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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!
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Soooooo all the way back in 2008 I had a very brief stint in Batman Fandom. This is an OC I made to be paired with the Penguin. She was inexplicably British (not from a specific area or anything, just ~British~) and had metal wings in her back that unfolded. You could severely injure and incapacitate her by sticking a fork in her back.

She and Penguin became business partners who hated each other  but both liked birds and somehow ended up dating and having a kid named Peacock. As my OCs go she’s pretty inoffensive but still wowe self, wowe. Also I was going for ‘not traditionally pretty’ but didn’t have the drawing ability yet so the face is just kind of jenky.

"this is josh.Josh has anger issues,panic attacks and is depressedjosh is a troll human (his eyes are blue x3)”

this is josh.
Josh has anger issues,panic attacks and is depressed
josh is a troll human (his eyes are blue x3)

Oh. Okay.


I was digging through some papers I found (hidden in the darkest, deepest crevice of my closet) and I found some old pics of an… “OC” I made some 423647897 years ago based off of one I read IN ANOTHER FANFICTION ON QUIZILLA. (I was VERY original, you see)

(no pics sorry scanner is kaput)

Name: Saya 

Age: 17

Appearance: White hair blue eyes and she always wore this sleeveless white dress and Triforce earrings.

(I cannot read my handwriting from when I was younger so sorry I’m just trying to fill in the blanks)

Bio: Marin was born into a poor family and her parents hated her because reasons and one day she woke up and found out she had these kuh-razy powers. Her town was like ‘WITCHCRAFT’ and they killed her parents and she was chased into Kokiri Forest. There she was raised by the Great Deku Tree because he sensed she had some great power. She met Link and they became friends. Then they went on an adventure together as adults THEN ALLUVA SUDDEN she’s walking alone and Shadow Link (somehow) went inside her mind for… no apparent reason. SO THEN she and Link falls in love with her but Saya can’t pick between Shadow Link and Link. Then… she finds out that she got her powers because… SHE IS THE 4TH GODDESS (not to mention the youngest sister) and she was cast out by the other 3 because they thought she was too powerful. 

*head/desk* I’ve created a monster and I cannot kill it. (And sadly I have more of these abominations.)

this is my wolfdog baby, her name is Star. I’d like to have it known that I’ve known her since she was a puppy, even though she wasn’t our dog. She was my grandparents. And when they died and we lost the mountain property. We adopted her and she lives with us <3

So I’m looking over my first fic again and I have to say I’m blown away with how terrible of a writer I was when I was nine. I had no idea what was going on and just doing whatever seemed like a good idea. Here are a few excerpts from the fic that show how illogical everything was and just how bad of a character Daisy was. This fic was literally just a clusterfuck of whatever was happening in the Pokemon anime at the time. Daisy was traveling through Kanto with Ash and co, but the world revolved around her. tl;dr of her history was that she somehow ran Silph Co, was Professor Oak’s assistant and half fairy (yes in the Pokemon world). 

The edits to these are minimal, mostly just fixing small spelling errors or inserting words where some clarification was needed.

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Deviantart at it’s finest.

ToxicLove Storyline by xXRoleplayingRulesXx

Ah, I was simply browsing deviantart’s newest (or should I say FINEST) when I came across this “gem”. 

"My OC ToxicLove

ToxcLove. A demon monster girl. Her true two forms a dragon. and Witch. When Tox was alittle girl she mastered everything in school and graduated at the age of 15. Growing up on her own. After her parents died. she stayed with her grandmother until she died of the age of 156. Tox got a tattoo on her shoulder of a toxic waste sign. She adores everything about the Toxic waste land. She knows that saving the planet is a good thing. but you cant take her away from it. Tox met another demon like herself and took her to the underworld. She now lives there but in her own town area. filled with darkness. After she turned 22 and stopped aging. She started making her own clothing. and learning spells. She got an undead cat from hell and it helped her with her expiremnts being her little helper.

If you wish to know more just ask~

Name: Toxic Love

age: 22 years (102)

Personality: Dark,emo,frilly but not SO frilly. only in her some designs.

Style: Emo/Gothic.”

Name: Maria Leemaster
Birth: October 31, 1991
Sex: Female
Hair color: Brown, Red and blue
Eye Color: Black
Other: Undead Sayain werewolf
Born: Planet Vegeta
Powers: Teleport, Invisible, Elements, Heal, Transform any animal, Turns undead.
Extras: Is a slave, Already dead, Is a werewolf.
Friends: Krillin, Bulma, Vegeta
Enemy: Chi chi
Best Friend and love: Son Goku
Relatives: Lucas & Liru
Weapons: Blade, Hunter Bow, Staff, & Claws

(I apologize if this post gets long)

Holy crap, this thing…

So this is the creator’s self-insert that she has used to fandom-hop into various different fictional worlds including, but not limited to:

-Dragonball: Here she is paired with Goku and, from what I’ve seen, Vegeta seems to have a crush on her as well despite them both being married (Guess that would explain why Chi Chi is her “rival”). She is also an “undead sayain werewolf” thing and is Frieza’s slave

-Legend of Zelda: According to what the suethor stated, here the sue just teleports from the Dragonball worldinto the LoZ world with no explanation and she and Link just randomly fall in love

-Sonic the Hedgehog: For this one, the suethor tends to pair her self-insert with another of her Sonic OCs, but will occasionally pair her with Scourge (I know that Scourge tends to be a big flirt, but at this point, he’s already in a relationship with Fiona)

And finally she’s also inserted her sue into Lion King, but she has SO MANY DAMN RECOLORS that I can hardly tell who’s who. It also doesn’t help that she tends to give very little in the way of a description and that she tends to call what appears to be the same OC different names (I think the insert for this one might be Scar’s daughter and is a lioness princess or something? I don’t know man she’s got like three different Lion King OCs named “Maria”)

But yeah, there’s that horror story

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye
Name: Araki Noriaki
Age: 13
Info: he is the most gayest thing you ever saw in your live nah jk he’s adorbs and will love evryone but he doens’t really likes people at all so ye 
he’s parents are dead they died when Araki’s house was burning and Araki’s bf came to rescue him but when they were going to rescue his parents they were dead but not by the fire Araki’s bf saw that they were already dead but something killed them DUN DUN DUUN and he has been in the care of his bf (boyfriend fuk ye) since he was small like 8-9 years old plus no marie su plz nu he’s just fab 
species: NOT a neko he’s half raindrop’sloid half Drealia (own species that might look like cats but they are a mixed animal species also they own powers and an special ability)
Special ability: he controls the wind and dreams/nightmares so he’s quite dangerous!
likes: you, free and carefree live, forests rocks everything
dislikes: idk fire, closed spaces//yes he has that phobia in which I don’t remember the name fuck) he hates but hates with a big H the smell of smoke (like me ew I hate that smell ugh I can’t handle it when I see someone smoking i’m like e_e)
Sorry if I sound stupid its night and I get high at nights haha ovo”
EDIT*! his heigh its 2 fucking meters bby he’s an species of mine and all are 2 meters when they’re 10+ more haha he’s 2.64 meters bby but you don’t necesary need to draw him like a giant lol

The owner of this OC isn’t joking either. They’re serious about using him as their main RP character. FOR YAOI. HE’S 13!

One of my 5 new OCs. Pony, mutant and almost tentacle creature.

Yeah, it’s My Little Pony OC. ಠ_ಠ

Holy Crap Another Mega Man Sue

((I had the “pleasure” of finding this particular Sue online.))

((“Art” of the OC. It’s really just a poor edit of an official drawing of Vent as Mega Man Model ZX. The hair was just a cut and paste job of a smaller version of the art.))

Name: modelZX.exe
((Why is she crossing over Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Battle Network? The two don’t even take place in the same timeline.))
Real Name: Nayana
Age: 15
Sex: female
((…The original Model ZX is nowhere near this. The original Model ZX was a male, adult-model Reploid (sapient, free-willed robots from Mega Man X/Zero/ZX series) named Zero, not some random teenaged human girl.))
type: Netnavi/Biometal/Human
((How the flippin’ heck is she a computer program, a floating rock with awesome powers, and a normal human girl all at once?!))
Body Details:
Eyes: blue(brown in human form)(red in beast out form)
Skin: brown
Hair: long blonde(short brown with blonde streak in human)(black in beast out form)
((My main question is why does she have a BeastOut form when the only ones that canonly can have it in Battle Network are Mega Man himself and his archrival Bass, because it is very exhausting to have a BeastOut form?))
Wears normal human close(in human form) also wears the same armor as the normal ZX (but different colors) BeastOut (same as CF beast out but black with glowing red tiger and the helmet looks the same her original form the arrow has spikes on the side) Mouth visor(mouth can be seen)(has werewolf like legs)
((Again, why does she have a BeastOut form and why does she look nearly identical to the original Model ZX? Battle Network versions of characters never looked identical to their original counterpart.))
weapons:A red ZX saber,a red ZX pistol buster,black metal wolverine claws (only in beast out)
((Okay, the weapons make sense for the type of character, but- *points to above question*))
Powers/Abilities:same as the normal ZX,elements,ZX trans(fire breathing and wing blow in beast out) blast slash,sonic boom,chaos spear,chaos blast
((“ZX Trans” tells me nothing outside of the fact she gave a character based off of Model ZX an ability from Model A (A-Trans, which lets you turn into any person you want - a very broken ability, and even Model A had less powers than her!). “Sonic Boom” is the signature attack of a character named Protoman.exe and has no connection to the original Model ZX or BeastOut forms, so why does she have it? And what the heck are “Blast Slash”, “Chaos Spear”, and “Chaos Blast” supposed to be?))
Bio: one of the kids how use to be a normal human being
Woke up as Biometal/Netnavi/human she doesn’t now how it happen
shes now a Guardian Netnavi Megaman
she now live Guardian Base(giant flying space ship)(some in the network System)shes best friends with Gray,Vent,Aile,Ashe(some Netnavis) master robots,maverick hunters
has a Crush on Protoman/Blues
((…Most. Ridiculous. Backstory. Ever. There are so many things wrong here:
1) So she was normal and just magically woke up one day as a hybrid of three species that don’t even exist in the same universe which just happens to be similar to Vent and Aile’s powers as Model ZX?
2) She lives in the Guardian Base, a ship from ZX that has only recruits Reploids save for Vent and Aile?
3) Why is she best friends with the four main characters of the ZX games?!
4) Net Navis do not exist in ZX, period. Robot Masters haven’t existed for 500 years by the time of ZX. The Maverick Hunters haven’t existed for 300 years.))
((Final thoughts: What the hell is this thing. You make no sense. I’ve seen crossovers of the various Mega Man series, yes, but this is one of the worst ones.))

The bios to both these ladies were really long and tedious, so I tried to shorten the basic information or snag all the good parts of it. Their kingdoms and backstories however remain unchanged, so I put a red more tab in because it’s so long. Also I couldn’t really find a good place to put this, but both ladies are married to, and have children to these two human/koopa/tanooki hybrid dudes.

Names: Luna Judith Toadstool (left) and Dylaila Lipard Toadstool (right)

Species: Luna is a mix of a human/dragon/fire wisp, Dylie is human/dragon/ice wisp

Kingdoms: Luna rules over the poisonFlow Kingdom and Dylie rules SherbetLand.

Powers/weapons: Both of them can partially or fully turn into dragons, although when in Lunas dragon form she has a spiked ball on the end of her tail which she uses as a weapon. They also have their respective elements and resistance to fire/ice. Dylie also has a magic wand and an array of potions she makes herself which can either heal themselves with or use to damage foes.

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Name - saria neti (if u get those reffrances u win a cookie)
Age- 16
Gender -f
What u can do w/ your elements-( plz be creative w/ this one) semi plant giving her the abiletty 2 ‘tallk’ to them, change the shape of her body at will and blast devestating blasts of absorbed solar energy (pokemon,solar beam)
she looks mostley human but with vines instead of hair and she blushes green (coz she has sap nt blood)
Personality- playfull friendly (sort of flirty i guess)
History- had an odd affinity with plants from a young age finding out she could controll them sumwat at age 14 she wanted 2 controll them compleatly eventully causing her to meld with them
she ran away scared of wat she’d done 2 herself her odd apearance led to her needing to steal to get food at 15 she was caught stealing from thugs they dragged her in2 an apartment block and hacked off her vines causing her to scream as they were tecnicly like extra limbs eventully she lost it and inadvertantly destroyed the biulding her still inside
she staggerd from the wrekage 2 days l8er with no idere were she was her past or wat happend to the biulding she eventully wound up were u guys r (sry >.< im new) and just practices her powers
Other - hates ppl pulling her ‘hair’ or asking y she blushes green
man dat pic took forever sry bout the skechyness     

Ladies, Gentleman, and those of Neutral sophistication, My first roleplay character

Some Naruto OC

So, I was searching up some Aika Village from Animal Crossing fanart and this is what I came upon…

(before I start the bio I just wanna mention that her neck is not SO THIN it's just her curly hair covering it XDDD Thankies hope you think this will be the most Sugoi charrie XDD)  Name: Aika Kurai Birthday: April 7  Gender: Girl Age: 16 Height: 5’1” Weight: light as a feather Blood Type: AB Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan Affiliation: Akatsuki Team: Itachi Clan: Kurai  Ninja Rank: S rank Registration Number: none Graduation Age: Didn't graduate Chuunin Promotion Age: 11 Jounin Promotion Age: 13   Family:   Father : unknown  Mother: Mrs Haruno (Sakura's mom)  Little sister: Sakura Haruno Jutsu: medical Ninjutsu, many chakra related attacks.  Tools: Suriken, Kunai, katana, six shooter, Uzi, bow and arrows, chainsaw mace, guillotine, Iron maiden, one of those spiky metal chairs you heat up, and a bronze bull.  Background:   Aika was Mrs Haruno's first kid when she was young but soon after birth her father found out she had a tailed demon i her and took her away so she would never find out. Aika was raised all the way on the other side of the world in Texas by her dad until she was ten. She was hording her dad's cattle one day when a rattle snake made them scared and stampede towards her dad crushing him in their hooves. before he died he told her about her mother which he had lied was dead. Aika entered in a deep depression and had nightmares thinking she was responsible for his death. Soon one of her neighbors hearing her cries of deep sorrow he took her in and treated her like a worthless slave beating her and making her do hard chores and took all her cattle. One day he tried to rape because he was a pedo her but her demon emerged and killed him brutally. she knew she was gonna be hung for that so she sold all the cattle and with the money she went back to Konoha where she was less than welcome by her mother. She was depressed again seeing that her momma now had a family with a little girl she constantly pampered. She hated Sakura right off the bat for having her mom's affections since birth and loved to make her life hell. She would make fun of her even after they forehead joked ceased making their parents have to punish her allot which only fueled her hate for her little sister. When she saw her Sakura's crush for Sasuke She started training hard to impress him even if he was way younger than her. She joined the exams and passed with flying colors at only eleven and then at thirteen she was already a Jounin. Her first crush was Kabuto when She saw him at his little sister's exam where she was supervising (she was 14 at th time) but she quickly got over him since she realized he was a four eyed creep. Soon after he battle against Orochimaru She ran away from home sick and tired of Sakura being the center of attention and saw Itachi and Kisame when they entered the village. she followed them for a while had to stop when a heard of cattle belonging to some rich lord stampeded towards Itachi. she saw him just sit there and feeling sorry she roped him and pulled him out of the way. She kinda liked him even if he looked like trouble. Itachi realized she had a tailed Demon in her more powerful that Naruto and ordered Kisame to catch her but she shot him in the shoulder with her dad's pistol and turned to Itachi offering to come with if they didn't kill her. he accepted and as soon as she was brought to the Akatsuki she was admitted in. she has lived there ever since and she's in a relation with her Ita-kun and she's nicknamed the Akatsuki six shooter (kinda like konan is the angel but they're not friends) !!!   Personality: She's nice to Itachi but she hated everyone else calling them snakes in the grass horn toads and yellow bely coyotes but deep down she's actually scared to reach out to others since itachi was the frst really nice person to her after her dad died.  Appearance: She is a petite girl only 5’1” with curves in all the right places D cup breasts and curves in all the right places. She has ivory skin which glows a light golden tan in the sunlight and Gold curly hair that reaches just below her curvy ass when straightened. her eyes are a beautiful sky blue sparking like the most expensive diamonds and framed by her cherry pink eyelashes which she go from her mother. her lips are plump and round their natural color is a deep pink but she always wears lip gloss. she has a long tail the fur matches her golden hair and has acid green tips to show off she's poisonous and when her inner demon emerges her wings become huge and bony.  If she's on mission she wears a cancan girl outfit under a female version of the Akatsuki robe and black cowgirl boots. Instad of the hat she wears her three feather pink hairclip.   When She's at the base she wears pink girly shirts see through to give her itakun some eyecandy, (even though the rest of the men give her hungry looks) short jean shorts and red cowgirl boots. She's really a girly girl despite being raised by her daddy. She also liked to walk in the halls in her underwear in the morning which is always red cause she knows itachi likes that color X3  Abilities:  Ninjutsu: She is a self taught medical ninja with powers as great as Tsunade's.  Genjutsu: She's learned all there is to know about it from itachi and she can resist even the strongest mangekyo Taijutsu: She's spied on Gai enough to learn it and now she's at the same level if not even higher than Rock Lee. (Unique Fighting Styles / Techniques) Summoning Technique : She can summon a giant bull and a zombie lion with a blue mane. (Kekkei Genkai)  Intelligence: She's not the sharpest knife in the core but she makes up for in in being hypnotizing sexy.  Stats: (0/5)  Part 1 Ninjutsu 4 Taijutsu 2 Genjutsu 1 Intelligence 3 Strength 4 Speed 5 Stamina 5 Hand Seals 4  Part 2 Ninjutsu 5 Taijutsu 5 Genjutsu 6 Intelligence 4 Strength 5 Speed 5 Stamina 5 Hand Seals 5  Part 1: 28  Part 2: 40   Quotes:  Get back here ya yellowbelly!  I don't need you bunch of varments and horn toads!  Hey Ita-kun what say we fo' a lille roll in da hey   But I always look like this. Dont-cha want you little rattle snake looking sexy?   I dress like a showgirl but I'm no pussy for hire varment!  How do I look in these boot shorts ita-kun  comeére my little desert weasel

The description is as follows:

(before I start the bio I just wanna mention that her neck is not SO THIN it’s just her curly hair covering it XDDD Thankies hope you think this will be the most Sugoi charrie XDD)

Name: Aika Kurai
Birthday: April 7 
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Height: 5’1”
Weight: light as a feather
Blood Type: AB
Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
Affiliation: Akatsuki
Team: Itachi
Clan: Kurai

Ninja Rank: S rank
Registration Number: none
Graduation Age: Didn’t graduate
Chuunin Promotion Age: 11
Jounin Promotion Age: 13


Father : unknown

Mother: Mrs Haruno (Sakura’s mom)

Little sister: Sakura Haruno
Jutsu: medical Ninjutsu, many chakra related attacks.

Tools: Suriken, Kunai, katana, six shooter, Uzi, bow and arrows, chainsaw mace, guillotine, Iron maiden, one of those spiky metal chairs you heat up, and a bronze bull.

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this is my version of glitch city from pokemon as a hetalia character

name: glitch city or glitchy ^^
age: 16
personalaty: crazy, happy and insaine at times 
she also twiches alot and talks with random numbers

glitch: h3ll0 my n4m3 iz g1itch *twiches*

So this was on deviantart, and eh, at first I was gonna let it go, but then I saw that someone gave a small critique like “Hetalia is about nations, her hair is a bit abnormal and doesn’t fit, everyone in Hetalia are humans, one glasses frame is impossible, she wouldn’t be able to communicate in numbers” and I’m just summarizing, but the critique was really good and nice and had valid points.

Then the artist just kinda blew up and ranted, and the critic responded apologetically and was pretty mature and explained they weren’t trying to be mean, but the artist just ranted again and was pretty much a bit of a jerk… Also she has a few self-inserts and child of Italy I believe, but I think this was the weirdest one worth being here.

Name- Monalisa O’Neil/Bradford 
Age- Fifteen
Power- Ninjutsu Expert  
Race- Caucasian
Nickname- Lisa
Love Interest- Raphael 
Eye Color- Green
Hair Color- Brown But Is Commonly Dyed Red And Black  
Likes- Hanging Out With The Turtles, Kissing Raphael And Shopping With April Or Karai
Dislikes- Pizza
Actress- Crystal Reed
Friends- Casey Jones, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo 
Family- Chris Bradford (Father), Katie O’Neil (Mother), Kirby O’Neil (Uncle) and April O’Neil (Cousin).
Back Story:
Chris ment Lisa’s mother while he was visiting New York, they hit it off and started dating. Which eventually led to there daughter, Monalisa, Chris and Katie got married soon after her birth but got divorced when Lisa was six. Lisa was trained in the art of ninjutsu by her father and met her best friend Karai through her father, they stayed close even up to teen years. Lisa is gifted with photographic memory. At age ten Chris took Lisa on a tour to visit all the states and Tokyo. When Lisa was thirteen years old she was excepted into the foot clan and put her training to use, good or bad. After Lisa’s fifteenth birthday her cousin, April O’Neil, moved in with her and her mother because her father was kidnapped. Lisa met Raphael when he stormed of on his Sensai and brothers, truth be told they both needed a listening ear. Lisa, who was planning revenge on the turtles for mutating her father, weaseled her way into Raphael’s heart. When the secret get’s out Raph finally gives Lisa the tour to the layer in which she faints at first sight of Splinter. When Lisa get’s to go out with the boys to fight, they have to fight none other then Razzar causing Lisa to hide. Raph try’s to get her out from behind the dumpster, all she does is yell at him, making Razzar think one of the turtles is hurting his daughter, he simply charges and takes her away back to Shredder’s place. Lisa convinces her dad to work with her on her plan, and the turtles “Rescue” her from Razzar. Splinter knows about Lisa’s plans, and gives her these words of wisdom "Hate Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting Someone Else To Die" Lisa who learns the true story about her father’s mutations and starts to truly like Raph, confesses about being apart of the foot clan. Raphael tells her to leave and feels as if she played him along. Lisa never comes back to the layer. Later when the Kraang put a explosive mutagen bomb on a boat in the east river, none of the boys know what to do when Lisa comes to help, she offer’s to drive the boat to a safe distance form the main land. As Lisa get’s on the boat she brushes a lizard away making the comment “I hate lizards” as she drives the boat off. The bomb goes off and everyone think she is dead when in truth she got mutated into the Monalisa we know and love. Lisa floats ashore missing and arm a few toes and her memory. She struggles to regain who she is as she finds her way back to the layer. She reaches the layer and the boys nurse her back to health and she regrows her arm (and toes) then she has to pick up the pieces of being a new person living in the sewer.

Not sure if I should put this under “OC” or not considering that it is an AU of a character from the 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the new  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I think that it deviates from the original character so much that I might as well tag it as in OC.