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Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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I’ve struck again

I really shouldn’t be so mean to people with OCs I’m sorry

But her reply was the best before she took off

Soooooo all the way back in 2008 I had a very brief stint in Batman Fandom. This is an OC I made to be paired with the Penguin. She was inexplicably British (not from a specific area or anything, just ~British~) and had metal wings in her back that unfolded. You could severely injure and incapacitate her by sticking a fork in her back.

She and Penguin became business partners who hated each other  but both liked birds and somehow ended up dating and having a kid named Peacock. As my OCs go she’s pretty inoffensive but still wowe self, wowe. Also I was going for ‘not traditionally pretty’ but didn’t have the drawing ability yet so the face is just kind of jenky.

I found this beautiful piece of work while on omegle 

Needless to say she disconnected shortly after my reply

Crappy Art + Crappy Character = This


God… this thing. Can you believe that this was my KH Heartless OC?.. from the Beast’s Castle world… >_> My old art is pretty bad. The main reason I posted this is because of my Old, Crappy art and how little he fits in the Kingdom Hearts Universe.

okay so

i have been watching this girl on dA for so long and she’s been ‘attacked’ (which was actually someone saying that her OC had a lot of bullshit and was a sue or something amongst that) because her oc is a really bad sue. i’ll probably put a read more here, if i can.

so her name is danielle and she’s a self-insert for the professor layton fandom and she (like a good majority of layton OCs) is in love with descole, which i normally wouldn’t have a problem with but…

the thing about canon x oc is that the canon character shouldnt be changed due to the oc. danielle, on the other hand, met descole and OMG ROMANSU RABU RABU and after that, all descole wants is to fuck her because why not thats what tru romansu is about.

anyway, i feel the need just to show the profile and do commentary because i can’t express how much this sue annoys me. there are some spoilers but mostly its about danielle and her romansu

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… I don’t even.

All I got from this was that this OC told off Wendy and Robbie is totes in love with the user’s OC and… E-Everything’s just completely OOC that I had to submit this. There’s also another one where Robbie sings ‘Hey there, Delilah’ to this creature and it’s just bad. Like, really bad.

Ugh it hurts.. This is my KH marysue from 2012.. I regret so much of this.
The description is pretty bad but the way I roleplayed her was 1,000 times worse.

Here’s the description. 

*Name: Blaize Atsuko
*Gender: Female
*World: Twilight Town
*Species: Nobody
*Hair Coulor: Black with red, blue, and purple highlights
*Eye color: Red
*Skin tone: Pale
*Piercings?: Snakebites and anti-brow
*Friends: Roxas, Axel, Xion, Namine
*Enemies: Her family
*Likes: Magic, fire 
*Dislikes: Herself, most people, being hurt
*Fears: Being hurt again
*Strengths: Very good with fire
*Flaws: Very anti-social, gets carried away with fire alot, trust issues
Personality: Blaize is a very fearful girl. She has been hurt many times, and has many trust issues. Being antisocial, the only two people she truly trusts are Roxas and Axel. She is bart of Orginization 13, and is a nobody. Constantly being told she is useless, she loathes herself. Blaize has a large crush on Axel, but is to afraid of getting hurt to tell him.
*Weapon: Keyblade — Kasai Arashi
* Blaize is quick to anger, and gets very out of control with her anger. Her keyblade, Kasai (Out of control fire) Arashi (Storm) represents that.
*Sexual orientation: Bisexual

(I probably didn’t tag everything right since I’m an idiot. Sorry. ^^;;)

IS MAKING FUN OF A SERIOUS NON-SUE OF MINE RELEVANT (with her one sided love and hissleaping at others who threaten her fictional relationship)

I was browsing DA..and these two appear to be a team so.

This is one of my Kingdom Hearts FC, so here he is.

Name: Aaron

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Nationality: Australian

Likes: Relaxing, Day dreaming, Climbing trees, his friends, telling jokes, having fun and helping others.

Dislikes: Mean people, Apricots (he’s allergic), maths, spiders (He has Arachniphobia).

This guy is just your average guy who wants to have fun and wants everyone around him to have fun and be happy, he is a caring and kind person and will help anyone in need.
He can be quite gullable and will tend to fall for tricks, he fell for Black Heart’s tricks to help her but soon found out that she was a heartless helping Maleficent.
This is why he has Julie to help him when he is in trouble.
Both him and Julie were born in Destiny Islands and went to other worlds to find and help Sora and the others.
On their way they meet and help different characters from the Disney universe.

Well here is my second FC I made.

Name: Julie

Age: 15 

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Nationality: American

Likes: listening to music, keeping her thoughts and feelings to herself, spiders, snakes and creepy stuff, Jack Skellington, helping others and her friends.

Dislikes: Girly stuff, having her time wasted, Heartless, white chocolate and being humiliated in front of others.

This is Julie, she is a goth who is quite serious and has a short temper but she does have a scense of justice and will help others.
Just like her friend Aaron, she was born on Destiny Islands and went to other worlds to find and help Sora and the others.
She looks out for Aaron since he is gullable and make sure he stays out of trouble.
She has a crush on Jack Skellington and thinks Sally is very lucky to have him and is happy for her.

Full Name: Kamora Eudora
Nickname(s): Kammy, Kammycutie, Kammycakes, Kams, Kam-Kam, Kammy-baby
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 21st
Species: Human
Nationality: American, to her knowledge
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual; slight preference for males
Religion: Polytheist
Occupation: Self-employed matchmaker
Significant other: Multiship blog. {9 dating, 3 marriages, 1 Fiancé}
Closest friends: Deceased friend Arthur— the list goes on.
Rivals: Internet dating sites…
Enemies: Her parents, a certain troll Umbrage.
EyeColor(s): Hazel/Amber in some lighting
Hair Color(s): Strawberry Blonde
Notable Physical Traits: the booty, Her hair, eyelashes, clothing style.
Fandom: Primarily OC fandom and multi fandom, though she has rooms in the Problem Stuck universes, with a dash of Space Dandy as well.

Kamora has slight abandonment issues, thanks to her family up and leaving her at a very young age. But these issues are not extreme to the point where she needs someone with her all the time, no. In fact, she’s used to going places by herself, and doing her own thing.
But when she does feel a little alone, she likes having a person or a few people to talk to.

Kamora never got to play around much as a child— most of her time was spent trying to impress her parents by running a ‘dating booth’ of sorts; in other words, the very early stages of her current business. Her efforts were in vain though.

And by the time she’d gotten to high school and was subsequently abandoned, she was in such a depressed state of mind, leading up to the whole “let’s-live-a-lie-so-the-bullying-will-stop” mentality, playtime, girl gossip, the ‘normal’ things a teenager would do, were out of the question.

So sometimes, she’ll really enjoy playing around, or experiencing something new. It’s like living out her childhood since she never got to do it properly.

PTSD is due in part to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents, both physically and mentally. Not officially diagnosed, but she does recognize it as such, even if she tries to hide it.

Kammy was born to a pair of wealthy socialites, who wanted to have a son to carry on their name, and bear tons of children. They were happy during their pregnancy, eagerly awaiting the little boy they would soon have— only for the child to be a girl. Needless to say, they were not pleased.

Fearful that putting the child up for adoption would ruin their image, they kept her, but treated her very poorly, in almost a Cinderella type fashion. They gave her just what she needed to get by; looking like a bum would ruin their image, of course. Everything was about them, and their image. Kamora was just a blemish in their perfect lives.
They didn’t hesitate to smack the little girl around whenever they could, and lock her away in her room— especially on Christmas. This was when Kamora snuck out the most, and would often be gone the entire day and most of the night. They never went looking for her, so whether they knew of her absence or not is unclear. Eventually, Kamora would start sneaking out more often, or just staying after school so she wouldn’t have to go home.

When she was 15, Kamora came home from school to find the house empty, and in her room, a single letter had been dumped on her bed, her parents stating they were leaving. They had “grown tired” of her presence, and called her a mistake— however, that was not the first time they’d done so.

Despite the freedom she now had, Kamora went into a state of depression, being abandoned and hated—for a while, she wore a pink wig.{why?}

Before opening her matchmaking business, she sold her parents house behind their back, and stored the money away in an unused bank account, which she adds to frequently. To say she hates her parents is an understatement.

While Kammy tries so hard not to give a shit about their opinions, she’s always wanted at least the approval of her mom. Knowing she’ll never get that hurts like nothing else.

Kamora really admires a man or woman who treats her like a lady, but to an extent— she doesn’t want to be treated like a completely fragile being. Her romantic partner must be willing to step in without a moment’s hesitation if she needs help.

Kammy is very, very fond of loving relationships, and she will dote on the lucky person, doing everything in her power to make them happy. She wants to be treated like a princess, like a lady in general. And don’t just talk the walk, either.

Kamora is unable to bear children. This is due to a blocked fallopian tube, making it impossible for her to ovulate. Kammy’s traveled quite a bit since leaving Midnight City. (Which is probably on another planet or something ) Now, she wants to travel through space (inspired by Dandy~)”.

The locket:
The locket was given to her by Percy, someone near and dear to her from an alternate universe. The locket is imbued with magical properties, relating to a “hidden power” Percy believed Kamora to possess. The power is able to “see” a person’s heart—more specifically, the emotions one tries to conceal within the heart. In the case of an evil person, Kamora will make a remark about said person’s heart being “black” or turning black, an indication that their evil nature is taking control of any shred of humanity the person has left. (It also has the ability to create a barrier against magic, in a Homestuck universe

Also inside the locket, is a centuries old spell, an incantation that, when used against someone who trusts Kamora, will allow her to control them. Especially useful in a tight spot.

The locket also allows her to summon items, though she uses this in a more discreet manner when possible. Doesn’t stop her from summoning a cast iron frying pan every now and then, though. And if need be, she can summon a translucent shield.

She has used her locket to discreetly snoop on people she’s spoken to. In most cases, she won’t tell anyone about this power outright, but will allude to it.

Compassion: 10/10
Empathy: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Mental Flexibility: 8/10 
Passion // Motivation: 10/10
Education: 10/10 
Stamina: 8/10
Physical Strength: 5/10
Battle Skill: 6/10
Initiative: 9/10
Restraint: 9/10 
Agility: 9/10
Strategy: 8/10
Teamwork: 10/10

Base: [removed]. Man, this took forever! :phew: But it turned out great! :D *Greatly Updated*

She is the Guardian of Love.
Name: Cupid
Species: Anthro Hyena
Inspiration: Shenzi (The Lion King) Cupid (Fairly Oddparents)
Story: TBP (To be posted)
Personality: Sweet, mischievous, sometimes emo
Favorite colors: Black and pink
Of all the things in the Rise of the Guardians fandom, this thing scares me the most…

K, the sue maker

'Sup FYMS? So back when I was in junior high to early high school, I was balls-deep into anime. But, around the end of my freshman year, I met this girl whom I will call “K”. During that time period, I was near finished with the Air Gear anime/fandom. So K and I started RPing Air Gear with our FCs for the show. Now I'll admit blatantly and upfront, my two male OCs and their team for Air Gear weren't exactly the greatest (but then again, maybe some of the more hardcore fans of AG can tell me what would be considered a Sue in AG as I've only watched the anime :/)
So we RPed Air Gear without a hitch and K’s OCs weren’t so much as Mary Sues in there as they were just 1-dimensional and painful to RP with.
On to the real meat and potatoes though. When I moved into the D.Gray-Man fandom, K soon followed suit—-and we did RPs of it.
My FC for DGM is Korean (as why not? They did not mention what happened to Korea in canon). Love interest of Lavi, is close to him but not in the sense of she can’t be seen without him. Comes from an Exorcist family, her backstory is tragic but not too tragic (older brother was killed by a higher level akuma and family wanted her to be in an arranged marriage). But she doesn’t like to talk about it a lot. She knows how to handle herself, knows how to fight w/o the assistance of her Innocence, she has fears. She was good friends with Lenalee, Krory, Allen, Miranda and Marie. If I could describe her in seven words I’d say, she’s humble, independent, courageous, enthusiastic, straightforward, adventurous and generous. Her flaws are that she is bullheaded, blunt, wrathful if you hurt her or her friends, & impatient. I was pretty damned proud of her as she was my first developed, well-rounded character. Oh and her Innocence was a wol-do that had control over lightning and wind but in regular form, looked like a rusty metal bo-staff. And her sync rate was only 71%.

Now let’s meet K’s Mary Sue, Serenity Kuran (I’m pretty sure those that are in the Vampire Knight fandom are getting suspicious). Serenity has a non-Japanese name, despite being from Japan. Serenity had pink hair pinned up in the Sailor Moon-style odango buns with the ponytail ends stopping at her shoulders. Pink hair that got longer with each arc at that, that she wore in looser styles w/ each new arc, and it was never a hindrance nor a problem and was not dyed that color. She was “lulzrandom” and the acts of her “lulzrandumness” ranged from pulling rice balls out of her shirt (ie her cleavage) and saying that they have been “boobified” or putting herself in unintentionally suggestive positions before getting mad that others were looking at her. She was from Japan. For those that are unfamiliar with D. Gray-Man, let me fill you in: canonically, Japan has been taken over by akuma and the former residents of the country are gone. The only canonical member from the country is Kanda Yuu. It was never explained how Miss Serenity survived but somehow both of her parents were missing or dead. Miss Serenity also did not have a legit Exorcist uniform. Her weapon can only be compared to that of Nnoitora Giruga’s zanpakutou but with only one crescent moon blade and it remained in that form w/o hindering her safety, her missions, her teammates , nor her Sync rate. Her personality. jfc what personality did she have? She was one of those “lulzrandom”, “nice until you pissed her off” types. She was possessive of Allen Walker to the point of attacking a passing Lenalee when Allen greeted her, a fight that my character and another female OC had to break up. Also, K had a bad habit of writing canon characters extremely OOC around Serenity: Allen became a blushing, shy rubbernecking perv
(but only had wandering eyes for her) around Serenity. Kanda was afraid of her. Like hiding-behind-objects-quaking-in-his-boots-afraid. Lenalee turned into a total bitch towards her (pre-attack incident). Lavi was a lecherous goofball to the point of being “lulzrandom” like her. Other male OCs flirted with her. Did I mention that her Sync rate was over 100%, which is high enough be an Exorcist general, but she chose to hang/ be with the other Exorcists. I would blame this on the fact that K only watched the anime from the first season fillers up until the episode about the ghost ship but she did have the first two volumes of manga, in which they did cover how Sync rates work. Even when my character went back home to Korea for a mission, she managed to make something that was supposed to be serious character development into LULZRANDOMMOMENTSINKOREA!!!11!!!1 Then K starting throwing in other random Sues, all of whom which were Japanese females that were equally “lulzrandom” with no personality that had Japanese last names and English first names and brought the RPs, serious or not, to a screeching halt. There were so many of these Sues and the canon characters were so deliciously OOC that I eventually stopped RPing DGM. I couldn’t even watch DGM without K screaming out what her Mary Sues would do in certain scenes. 

I have more memories of K’ s Sues from both original RPs and fan RPs. So I may return if the mods allow it.

Holy Crap Another Mega Man Sue

((I had the “pleasure” of finding this particular Sue online.))

((“Art” of the OC. It’s really just a poor edit of an official drawing of Vent as Mega Man Model ZX. The hair was just a cut and paste job of a smaller version of the art.))

Name: modelZX.exe
((Why is she crossing over Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Battle Network? The two don’t even take place in the same timeline.))
Real Name: Nayana
Age: 15
Sex: female
((…The original Model ZX is nowhere near this. The original Model ZX was a male, adult-model Reploid (sapient, free-willed robots from Mega Man X/Zero/ZX series) named Zero, not some random teenaged human girl.))
type: Netnavi/Biometal/Human
((How the flippin’ heck is she a computer program, a floating rock with awesome powers, and a normal human girl all at once?!))
Body Details:
Eyes: blue(brown in human form)(red in beast out form)
Skin: brown
Hair: long blonde(short brown with blonde streak in human)(black in beast out form)
((My main question is why does she have a BeastOut form when the only ones that canonly can have it in Battle Network are Mega Man himself and his archrival Bass, because it is very exhausting to have a BeastOut form?))
Wears normal human close(in human form) also wears the same armor as the normal ZX (but different colors) BeastOut (same as CF beast out but black with glowing red tiger and the helmet looks the same her original form the arrow has spikes on the side) Mouth visor(mouth can be seen)(has werewolf like legs)
((Again, why does she have a BeastOut form and why does she look nearly identical to the original Model ZX? Battle Network versions of characters never looked identical to their original counterpart.))
weapons:A red ZX saber,a red ZX pistol buster,black metal wolverine claws (only in beast out)
((Okay, the weapons make sense for the type of character, but- *points to above question*))
Powers/Abilities:same as the normal ZX,elements,ZX trans(fire breathing and wing blow in beast out) blast slash,sonic boom,chaos spear,chaos blast
((“ZX Trans” tells me nothing outside of the fact she gave a character based off of Model ZX an ability from Model A (A-Trans, which lets you turn into any person you want - a very broken ability, and even Model A had less powers than her!). “Sonic Boom” is the signature attack of a character named Protoman.exe and has no connection to the original Model ZX or BeastOut forms, so why does she have it? And what the heck are “Blast Slash”, “Chaos Spear”, and “Chaos Blast” supposed to be?))
Bio: one of the kids how use to be a normal human being
Woke up as Biometal/Netnavi/human she doesn’t now how it happen
shes now a Guardian Netnavi Megaman
she now live Guardian Base(giant flying space ship)(some in the network System)shes best friends with Gray,Vent,Aile,Ashe(some Netnavis) master robots,maverick hunters
has a Crush on Protoman/Blues
((…Most. Ridiculous. Backstory. Ever. There are so many things wrong here:
1) So she was normal and just magically woke up one day as a hybrid of three species that don’t even exist in the same universe which just happens to be similar to Vent and Aile’s powers as Model ZX?
2) She lives in the Guardian Base, a ship from ZX that has only recruits Reploids save for Vent and Aile?
3) Why is she best friends with the four main characters of the ZX games?!
4) Net Navis do not exist in ZX, period. Robot Masters haven’t existed for 500 years by the time of ZX. The Maverick Hunters haven’t existed for 300 years.))
((Final thoughts: What the hell is this thing. You make no sense. I’ve seen crossovers of the various Mega Man series, yes, but this is one of the worst ones.))

so i found this character here on tumblr, over in Fire Emblem: Awakening rp. she’s the daughter of the Mad King Gangrel (who is very aptly named) and a fictional woman called “Queen Silouette”. 

That’s all I really know about her as there is no information page on the blog, but a cursory glance shows that she’s totally fine and friendly towards Ylisseans, which she shouldn’t be if her father is the Mad King. He wants every Ylissean dead? And would probably do his best to instill his hatred of them into his child?? she seems frighteningly happy go lucky for who her father is and the more i look at this icon it looks like she must have frighteningly large boobs.

Name: Victor Fortier 

Specialization: Super High-School Level Brawler

D.O.B: May 5th

Height: 188 cm 

Weight: 161 lbs

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Dark Purple

Personality:  Calm and outgoing, More relaxed


French (Fluent)

English (Fluent)

Japanese (Intermediate)

Sign Language (Intermediate)

Nationality: French 

School Bio (Available to those with access to the school records):

A brawler with a strange love/hate relationship of fighting. 

The male grew up on a strict diet of learning various martial arts, mainly Muay Thai, Shotokan, Ansatsuken and no holds bar fighting. 

He previously had brothers who studied with him but they mysteriously died as well as the male grew up. As young as the age of 8 he was on an undefeatable win streak from local to provincial on to regional underground black market tournaments, and was taken to europeen MMA style tournaments to win glory and praise as a notorious brawler.  His father pushed him painfully hard, often resorting to training him harshly in order to mold him into a fighter that won at all cost, including completely destroying his opponents emotionally and physically. 

But even the tales of the underground fights can reach the ears of the higher ups, and as he was participating in the much more lethal Japanese circuit, he was accepted into Hopes Peak. The following week his father dissappeared from his life…and sadly his mother passed away the following month. Despite this, he shouldered on and continued on with Hope’s Peak in order to learn his craft. 


  1. He loves tea makign and is very good at making tea
  2. He enjoys gardening and can be often seen taking care of plants when the other SHSL florists arent there
  3. He rarely trains in public 
  4. He loves cats but due to unfortunate circumstances, cannot have one of his own. 
  5. He loves anything disney related, has seen every disney movie and loves cuddling and watching disney movies with people!
  6. Loyalty means everything to him. Honor means nothing to him 


1#: An Overwhelming amount of strength : As he has trained as a mixed martial arts fighter all his life, he has built up an overwhelming amount of power and skill regarding fighting, either formal or impromptu, and through his painful and abusive training, has trained up his body to be able to take intense amounts of pain, though only through sustained fighting. An instant burst of pain without any fighting is still liable. 

2#: Dirty Tactics: Through his training of never holding back and utterly and painfully hurting the opponent, he has learned how to brawl through emotional fights as well, and is proficient at manipulating his opponents to wear them down. This also involves when not physical fighting, as he derives satisfication in manipulating people to become as damaged as him. 

True!Victor (SPOILERS): (Not an MM but who Victor truly is)

Despite the sad ending his life had before attending Hope’s Peak..It was sadly not the end of the story. His life soon was thrown out of balance after his father died when he was recruited by a powerful man who owned an undeground organization of the name Desparo seeked Victor out in order to let Victor recruit for Desparo and soon initiate a plan to destroy Japan. Victor accepted and was thus  given an outlet and the ability to fulfill his devotion of causing despair to others like his own wretched life. He goes to Hope’s Peak in search of other despairing acolytes to recruit and gain a queen to rule with him once the plan is finished. 

(he dated toko fukawa as his canon ship along with dating every single girl he rped with)