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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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love me spooky!

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elly is a shy, timid girl. she is terrified of the other animatronics, who are so awful and murderous. when the lights go out she sneaks off to the backstage and tinkers around with all the extra parts and such, which has given her considerable skill with mechanics, specifically animatronics and their inner workings. if looked at with the camera too long, she will glare back at it for a few seconds and then run from the room. she will stand outside the left door and stare at the guard for the entire night, but make no move to hurt them. she is self-aware and knows the difference between a human and an endo skeleton to stuff into a suit.

note that she and the others ocs in my last fnaf drawing aren’t in the same general ‘group’ as foxy, chica, freddy, and bonnie

*long sigh* at the request of J, I will just rapid spam FNAF oc’s because I know where they all live and hid and they cannot escape me. I think the bio’s speak for themselves…

Inspired by X’s ’Five Nights at Freddy’s’ OC Robin, I decided to make my OC for the game (before you ask, NO I AM NOT PLAYING THAT GAME EVER!!!! DX)

Oh…okay. No yeah lets make a character for a game that you’ve never played. I mean you can do your research but you’ll learn more through the game…

Penny is a platypus (of course I would try to design a Platypus animatronic) with brown fur and a brown bill with a bow on her head.

Before the bite of ‘87: Penny was a character who was a little shy about her job, but eventually when she opened up, she loved being around the kids. She would let them climb her arms due to her sturdy build, and would aid them if they got hurt after tripping on the floor or getting a cut from something sharp.

I like how people write them up like they’re actual human beings. You know before these kids supposedly possessed them they had normal AI. And they probs wouldn’t have to adapt to their surroundings. They changed because they were haunted. Basically any OC for this game breaks cannon…you know why…

When the bite happened: Once the bite happened, as much as the company wanted her to stay at Freddy’s, they couldn’t trust animatronics to help the needed, so they shut her down, dismantled her, disconnected her wires, and placed her in box near the electronic room. Eventually, like Robin, she was rebuilt, but unlike all the animatronics she has a different purpose.

BTW Robin is another bad character too I’ll submit later. So why would they dismantle her and then rebuild her? Looking at it from the standpoint of someone who works with these, if you’re rebuilding them it’s for a good reason. Rebuilding them for the sake of plot convenience is not a good enough reason. If they didn’t like having animations because of the Bite then they would’ve scrapped her ass faster than you can say Chuckie Cheese Pizza…

What she does at night: She’s always in the corner of the room the player (or Mike) is at, mostly behind the blind spots of the camera. What she does is wait for either Bonnie or Chica to be at the doors of the room Mike is in. If the player doesn’t respond to the door button in time, Penny will tackle Bonnie or Chica away from the door and give the player a freebie or a second chance at protecting themselves, however, she will only do that once in the game, the second you see Bonnie or Chica at your door, you’re on your own. Penny will only do this on Night 1 and 2, on Night 3 is when Freddy and the gang destroy her and when Bonnie and Chica stand at your door, they will hold Penny’s head by the wires. Foxy and Freddy do the same thing, but once they enter the room you can see them holding her head. Night 4 and 5 is when it gets different; Penny comes back, but she isn’t the same as she was. After being rewired by Freddy and his friends she turns on the player. She will tackle Bonnie or Chica only to return to your room and take you to the electronic room herself. And once she closing in on the player, her eyes simply glow red and cause the screen to static (the way it normally does).

I do not like this Sam I Am… So she saves you? No that would make it less terrifying. Giving the player extra time to react defeats the purpose of the game. And also if you don’t react quick enough, Bonnie and Chica lock your doors so you can’t shut them. So either way your still screwed. And what about if they’re both there? Does she ever stop Foxy? Like…flaws…flaws everywhere…

And Freddy isn’t smart enough to rewire and ENTIRE audio animatronic just to be an asshole. That’s not what they’re “programmed” to do.

EDIT: Almost forgot about Nights 6 and 7! Oppsy! Let me explain. On night 6, Penny somehow hurt her circuitry and was able to get the wire Freddy and his friends put on her disconnected from her system and realized what she was doing to the player and remained hidden so she wouldn’t scare Mike (not even protecting him sadly). Night seven though, is when it got different, when she realized Freddy was going to plan the major attack, she helped the player three times (even against Foxy). However, on the fourth attempt to save the player you would see her tackle Bonnie, Chica, or Foxy and through the cameras you would see a fight between Penny and Bonnie, Chica, or Foxy. Unfortunately, Penny doesn’t come out of the fight victorious; the other animatronics dismantle her body once more with no intention of rebuilding her again. However, if you don’t use up all her assisting abilities, and if your lights go out, she will fight Freddy to give you more time to hope for 6AM to arrive. You will see the fight too through their glowing eyes and hearing their metal clash at each other, but it won’t last for the entire night so just hope she is able to hold Freddie and his gang until 6AM arrives.

This was long winded and rather pointless. This whole character seems really stupid for being part of a horror game. She just saves the player numerous times so they can say “Oh shit I almost died!” like, that defeats the purpose of the game…

Abilities: With her build, she’s able to knock down the animatronics fast enough to protect the player, and fast enough to get out herself to get away from Freddy and his allies.

Appearances: When she rushes to hide from Freddy and his friends, she will look at Mike (or the player) with a scared look for them and run off again. She does this as though to warn them not to mess up again.

With how silly she looks and acts, most parents trusted her more than the other animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy’s belongs to Scott Crawthon

Penny belongs to Me

And thats that… -.-

One day the twins started fightinf or Sachiko in hopes to win lover her love. Sachiko on the other hand is confused and worried about them.


Twins: *Fighting*
Sachiko: B-Boys, Why are you fighting? Aren’t we all friends? *blushes softly*


I hope you like it Neptune Wink Icon 
Sachiko (c) sakifuyumioc
Twins (c) thetrueazure 
Base: Lyon, Gray, Juvia

If you don’t know who Akai is, she’s kinda like a milder, female version of Chris Chan. She made an FC X Canon paring called Sonai, and I will compare it to my own FC x Canon pairing, PikaLayton.
Layton stays in character. Sonic does not.
Pikachu isn’t a weak Mary Sue, but she can be powerful. Akai is a Victim Sue (the one that makes you feel bad foe them on purpose) and overpowered.
Most of my PikaLayton drawings are romantic, mostly kissing and holding hands. Sonai is just sexual things.
Layton likes Pikachu because she has helped him a lot, and because she can make him feel happy. “Sonic” merely likes Akai for her body.

if any of the Akai fans come here because you think I’m bullying her, think about what I’m saying. OC/FC x Canon is acceptable, but try to make sure the characters stay in character…

Akai does not belong to me.


But,it’s not in character for Layton to fall for a pikachu.  It’s bestiality 

When I was 7 I made a Sonic OC… you know where this is going right…? Like most sonic OCs, he’s a recolor of an existing character

He basically shadow but white and blue and I had no idea what I was thinking back then but made him so over powered that he could basically face one of those god-monster things that super sonic fights even without the chaos emeralds and stuff.

I gave him all sorts of powers and I sorta regret making him that since, now that I think about it, if I put him in a sonic game, he would get boring to play as very quickly…

flipnote sue

^ this Oc is an Mew/pachirisu mix with an evil twin whos name in the ocs name backwards with an evil side called dark twix hmm SHE ALSO HAS WINGS good art but take away the wings

my fantroll!!!! by Sugoi-Desu-Ham

my fantrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :33 this is her catform btww

ok but i should probz add some informatino on her lolz =^.^=

okay her name is candy makara. her last name is like dat because shes married 2 gamzee markara :3 her brother is karkat and hes REEEEALLY protective and doesnt approve of their marriage! :( he trys to talk her out of being with him!! her bff is kanaya and they like to go shoping together al the time! her worst enemy is vriska! they HATE eachother!! once in a fyte, candy ripped vriskas arm off (robot arm!!) and she plucket out her majic eye. but she deserved it because she killed tavros!! she has rainbow blood. shes the only troll on earth that has it!!! its really special so PLEEEASE dont steal my idea plz :(
her quirk is like this;
":3)<i love you gamzee!!"

ill post her normal form soon! maybe tomorrow lolz

she has 3 dream forms. prospit, derce, and another world wich SHE CREATED!! they have rainbow colored outfits (it goes wit her blood!)

she also has an evil form that only cums out wen someone is being REALLY mean!!!!!! like trolls. sometimes she tastes gamzees faygo and goes insane!!! and then she LIKE THIS, WITH JUST BIG LETTERS BECAUSE SHES REALLY MAD AND BLOODTHIRSTY!!

I’m sure this is a joke troll

This is my lovely bby Hikari, She is the most uuber perfs OC that I’ve evar made~

She is a half human half chipmunk hybrid after becoming a mew mew and she is the best mew EVARRR!!!1!! She can use the mew aqua rod even without any because she is just totes perfect~

once she became the MOST POWERFIL MEW EVA she got bored and moved to the sea, whrer she discovered that she was the super secret 8th mermaid princess, and she rules all teh seas becasue she is sooo beauteeful and amazing!!Then, she decided to go to equestria and she became a super powerful alicorn and she rules there too and celectia and luna and evryone is totes in love with her (but she is super straight guyzz no yuri thnx)

Finally, she moved to the sonic world and married sonic and had 20 bootiful babies and they all went to different worlds and married the main protagonists.

the best OC I ever made.

This girl is turning herself in…

When I first got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I went in with a skepticism towards the series but emerged with a love of the show that I finally understood. It took the end of the second season for me to create my first OC, a “secret alicorn princess” named Stellamara.

It’s really hard to look at her first form, now that made a complete rehaul to her character.

She was supposed to be the “SOOPER SEKRET DAUGHTER” of Princess Luna and a dark Mage I named Tenebris (he no longer exists.) Supposedly, her birth was covered up by the Equestirian Monarchy because Celestia found out about Luna’s affair with a dangerous criminal. And it also turns out that Stellamara also suffered from the Splash Effect (turning into a hippocampus/merpony after being exposed to water and gaining limbs back when dry.) Supposedly AGAIN, she would secretly help her “mother” raise the stars at night. Inquisitive and curious, she would often roam the castle libraries looking for everything/ANYTHING to read. Her biggest problem was her nosiness, stubbornness, and her inability to realize why she HAD to be kept a secret. Her magic prowess was strongest in Water, Ice, Illusions, and Dark (not deep deep DEEEEEEP dark like her father… like Pokemon dark type.)

I never rped with her or showed her off to anyone because everyone I knew actually had NORMAL interests; not ponies, anime, creepypasta or criminal psychology. Besides all of these secret interests, I was an instant bully-magnet just for living.

Anyway, after a few years of hiding Stellamara away, I found out about how taboo Alicorn OCs were/are. And how much of a monster I created. Surprisingly though, I wanted to keep her name. But I knew that her entire history/personality/design/etc. had to die.

So, here she is now!

I haven’t found a good cutie mark for her yet (personally, I want it to be a little more complex than average…) but she is skilled in water and ice magic, but mostly water. Though she was in Twilight’s year at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, Stellamara has never met any of the main characters. While her grades were rather high, they weren’t the highest in the school (more like above-average.)She lusts for knowledge and sometimes lets her ambitions get to her head. She turns into a Velma when she loses her glasses but is too squeamish to put in contacts. I’m currently thinking of Stellamara having recurring nightmares of her past life as a Sue and trying to receive help for said nightmares.

If you ever get constructive criticism on your character, don’t act huffy and try to aggress that your character is “”KAWAII DESU AND OH SO PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND U R JUST JELLY OF HER SUGOINESS.”

Just remember what Jimmy Neutron once said, “People are supposed to be flawed! Their flaws are what makes them perfect.”

My sues from my nine year old times .-.

The one with the fringe was my main Oc, her name was the same as mine.The others were her twin brothers. the red eyed one was called zamber. (oh why) he was evil, and liked to hurt her. The other one had no name. Ten minutes ago I tryed to redraw them. I failed

they also had stump feet.

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye

Oh hi!! I drew Araki again ;333333; my bby oh god I want to upload more but damn school is the reason of my artblocks more like assblocks
meh I did a full body with him bcuz when friends want to draw him they are like do u have a full body? and I’m like lol nope so here is him! btw he is NOT a girl! he’s a fabulous sparkling gay boy so plz so now info abot him bcuz ye
Name: Araki Noriaki
Age: 13
Info: he is the most gayest thing you ever saw in your live nah jk he’s adorbs and will love evryone but he doens’t really likes people at all so ye 
he’s parents are dead they died when Araki’s house was burning and Araki’s bf came to rescue him but when they were going to rescue his parents they were dead but not by the fire Araki’s bf saw that they were already dead but something killed them DUN DUN DUUN and he has been in the care of his bf (boyfriend fuk ye) since he was small like 8-9 years old plus no marie su plz nu he’s just fab 
species: NOT a neko he’s half raindrop’sloid half Drealia (own species that might look like cats but they are a mixed animal species also they own powers and an special ability)
Special ability: he controls the wind and dreams/nightmares so he’s quite dangerous!
likes: you, free and carefree live, forests rocks everything
dislikes: idk fire, closed spaces//yes he has that phobia in which I don’t remember the name fuck) he hates but hates with a big H the smell of smoke (like me ew I hate that smell ugh I can’t handle it when I see someone smoking i’m like e_e)
Sorry if I sound stupid its night and I get high at nights haha ovo”
EDIT*! his heigh its 2 fucking meters bby he’s an species of mine and all are 2 meters when they’re 10+ more haha he’s 2.64 meters bby but you don’t necesary need to draw him like a giant lol

The owner of this OC isn’t joking either. They’re serious about using him as their main RP character. FOR YAOI. HE’S 13!

The every sue

This chick has a TON of oc’s and most of them are sues, but I’m just gonna focus on this one. She uses this oc for pretty much everything and doesn’t even bother trying to change them what so ever. So they all look the same all have the same name the same hair and the same backstory and powers. 

Her art is really not that bad and she doesn’t seem like a bad kid, but the self insertion of herself into everything with out even trying to change anything just hurts.

Nelia Star


    Beautiful was all Jackson could think of to describe the Albino new born in front of him. She was perfect. More than perfect. She was perfection. 

"WARNING: SCIENTIFIC STUDY. ENTER AT OWN RISK." was what the sing above the Nursery said. But what was so dangerous about a new born baby? This was no ordinary baby; This baby was years of scientific study. She was an advanced human, The first of her species. They were planning on creating more once she was old enough; Since she was only 5 hours old, The longest they have survived so far. They would die usually 5 minutes after birth. But this one was different. She was stable. They were so proud that this one was stable, but shes only had contact with Jackson because he has taken care of little ones like her before. He was the only one who knew what to do. Right now you are probably whats so special about her. She was a mutant; A good one. She has wings of a Hawk, A wolf tail and a pair of white soft Wolf ears. It may seem weird but her Six Senses were very good, Her agility was amazing, and most of all, Her body was beautiful. So well structured. 
    “Doctor Jackson, How is project 1533?” The speaker asked. Jackson looked up to see them looking through the window of the Nursery. Them. They. The Scientists that owned him and Project 1533, Aka the baby. Jackson sighed and picked her up, wrapping her in a blanket. 
    ” I have Given her a name, Its Nelia. ” He walked out of the Nursery with Nelia in his arms, cradling her gently and faces them “And Nelia is fine. Shes stable and healthy.” He said as he walked to the Garden. When he got there he sat down on a bench and picked a rose from a bush, it was pure red and he handed it to the baby, the thorns not hurting her at all and smiles. “Nelia. Nelia Star will be your name. You will raise the moon at night and bring it down at sun rise, The Princess Of The Night.” He smiled and pet her head. This is the story. Of not just Nelia Star, but of her Family. 
This is all that was ever officially written on this girl’s character. But her’s what I know about her character (this is a twelve year old girl as of 2013). 

Nelia is usually in the form of a ten year old girl with white hair and red eyes, though she can so choose to be an adult. She has cat ears and wings and is as old as earth itself due to a curse put on her by her Boss, Daniel, a god. Her personality is that of a child because of her being abandoned as a child, with a childlike understanding of the world itself. Just like the other people at the lab she is not human but a mix of different types of creatures, hers being demon, angel and cat.Nelia’s early years were spent at the lab with her boyfriend Dean, who she had a child with name James. She continues to claim virginity because they had it through artificial insemination. A war soon breaks out between the residents of the lab and demons from hell. Dean tells Nelia to take James and run which she does. All three of them die during the war. Daniel decides though to bring her back because of her being useful to him, though with him bringing her back she loses all memory of Dean and James, spare feeling sad over James’s bloody baby blanket. As she lives in the lab Daniel has her give birth to millions of children, all through artificial insemination. Eventually she does discover her parents, Leo and Day, two guys at the lab with female and male genitalia and the ability to give birth (Leo being the one who carried her for the nine months). This drives Nelia to escape the lab and live in a house, where dozens of other supernatural creatures live. Her life force soons becomes attached to the condition of the house so everytime one of the others accidentally destroys the house she is hurt. At the house she soon meets Miles, a human hybrid who doesn’t care she looks ten years old and who she loses her virginity to right before he has to leave to help his friends. From their one night stand, she gets pregnant and gives birth to their son, Robert. Robert is soon taken away from her by Daniel, though due to a lifetime of having her children taken she does not care once the child is out of her sight. Miles soon returns, hearing that Nelia had given birth and willing to be a father only to find that the child had be taken. He tries to convince Nelia to help him get their child back but she refuses, causing him to leave once again. Once Miles leaves again, Day comes back and puts a collar on her, one that would kill her if she took it off. This prompts to of the houses other residents, a Goddess named Jessica and the ruler of Hell Darkness, to take action, killing Day and angering the Lab. Nelia is sad by the loss of Day like the others and hates Jessica for killing him. Darkness on the other hand she starts thinking of as her daddy. Leo Soon comes back, and convinces her to have sex with him. Luckily she does not get pregnant and moves on to dating Darkness, only becoming an adult once. They have twins together and she is convinced to fight against Daniel to get Robert back. Her main goal is to protect her twins for the most part and not have Daniel take them like the others.

Shyrlokk Elysabela Ravyn Myste Holmes

I..don’t even know what to say. I found this document buried in my Google Docs, it’s from like 2 years ago when I had just joined the Sherlock fandom and was still in my idiotic OC-making phase. I don’t remember why I made her; I think it was a collab with my friend, but when I read it I actually wanted to vomit. I think I literally just went on the Mary Sue test and made a character who would answer yes to every question, so I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but either way it’s horrendous.  Here is her bio, exactly the same as when I wrote it apart from corrections in spelling and grammar.

Name: Shyrlokk (pronounced Sheer-lock) Elysabela Ravyn Myste Holmes

Nickname: Shyr

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Age: same as Sherlock (early 30s)

Appearance: around 5’9”, slender with a similar build to Sherlock’s only with less angles and more curves. Long dark brown curly hair (goes past her waist), eyes are a mixture of green gray and blue like her brother. Her eyes are even more piercing and bright than Sherlock’s though and if you stare into them there are flashes of golden yellow, the color is deepened from the sadness and guilt that she carries with her under the sweet and lovable exterior.  Smooth ivory skin with a scar along her jaw. She has wolf ears that are dark gray with silver and white streaks and she can control when they come out except sometimes they come out at random when she is either extremely angry or extremely aroused.

Outfit: she wears her hair down always and she dresses similar to Sherlock actually. she wears a long grayish black coat, a white blouse, a blue skirt, black combat boots and a light pink scarf.

Relations: she is Sherlock’s long lost twin sister. She’s been in love with John since the moment they met and he loves her. He is so in love with her because he has always seen something really attractive in Sherlock but he isn’t gay so when he met Shyr he realized that she was everything he loved about Sherlock but more.  So they are a couple. At first Mycroft hated her because of what she did in the past but soon he learned that it wasn’t her fault and now he adores her and will do anything for her, including convincing her that what happened in her past wasn’t her fault. She’s also good friends with Molly and Lestrade and she’s the only one who can successfully kick Anderson and Donovan’s ass. Obviously they hate her but she manages to outwit them and stick up for Sherlock (which he’s very grateful for). Mrs. Hudson loves her like she was her own daughter because Shyr is the only one who actually respects that Mrs. Hudson isn’t there housekeeper, but because she loves Shyr she’ll usually deny Shyr’s offers to help clean up and pay rent and stuff.

Abilities: Shyr can deduce better than Sherlock can, both because she is more receptive to emotion and because of her mind reading ability. she knows many languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, Gallifreyan, Japanese, Korean and Wolf. She’s good at martial arts and is better at shooting guns than John is. John really admires her for it and looks up to her skills; Sherlock also admires her deduction skills. Other weapons she can use are knives, archery, swords (incuding her special sword), katanas. She knows fortune telling and can predict the future sometimes. She can’t die until she decides she’s ready and she can bring people back from the dead because she made a deal with Death in her past. She plays the flute, piano, guitar, and violin and she composes duets with Sherlock and will sing along. She likes writing poetry and songs and also painting.

Personality: sweet, kind, understanding, friendly, shy at first until you get to know her then she is very lovable and a loyal friend, funny, bubbly, insecure and thinking low of herself, daring, spunky, adventurous, hates girly stuff like dresses and makeup, guilty for her past even though everyone tries to convince her that it wasn’t her fault.

Past: when the twins Shyr and Sherlock were very young Shyr accidentally wandered into a bomb factory. She accidentally set off a land mine which killed everyone in their town except for Mycroft and Sherlock because they weren’t there. Mycroft was at boarding school and he brought Sherlock there too to save him from their abusive parents. Mycroft got really angry when he found out what Shyr had done and sent her far into the forest to punish her with the hopes that she would die, he then made Sherlock forget that he ever had a sister. Shyr, who was just a toddler, was helpless and dying in the forest when a pack of vicious wolves found her and were about to eat her until their leader Silvermist saw something special in her and decided that they should spare her. The wolves vowed to protect her from harm and she grew up with them being raised into a strong girl who could fight and conquer. She actually had a surprisingly normal childhood because the wolves allowed her contact with humans so that she would understand what humans were like because they didn’t want her to be antisocial or socially awkward. They also taught her to fight and she discovered that she could read minds. Her extraordiary talent sparked the interest of the mystical Wolf Deity and he offered for her to become his apprentice. She said no because she wanted to live a humble life with her pack of wolves, and he was disappointed but gave her her special sword. When she was 10 she and her wolf pack had to leave the forest because of a mysterious danger that turned out to be Moriarty. Moriarty actually knew her and wanted her dead ever since she was born and it was actually him that set off the land mine because he thought it would kill her. When she was 15 Moriarty killed her entire wolf pack and also killed her, and when she went to the afterlife she begged Death to let her live because she needed to take down Moriarty. He agreed and part of the agreement was that she can’t ever die now unless she is old or she is ready, and also she can bring certain people back from the dead. She started to hunt down Moriarty and found out that since he thought she was dead he started to go after Sherlock in order to obliterate the entire family line (their parents were already dead). She spent many years searching for Moriarty and Sherlock but she didn’t find them until Reichenbach happened. Since she knew what was going to happen she dressed as a nurse with the other ones that went to collect Sherlock’s body when he landed. It all went according to plan except when he landed he was dead, so she used her power to bring him back to life because she loved him and it would break John’s heart if Sherlock was dead. Now that Moriarty was dead and Sherlock was saved she tracked down Moriarty’s web with the help of her wolf pack that she brought back to life, and then came to 221B. Mycroft hated her at first but when he learned the full story and that it wasn’t her fault that their family died but Moriarty’s (and that she saved Sherlock’s life) he forgave her and they let her live in flat 221C until she became in a relationship with John then she moved into his room.

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Mint, Bowser’s servant, pet, and lover, given too by his mother for his 4th birthday. Bowser’s father had a disliking to him and when Bowser was 18 his father sealed him into a object which can only be undone by a rare stone known as the ‘Gratualulaite’. Bowser’s mother in this story is actually a nice person like it’s his father that’s the bad one instead. Bowser’s dad did his because he saw Mint as a thing that was making Bowser nice and not evil. This story is a AU, so things are a bit different. Bowser’s family was originally humanoid, kinda like the bishie human Bowsers on dA. The Bowser family was cursed in a Beauty and Beast like fashion well by his dad or some goddess or enchantress. So Bowser being the beast here pretty much. It happened on his 15th birthday. . How he has kids well this is a fictional universe so meh, best not to get into that. Maybe his species breeds at a young age. So basically he went evil after Mint was sealed which cause him to snap and become evil. 

His overall colours are black(cause he’s Bowser’s servant) and orange(because it’s my favourite colour). 

Mint’s powers/abilities are: Super strength(he has no problem lifting up his Master Bowser and carrying him to safety), agile(being a neko demon he’s very agile), flexible, speed(he’s as fast as a cat), orange flame(normal Mario-world power, pretty much a fire ball but orange), super jumping skills, climbing skills(he uses his claws), flame claws(his claws can cast fire magic into them and cut like a fire blade), shapeshifting(he can turn into a cat).

Likes: Bowser, Koopalings, any ally of Bowser, orange Yoshies, Peach, fish, food, napping, looking sexy, doing things for his master.
Dislikes: Bowser’s dad, Mario, Luigi, Peach(when she hurts Bowser), any ally of Mario’s, having his tail stepped on.