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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.


pepsi loves you, love him back!
We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Anonymous sent: I don't know who the person in post/93207839594, but if their still a minor they can report everything the Aunt A, the Bio dad, and the mom for doing as child abuse and get put into a home. I know it is wrong to say such a thing, but I'm worry about this persons safety. I live near Georgia and I know the small town like that there have a thing about people that are into the same sex. It's part of the "Bible Belt" after all. I really wish I could help more than that.

hi that’s me ; w ; I’m that person. and I worry for my safety as well. I’m no longer a minor as of freburary and I was actually raised in Florida and DCF was a huge part of my life but they didn’t help like at all

so now I’m an adult and on my own in the literal worst place to be panro in so I’m just PBBTBHPTB

thank you for your concern it makes me feel better as weird as that sounds


tearsofblossoms sent: Is it weird to have an OC who is Japanese and Irish, living in Japan with a Japanese name (Tomoko) and an Irish last name (O'Boyle)?

… no that sounds perfectly reasonable

Anonymous sent: Pertaining to self inserts... I tend to advise against them (not always, however) because I've seen people that act like we literally shot their parents when we have an OC be rude to them, or not be super nice to them upon just meeting...even when the OC is meant to be that way. Self inserts CAN be done very tastefully and skillfully. Just understand the events in the RP aren't directly happening to you, I suppose I can say. I hope I didn't offend anybody with my opinion...OTL

it seems a lil silly to advise against self inserts in their entirety rather than advising against forgetting the line between real life and fiction babbu anon fremb!!!! but that is one of the many problems new writers can run into when writing self inserts v n v but don’t let that discourage you from rping with self inserts!!!

although, as a VAUGELY unrelated side note!!! as someone who plays volatile OCs who can lash out violently when put into verbally hostile situations, please warn someone if your oc will be particularly mean to your partner’s before they thread/script/post/play with you!!! I cannot express how stressful it can be having to find ways to have your characters react IC when normally they’d have adverse reactions that could cause lots of problems ic and ooc. pls be mindful of your partners and the plot of ur rps BBS!!! ♥🐰🎶


fufutakesonthenet sent: another note for anon is that published authors create themselves as self-inserts as well. There's a couple of authors who do that - like Stephen King who added himself in two volumes of The Dark Tower. Otherwise mod t done a great job explaining, and it's good you grasp the difference!



Anonymous sent: How do I explain to a friend just because I do self inserts that I'm not a Gary Stu? Like I think it's OK to add yourself into a world because it's fantasy or scifi. As long as you don't make yourself the end all or the best and insead a side where you are just there, that it isn't bad. Like no extra this or that... I dunno. I suck at arguing

YEAH I NEVER GOT THE HATRED AGAINST SELF INSERTS the entire fucking point of fiction is to get to escape real life and explore this beautiful and intricate universe and some people want to do that with a character that represents themselves

i dont see the issue in that

wheres the problem

so heres my advice: remind them that a mary sue is a character that breaks the rules of the universe and a self insert is simply a representation of it’s creator. if they cannot understand that they are not package deal traits, dont talk to them about your characters and find a community that aint full of shit


Anonymous sent: Is it possible you could tag the stuff you post that isn't about a Mary Sue? I love seeing the sues, but an increasing amount of the stuff posted is just asks or drama and it's really starting to get annoying...

I do my best to tag with “t replies” and “mod post” but like in the end this is a discussion and showcasing blog that’s not getting enough submissions of sues and is thus compensating by dealing in discussion. if us posting too many asks and nonsue posts is an issue, it’d be nice if those bothered could actually help out a little and submit some sues!


kirahimoto sent: After trying to calm down and talking to someone else I would like to apologize for my earlier behavior. I was already in a bad mood from something in real life and you guys having my friends OC up. When I refreshed the page to see you guys had removed it I saw my was up yet again and freaked out. I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry. I do feel that if you post links to the original and actually critique you could be a nice blog since you guys are nice to remove the image when ask.

hiii sugarpea! Its alright, we all have bad days. it happens,

the reason we dont post links is so people dont get harassed. could you imagine how awful that would be if someone got bullied into doing something awful over a character? i, for one, would feel hella bad

and we dont do critique because we’re completely submission based! unless submitters want to add critique to the post, we simply function as a showcasing blog to poke a little fun at silly ocs.

and if its any consolation sweetheart, ive made it a point to delete all submissions that weve gotten today that were of your ocs.

thank you for understanding! have a wonderful weekend


Anonymous sent: I find it amazingly predictable and typical that some little girl who's still going through her anime phase would lack the maturity and common sense that is required for making your OCs better (rather than continuing to make sues and then make up excuses). Shes just an entitled, sheltered little child. Hopefully she will realize how ridiculous this is in like, 5 years, same as how we all do when we finally turn 15.

on her FAQ it says shes turning 27 this year


hopethefangirl sent: Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I'm currently locked in a sorta debate with that Kira Himoto chick... she flagged my (and like, everyone else's) comments on her journal as spam, and she's making pretty boring arguments. She also claimed her liTTLE BROTHER ACCIDENTALLY FLAGGED MY COMMENT AS SPAM when I called her out on it. Such mature, very adult, many credible. Wow.

its almost really surreal to me that you guys are willing to like defend us in this situation and it makes me feel really good because sometimes i wonder if followers even give a shit cause ive been here since the beginning and have seen a lot of random dead months but this gives me inspiration to bother to check my inbox

bless all your souls by the gods of your choice or lack there of i love all of you


Anonymous sent: oh get this, in true deviantart fashion that girl who was throwing a bitchfit about this blog is deleting any comments that point out that shes wrong about this whole art theft bullshit.

like do you ever get washed over by this unbelievable feeling of apathy that latches onto your entire soul and like

like you just stop caring. the fucks have left the building. there is nothing left but room temperature irritation that fades within seconds of appearing

this girl has done this to me. she mas made me care so little i can barely function


ok s ince s replied to an ask i was literally replying to tke my reply hhh

we dont really need any right now, im sorry sugar ; A ; im already fighting with s for inbox dominance rn (ilu s kun chan) and im super iffy about adding people to the mod roster cause once you’re in i cant admin kick from the member list! and its caused us problems before with a mod who wouldnt leave. im sorry sugarpea QQ <333



almost as good as the time the word “hippocrepes” was coined

Anonymous sent: a lot of nonbinary people dislike the term enbiesm just so yall know


Anonymous sent: haha, don't feel bad! it's impossible to know unless told, all anyone can do is do their best and correct as they learn. you're doing a wonderful job. <3

TBH I HAD BEEN TOLD IT WAS THE PREFFERED TERM BY MANY?? a lot of my NB friends have me refer to them that way so I figured it was a safe term to use but

I shall do my best to avoid it overall!!!!

Anonymous sent: I don't mean to be "that guy", but from what I know, bisexuality is the attraction to only two genders, male and female. (Hence the "bi" in "bisexual". Sex is usually irrelevant.) There are other gender identities aside from male/female (bigender, agender, etc.), which pansexuality covers. At least, that's my understanding of it, as a pansexual enby. Maybe I just misunderstood when you said "Yes to ALL genders" as a definition of bisexual.

I believe many people dislike that definition since it is pretty binarist according to a ton of enbies???

personally I define bisexuality as yes to two or more genders but not always all genders so it can still matter while pansexuality to me is “idfc what ur gender is let’s smooch let’s GOOOO YAS”