriko-Ryotaro Okiayu):

I noticed there was a lack of Kingdom Hearts OCs, so I’m here to save the day with my oldest sue that I have held on to for ages.

So back in the day, I got into Kingdom Hearts. Specifically KH2 which is my favorite game. I fell in love with Roxas (because I fell in love with Jesse like a million years ago). And from that moment on I knew I would have to have an OC!

Well my friend and I found this club on dA called OrganizationXSociety which was where everyone tossed there OCs/self inserts and we all lived in harmony. My friend created her OC Luma (wow works out so well) and I created Axula (huh wonder what TV show I was into at the time?) On the left you’ll see her first design in its original state. And below I attached her original bio.

Name: Axula (The X makes the Z sound)
Gender: Female
Nickname: The Gem of Flames

Hair Color: Black with red streaks and tips
Eye Color: Purple
Personality: Sweet and kind and VERY shy. But when provoked, she can do some REAL damage.
Weapon: Fire kunai and shuriken and 2 flame Katana’s.
Element: Fire
Habits: Never usually thinks before acting.

Friends: Axel, Larxene, Demyx, Roxas and Zexion.
Major Enemies: Saix, Luxord and Marluxia.
Crush/Love: Roxas

Known Family: The organization!
Quote: “I take being a pyro VERY offensive.”
Past Injuries: None
other: Number 14 (XIV) in the Organization and she’s 15.

Basically she was kind of me but not me at the same time. I copied a lot off of Axel and made them BFFs. I like to think of her as what Xion if she were a massive sue. So Axula and Roxas fell in love and then Roxas left the organization (mind you I made her bio before 358/2 days even came out). She tried to follow him and bring him back but realized there was no point. So she sat in the castle and cried about it…a lot. I never changed her bio, but eventually Axula was “terminated”. This was due to lack of activity. A head stone was made in her honor! Yet I can’t find it D:

Well I revisited her years later and went holy shit this is unacceptable. I sat down and redrew her to reflect more of the KH style. I’m reworking her bio to make her not as much of a sue. Please enjoy! I have a multitude of Sue’s…

Crappy Art + Crappy Character = This


God… this thing. Can you believe that this was my KH Heartless OC?.. from the Beast’s Castle world… >_> My old art is pretty bad. The main reason I posted this is because of my Old, Crappy art and how little he fits in the Kingdom Hearts Universe.

Redraw of post/89768271518 with Canon Homestuck Colors and Original Sue Colors.

a redraw that i present..my old mary sue oc,marie,who was a pichu. but not just a pichu. a robot stone insane pichu. she could kill humans and they couldnt do shit to her. she killed everything in her path but her brother. yeah thats right she has an older brother, who is a pikachu that is stone,insane,and can transform into a bird. but less about that. this character rarely bled. when she bled,she would bleed oil. also before she was a robot she had 2 grey scars across her eyes. so did her brother. 

and also

marie could shoot really big light beams and you couldnt dodge them

she also has a dark form and i shit u not this is most mary sueish part of it all. she could control people,and nothing could hurt her.

the worst part of it?

she could dodge any attack. she could make someone miss their attack. and when she attacked them? she couldnt miss,they couldnt dodge.

im sorry i just felt like i needed to turn myself in..

I tried to scope out where her nipples would be there, and I suppose it’s completely plausible that it’s not shading… Which scares me

80 dollars though, huh?

Little redraw of this fine gem. Tried to make cloud themed jewelry because the description makes her seem like her head is quite literally up in the clouds. =w=

I just really love drawing sues.

original post

Aaah super late redraw of post/69127408016


aAUTHOR’S DESCRIPTION:This is Toxic, my psychopathic murdering baby ^-^ He has like… Tentacles made of shadows coming from his back and the star in his hair is his eye. His mouth is stitched in an everlasting smile. He’s cray so I would suggest not going near him .-. His hair has silver tips and he likes to be a douche-canoe so yea….. He’s sorta an alcoholic but dats okai. Say hi to him if you want, he won’t kill you immediately….

Hello not Jeff the Killer and Slenderman ripoff.


well gosh diddly dang where do i start

i found this monstrosity on deviantArt….here’s author’s description:

okayyyyy lol so heres my first oc that ive submitted 2 deviantart! :o her name is cleo kapenelli and i spent over 3 HOURS working on her. um… ya so the lightning bolt on her head is actually a MAGIC TATTOO :O that allowes her 2 switch between the naruto universe and the harry potter universe :O how cool is that?! X3 ya lol anyways her eyes actually change color with her mood! :3 awesome, right? XD cleos a teenager who’s a s ranked ninja. she left konoha cause she had to! she’s in the Akatsuki though and all of da guys r in lurv with her! ;PPP lolz she knew the tem 7and some of dem had crushs on her! She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty that guys like her and dey don’t even need to know her name! x3 she has three diff types of justsus x333 fire, water, n lightning. Cool huh!???? All da othr gurls were jelly of her. She got a bloodline and it copies other bloodlins and when its active hur eyes r rainbow colored!!!! Saskue used to be sooo jealus of her! Cuz she cold use it when she was a genin ;D also she used to have uber huge b()()bz ;D

so there you have it, and guess what? it’s not even a joke. please kill me

i tried to redraw post/41907225279

but i accidentally made her look oldish


also those squigglies at the bottom of her dress confused me so i made them into swirlies

sorry for the ginormous picture