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love me spooky!

We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Soyuki Lorikenn (Xiaolin Showdown OC)

Hi there, this is a review of an XS OC. Many of these are absolutely awful but I was part of this fandom and I knew these people so I won’t tear into them heartlessly. Many of them have gone on to create great characters, so there’s hope for us all.

My comments will be in italics

Name - Soyuki Lorikenn

Meaning - ‘So’ is for ‘Sophia’ that means ‘Knowledge’ in Greek; ‘Yuki’ means ‘Snow’ in Japanese

Age - 16/18

Nationality - American

Hometown - Macerata (Italy)

Ok to start with, her name sounds Japanese, but she’s an american who was raised in Italy. If she was raised in the USA with a Japanese parent I would over-look this. Most names that are ‘American’ in origin are mash-ups or weird spellings or words. What’s wrong with Italian names? There are two MCs who do not come from Asian countries and their names reflect that, there’s no need to have a Japanese-like name.

The last name is made up, it’s really not that hard to find last names.  

http://surnames.behindthename.com/ Here people, go wild. Here you can look up last names by their nationality.

Certified Birthdate - July 24th

Astrological Sign - Lion

Chinese Astrological Sign - Mouse

Gender - Female

Nickname - N/A

My only issues with this are nit-picking and I’m not 100% sure English is this OC owner’s first language. It’s Leo and Rat, not Lion and mouse.

Physical Description

Hair Color- Light brown

Eye Color - Sea Blue

Weight - 56 kg

Height - 168 cm

Figure - Tough


Not bad height and weight. After throwing that through some converters into Imperial I found she’s about 5’5 and 127 lbs. In the proper weight category for sure.

Although with body-type I think she meant muscular? If so then the weight works out with it. It’s not close to the bare minimum and those muscles would make her heavier.


Soyuki has a half-hearted personality, she doesn’t like to spend time with monks, except for training, where she shows a great capacity forteamwork. She hates jokes, is always on the defensive when someone speaks to her, and may seem very bad, even though in reality she does her best to be friendly. But when someone shows her friendship, she’s very sweet and cuddly with that person or people.

O…K? I have no idea what half-hearted means but I’m willing to throw that under the bus of bad translation. Her personality is pretty consistent, if a little over-used, until that last part. ‘even though in reality she does her best to be friendly’. She’s defensive, we’ve established that, she works well with others but that might just mean she can follow orders. People on the defensive aren’t friendly.

Ok so she doesn’t like jokes, what kinds of jokes? Because knowing what material is triggering for her would be a great way to develop her.

It’s basic psychology. Being defensive is your brain taking feelings inside and applying them to outside situations. You can’t be friendly and defensive, it just doesn’t compute. 

Personal Attributes

Good Habits - During the showdown, she focuses and puts all her energy, she doesn’t hesitate to protect others if they are in difficulty.

Bad Habits - Spends too much time alone listening to music, to avoid being in contact with others.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - Love blood and violence (for this when Raimundo bothers her or makes fun of her, she pulls out her claws,literally, and wounds him, sometimes becomes a tiger and attack the monks by surprise, even though makes as a joke, and she is careful tonot hurt them)

(For those of you unfamiliar with XS the premise of the show is that these four kids have elemental powers and use them to find magical artifacts called Shen Gong Wu. They have conflicts with the Heylin ‘evil’ side. The four kids are called ‘monks’ and the elements are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. In Xiaolin Chronicles which is the new series there’s also Wood.)


Ok, maybe a more detailed personality would help? If she focuses all her energy she’s determined and as for the rest… Why is she protective of the monks unless they make a joke and then all bets are off?

Why can she turn into a tiger, the only one who transforms into anything is Chase Young and he only does that because the Lao Mang Lone Soup made him into an immortal evil dragon-monk. 

Why does she take offense to these jokes? WHAT IS TRIGGERING THIS AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR?

Why does she love blood/violence? WHY IS NOTHING LIKE HIS HINTED AT IN PERSONALITY?

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength - 10/10

[Since her human DNA is mixed with those of the big cats, her has several features that give her several advantages, for example, is nearly as fast as the cheetah, as silent as a panther, nimble and strong as a tiger and a lioness, also the senses are much finer and is often able toprevent an attack from behind.]

Attractive - 2/10

[Her cat ears and tail, intrigued who sees her for the first time. But her tough body doesn’t make her a very attractive girl.]

Honesty - 8/10

[She doesn’t like to lie, except when absolutely necessary, and sometimes she lie to Chase Young, her adoptive father, when she tells him thatis going to give a bit of trouble to the monks, but in reality she goes to train with them]

Sociability - 4/10

[Prefer to stay with the big cats allies of Chase, rather than with humans.]

Combat Statistics

Species/Race - Human half feline

Special Skills/ Magical Powers/etc The styles of workouts of Xiaolin monks and the Heylin one of Chase Young, make her ruthless and thoughtful at the same time.

Signature Shen Gong Wu - Thorn of Thunderbolt

Weaknesses in combat Water and Fire

Strengths in combat - Agile moves and responsiveness.


Where to begin? Her strength is massively overpowered. How did she get ‘all the DNA of the big cats’? I sense an angsty backstory coming.

Small miracles folks, she’s not attractive. I kind of like that she mentions people who might have some sort of fetish for cat-ears and tail (maybe that’s why there are so many cat-girl OCs?). Maybe the scar is more disfiguring than her body? I dunno, I’ve seen girls with athletic bodies that are bomb-shells, like dang.

Oh more hinting at an angsty back-story. Honesty is… Strange. I mean I can see Chase being honest, he was a xiaolin monk at one time, but her believably lying to him? He’s over 1000 years old, by that time you learn most tricks in the book. She’d have to be a great liar. Also a bit meh on the sociability aspect. It seems we’ve got an angsty back-story coming up.

Relationships Statuses

Closest Friend(s) - No one

Omi Omi often urge her during training, and in his way comforts her when she is sad. They are good friends, even if he doesn’t accept her hostility towards Raimundo.

Raimundo Soyuki is hyper-sensitive to jokes and pranks, and she doesn’t get along well with Raimundo because of his fun in make pranks and jokes, she knows he doesn’t mean to really hurt her, but this doesn’t stop her to react fiercely.

Kimiko - Being the only girl in the temple, Kimiko is kind to Soyuki, and share a passion for music. But often Kimiko intrudes when Soyuki andRaimundo fight, and she defends… the answer is obvious.

Clay - Clay and Soyuki are good friends thanks to the good-natured character of the cowboy. Soyuki chats happily with him, and teaches how to use the lasso, but when she uses it in the ”wrong” way, he gets angry and scares her.

Dojo - Their relationship is good, even if they don’t talk very often, and the gab of the dragon often irritates Soyuki.

Master Fung - She has a great respect for the teacher, obeys and she doesn’t complain the chores he gives.

Hated Rivals - Jack Spicer and Wuya, she thinks he’s a stupid and useless jerk and a pompous and vain witch.


Ok where to begin… Omi is very protective of his friends and I don’t think he’d like Soyuki. If she understands that he’s not trying to hurt her feelings maybe she could dial the reaction back a bit. Or, maybe because she’s so honest, tell Raimundo why it bothers her? He’s not an unreasonable guy and I think he’d stop.

Ok Kimiko is in love with Raimundo, that’s canon and accepted. I think, though, Kimiko would try and figure out the reason for Soyuki’s violence. She has no trouble standing up to Raimundo and if she noticed that it was bothering Soyuki enough to incite violence I don’t think she would condone it.

As for Clay. He rarely gets angry. He’s portrayed as the most calm of the group and I doubt he’d get mad quickly if someone who has had no experience with lassos used one improperly.

Dojo and Fung. Well if she’s honest I wouldn’t think she’d be good at hiding her annoyance, most people who are honest aren’t good at hiding things. Consistency please.

Wuya and Jack are pretty spot-on though.

What I can find about this character’s background (it’s really inconsistent surprise surprise) Is that she’s some sort of genetically altered cat-girl. Who can change shape and came to China to learn martial arts. Really. I mean it’s not like she could do that anywhere else in the world. Nope her parents send her to China. There Chase finds her and abducts her. Why you may ask? Because she’s a genetically altered cat-girl and his minions are big cats of course! So he trains her (I don’t know why the only apprentice he’s ever had interest in is Omi because Omi shows great promise as a monk) and she escapes to go with the Xiaolin Monks.

She doesn’t have a cannon pairing (thank god) but she is the Dragon of Lightning. I mean, this doesn’t make much sense does it. In traditional Chinese lore there are 5 elements. It’s assumed that Raimundo’s ‘Wind’ takes the place of metal but now that there’s wood there’s no room for another Xiaolin Dragon. Oh in case you were wondering what her big-cat form looks like:

.:Here Comes The White Disaster:. [READ BELOW!] by StefyC97

How to improve this OC:

~Change the name

~More consistent personality and bio

~please no cat-girl. Chase’s warriors are either big cats or warriors, they don’t have cat-ears and tail.

~Change the bio, it sounds really contrived.

~Don’t make her a xiaolin dragon, no ifs ands or buts about it! There is no room in cannon for more dragons!

Ahhh Hello people. I’d uh like to share with you my Gary Stu… Yeah….

Meet Faust everybody. He was an Xiaolin Showdown OC and he was the dragon of fate. 

Ok I made him before I understood history. If I had made him historically accurate this guy would have been a Keltoi: Ancestors of the Celts whose men filed their teeth into points and died their bodies blue or green.

Yeah this pretty boy is Faust and he somehow made it from central Europe to china. I think I had it so that Dojo could sense his powers and came to take him away after Greeks destroyed his village.


Which he totally saw coming by the way because GUESS WHAT? As the dragon of fate he could SEE THE FUTURE HAHAH.

He was the inspiration for the Crystal Glasses Shen Gong Wu Crystal Glasses 1.jpeg

Can’t you see the similarity?

Anyways back to business, he, like all other dragons of fate had the responsibility to make sure that the Heylin and Xiaolin side remained balanced. He was very close to Dashi, Guan, and Chase and Chase taught him chinese which he never really picked up too well.

He ended up dying saving Chase from Wuya. and that’s why Chase chose evil. Wow, thanks Faust, not only is your name unrealistic but you completely undermined Chase’s personality. 

Oh let’s not forget that he was the one who taught Guan how to properly yell at people because he was always angry. Remind me why people liked you again? Oh that’s right there was no reason. They just did.

Oh I was so young back then.

who would have thought even spongebob could have mary-sues? her name is regina and she’s in love with plankton. someone please…

OCs Turn Sue

I don’t know or understand what happen to this OC in the Zen Yamada one, but I thought awhile back they were okay OCs. I stopped following the creator a year ago because of some drama she posted on her original account. Well, I decided to look for the OCs again because I did love them and didn’t want the owners bs keeping me from that. Found out that  the owner has totally change Saki and wants to make her a Yandere, she also changed her magic to Cherry Blossom God Slayer. -_- I have now also seen where this OC was on the line of being a Mary Sue to now being a full blown Mary Sue. I even see that all her OCs have become Mary/Gray Sues.

I think if she hadn’t made the changes that she has to her first OCs and only stuck to them instead of creating more just to pair them she wouldn’t have become a Mary Sue/Gray Sue artist.

I’ve now lost any love I had for Saki and Zen and hope the Sue Artist realizes her error.


Angel Iron Man OC

( I was looking at Marvel OCs on deviantArt when I found this gem. It’s nothing short of creepy. )

Name: Angel Starlin Bain
Alias: Dark Fighter
Age: 16
Profession: Student
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Particular signs: scar on his forehead caused by a battle 
Relationships: Tony Stark
Citizenship: Italian
Marital status: Single
Education: Hi-Tech Academy
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Place of Residence: Malibu, USA
Style: Rock or Gothic style
Curiosities: high knowledge at technology and robotics engineering 

Personality: Sarcastic, megalomaniac, smart, ironic, adventuros, hides her sentiments, lonely, silent, sincere


Angel is a young student and she was born in Venice (Italy).
Angel is stubborn and she doesn’t give up.
She likes technology, and loves Tony Stark.
She lived in Italy until the age of thirteen, then she moved to New York and after to Malibu.
While in New York, she met Justin Hammer, and she decided to work for Hammer.
Every night, she went to Stark Industries to steal secret information about Iron Man.
But, one night, she saw Tony Stark and fell in love with him.
With the information he had stolen, he decided to build an armor.
She returned to Hammer Industries and canceled all information, she moved to Malibu.
In Malibu, she made her armor, and she enrolled in a school: Hi-Tech Academy.
One day, Tony Stark went to Hi-Tech Academy for a robotic lesson, even though Angel was an expert in robotics, pretended not to know nothing for be helped by Tony. 
For a moment Tony saw her grades and realized that this was only an excuse, but he did not care.
Every day, Tony watched Angel, and over time Tony fell in love with her.
The last day of school, there was a party, Angel was sit when Tony arrived and asked her to dance.
She accepted. When the party was finished, Tony asked her to go to is home but she refused.
Tony managed to persuade her only a kiss. At Tony’s house, they laughed and talked until late at night, later, they slept together (they only slept, they didn’t do bad anything).
From that night, they began to go out together. 
One night, while Angel testing her armor, she saw that Iron Man was in trouble and decided to help him. Iron Man asked her name, but she started to run away, after a long chase she managed to escape.
From that night, all the world but especially Tony asks: Who is Dark Fighter???

At least there’s no OCxCanon… right?


'Marry' is paired with Snape.

Kirikateku Dragneel (FTOC)

OMG! Yes, I know this look like Natsu with purple hair and eyes, but this is how this Gary Sue creator design him. -_- Alright, let’s move on to the real topic. I found this guys profile on the owners profile and boy do I want to smack the owner of this Gary Sue, let’s dive in on this Gray Sue.

Name : Kirikateku Dragneel
Alias’ : Belphegor, Salamander

Okay, I don’t even know if his name is a real name, but I do know he can’t be a Dragneel since Natsu is the only Dragneel from getting the name from Igneel. Also, he can’t be called Salamander, that is Natsu’s name.

Age : 18
Gender : Male
Magic : Fire Dragon slayer, White Dragon Slayer, Shadow Dragon Slayer, Fire Devil Slayer, Fire God Slayer, Heavenly Body, Gravity, Memory Make, Re-quip (swords and other hand to hand weapons) Arc Of Time

Okay, age and sex is okay, I guess, but he can’t have that many different types of magic!!! One, he only gets one! -_- He can’t be a Fire Dragon Slayer because Natsu is the only one and if your character was one it would mess up Natsu as a canon. -_- He can’t have White Dragon Slayer because that is Sting’s and Sting killed the last known dragon of that type and again it would be like in Natsu’s case. -_- Shadow Dragon Slayer is Rogue’s and it goes on the same line for Stings. -_- Really, Fire Devil Slayer? No! There has only been one Devil Slayer in the series and that is Silver, so just stop. Fire God Slayer? No, just, no. Natsu kills the only know Fire God Slayer. -_- The rest he can’t have. You can only have one, uno, and etc out of all of these. Requip is logical, but none of the others. -reads more- F@#$, the Reequip makes no since, he’s either sword or gun. Nothing more on that. -_- -rubs my head from a pounding headache-

Guardians : Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Guardians? What do you mean by this, if your many parents there is no way on this Earth they can be since he is 18!!! DX

Hair colour : Purple
Eye colour : Dark Purple, Blood Red (when in demon form)

I guess the hair color is fine, but how the living crap does he even have a demon form? -_- That isn’t listed in the unrealistic magic list you have. So your saying he has magic like Mirajane Struess too. -_-

Guild : Fairy Tail (Century Class Mage)

Is there even a Century Class Mage in the Fairy Tail series? If so this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Guild mark location : Left side of chest 
Likes : Kaira Lockheart, Fighting, Becoming stronger, My friends, My team
Dislikes : Transport, Getting soaked, Dark Guilds

I guess the Guild Mark Location is fine, but seriously? I can understand liking a person, but you likes after that are so over done and should be explained, not just thrown together. -_- Not every Dragon Slayer get’s Motion Sickness, so him disliking transport at a low level like he should be should bother him. Getting soak? Seriously, your copying Gray now. Dark Guilds seem like the only legit dislike, but again you should explain WHY!?!

Okay, I’m done, I know know how you guys that do this all the time can handle this bs.

open up for a creepypasta sue ? I found her while strolling around. 
people won’t realize that creepypasta is meant to be CREEPY not CUTE

Her full name is Marble Burned , she’s 17 years old and something like BEN Drowned’s little sister.
She’s very shy around new people but if she made friends with someone she is very open-minded.

she also stutters because of her so called ‘shyness’ 

And here’s my first Zelda fancharacter!

She has basically all the hallmarks of that fandom’s sue profile. She had a fourth Triforce, the Triforce of Time (represented by the BORDER of the Triforce not the center triangle wasn’t I so original??)

She was selected at birth by the Goddess of Time. Oh yeah she was human and from Earth and was magically transported to Hyrule where she fell in love with Vaati and then became best friends with the Four Swords Links. Then they betrayed her and used her to kill Vaati, except Vaati survived and returned a couple years later and she taught him how to be not evil.

Then this prince from her original world came and kidnapped her to marry her and Vaati went and fought him to the death for Hayley back and then they returned to Hyrule and built a new castle in the Wind Ruins and had three kids together.

Oh yeah and she had the power to stop time. With her Triforce.

Alright, let’s play ‘remember your old sues and suffer’. Best game, I know.

Years ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was into one specific anime; Sailor moon.

I started out with a cutesy thing where my OC was “Sailor Star” or “Sailor Pink Star” since I don’t remember which one. I’m going with Star since it seems the less-sue option. In weeaboo!me’s defense, I didn’t know about Star Fighter and them since I only had watched the English episodes. She was based off of me with brown hair and blue eyes, and was a transfer student from America who ended up meeting Serena and went to her home and ended up teased by her little bro. Then they went for ice cream and oh no someone’s attacking and Luna magically appeared and suddenly magical girl. She could send stars as attacks, and was one of the strongest scouts but not stronger than Serena.

Another sailor sue I had, I don’t remember her name so I’m gonna call her Sailor Dark. Anyway, her job was apparently to kidnap Darien since for some odd reason, she was kidnapped and turned into a dark scout or whatever. She would fake like she was returning to normal and grab Darien when he ran over to check on her.

I will never stop…

Here’s my Five Nights At Freddy’s Oc: Robin the Scarlet Macaw.
Robin is a large Macaw and about Bonnie’s weight.he has blue and yellow wings on his arm.Robin has a very long tail with a sharp tip at the end.
Before the bite of 87: he used to say what the children says to him in a funny high pitch voice.he also dance when the band plays in a funny way and that makes the kids dance along with him.
When the bite happened: Robin was turned off and ripped apart.his remains were in the backstage around the place but he was turn on and put back together by Bonnie,Chica,Foxy and Freddy.they also shoved a 18 year old boy into him.
What he does during the night watch: it’s unknown where he is because you can’t see him for awhile but he is there but his shadow.you can see him after looking in the cameras for 3 times.he will appear in the dinning room,looking away from the player in a pose like he was about to fly off but the second time his head will turn to the camera like a owl.he’ll been standing in the middle of the right.but he doesn’t go to the window or door but his shadow will been seen if you turn on the light.he attacks like Bonnie and Chica but in the same way instead he’ll be above the player and screams and kills the player but he doesn’t do the “Bwaah!” Noise.he does a high and demonic squawk.
Abilities: his tail is so long and he stabs the player’s chest and sometimes you can see his tail is the restrooms.
Squawking: he squawks instead of “bwah!” You can hear his soft,slow squawks near you’re right door that means he’s there.
He was created by a 32 year old man named Robin Skyes (he was named after his creator) he loved bird and his favourite was Scarlet Macaws,so Robin the Scarlet Macaw.but he was killed 6 weeks later,so he doesn’t know what Robin become.
Robin (like Foxy) is most active when the cameras were off.

*long sigh* at the request of J, I will just rapid spam FNAF oc’s because I know where they all live and hid and they cannot escape me. I think the bio’s speak for themselves…

Inspired by X’s ’Five Nights at Freddy’s’ OC Robin, I decided to make my OC for the game (before you ask, NO I AM NOT PLAYING THAT GAME EVER!!!! DX)

Oh…okay. No yeah lets make a character for a game that you’ve never played. I mean you can do your research but you’ll learn more through the game…

Penny is a platypus (of course I would try to design a Platypus animatronic) with brown fur and a brown bill with a bow on her head.

Before the bite of ‘87: Penny was a character who was a little shy about her job, but eventually when she opened up, she loved being around the kids. She would let them climb her arms due to her sturdy build, and would aid them if they got hurt after tripping on the floor or getting a cut from something sharp.

I like how people write them up like they’re actual human beings. You know before these kids supposedly possessed them they had normal AI. And they probs wouldn’t have to adapt to their surroundings. They changed because they were haunted. Basically any OC for this game breaks cannon…you know why…

When the bite happened: Once the bite happened, as much as the company wanted her to stay at Freddy’s, they couldn’t trust animatronics to help the needed, so they shut her down, dismantled her, disconnected her wires, and placed her in box near the electronic room. Eventually, like Robin, she was rebuilt, but unlike all the animatronics she has a different purpose.

BTW Robin is another bad character too I’ll submit later. So why would they dismantle her and then rebuild her? Looking at it from the standpoint of someone who works with these, if you’re rebuilding them it’s for a good reason. Rebuilding them for the sake of plot convenience is not a good enough reason. If they didn’t like having animations because of the Bite then they would’ve scrapped her ass faster than you can say Chuckie Cheese Pizza…

What she does at night: She’s always in the corner of the room the player (or Mike) is at, mostly behind the blind spots of the camera. What she does is wait for either Bonnie or Chica to be at the doors of the room Mike is in. If the player doesn’t respond to the door button in time, Penny will tackle Bonnie or Chica away from the door and give the player a freebie or a second chance at protecting themselves, however, she will only do that once in the game, the second you see Bonnie or Chica at your door, you’re on your own. Penny will only do this on Night 1 and 2, on Night 3 is when Freddy and the gang destroy her and when Bonnie and Chica stand at your door, they will hold Penny’s head by the wires. Foxy and Freddy do the same thing, but once they enter the room you can see them holding her head. Night 4 and 5 is when it gets different; Penny comes back, but she isn’t the same as she was. After being rewired by Freddy and his friends she turns on the player. She will tackle Bonnie or Chica only to return to your room and take you to the electronic room herself. And once she closing in on the player, her eyes simply glow red and cause the screen to static (the way it normally does).

I do not like this Sam I Am… So she saves you? No that would make it less terrifying. Giving the player extra time to react defeats the purpose of the game. And also if you don’t react quick enough, Bonnie and Chica lock your doors so you can’t shut them. So either way your still screwed. And what about if they’re both there? Does she ever stop Foxy? Like…flaws…flaws everywhere…

And Freddy isn’t smart enough to rewire and ENTIRE audio animatronic just to be an asshole. That’s not what they’re “programmed” to do.

EDIT: Almost forgot about Nights 6 and 7! Oppsy! Let me explain. On night 6, Penny somehow hurt her circuitry and was able to get the wire Freddy and his friends put on her disconnected from her system and realized what she was doing to the player and remained hidden so she wouldn’t scare Mike (not even protecting him sadly). Night seven though, is when it got different, when she realized Freddy was going to plan the major attack, she helped the player three times (even against Foxy). However, on the fourth attempt to save the player you would see her tackle Bonnie, Chica, or Foxy and through the cameras you would see a fight between Penny and Bonnie, Chica, or Foxy. Unfortunately, Penny doesn’t come out of the fight victorious; the other animatronics dismantle her body once more with no intention of rebuilding her again. However, if you don’t use up all her assisting abilities, and if your lights go out, she will fight Freddy to give you more time to hope for 6AM to arrive. You will see the fight too through their glowing eyes and hearing their metal clash at each other, but it won’t last for the entire night so just hope she is able to hold Freddie and his gang until 6AM arrives.

This was long winded and rather pointless. This whole character seems really stupid for being part of a horror game. She just saves the player numerous times so they can say “Oh shit I almost died!” like, that defeats the purpose of the game…

Abilities: With her build, she’s able to knock down the animatronics fast enough to protect the player, and fast enough to get out herself to get away from Freddy and his allies.

Appearances: When she rushes to hide from Freddy and his friends, she will look at Mike (or the player) with a scared look for them and run off again. She does this as though to warn them not to mess up again.

With how silly she looks and acts, most parents trusted her more than the other animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy’s belongs to Scott Crawthon

Penny belongs to Me

And thats that… -.-

One day the twins started fightinf or Sachiko in hopes to win lover her love. Sachiko on the other hand is confused and worried about them.


Twins: *Fighting*
Sachiko: B-Boys, Why are you fighting? Aren’t we all friends? *blushes softly*


I hope you like it Neptune Wink Icon 
Sachiko (c) sakifuyumioc
Twins (c) thetrueazure 
Base: Lyon, Gray, Juvia

Well, I haven’t played the game myself but I did see a few clips of some gameplays of it. (Didn’t watch the whole videos though, too freaky… >w`<; ) But I do like the fan art being made of the animatronics~ X3 So inspired, I decided to create a character of my own with my SAI magic. But instead of an animal, my character is a doll, which makes it more creepier…~ :plotting: Her name is ‘Baby-Doll.’
Full Name: ’Baby-Doll’ (Jade)

Alias: The Doll

Occupation: Animatronic Children’s Entertainer/Singer

Powers/Skills: Can quickly rotate her head 180 degrees, both clockwise and anti-clockwise to view what’s behind her. Able to distract her victims with a disturbing melody to give fellow animatronics the chance to strike.

Hobby: Entertaining children/singing

BIO: ’Baby-Doll’ was once a normal human, a young adult named Jade who lived with her uncle. Despite losing her loving parents when she was fourteen, Jade had no trouble making friends. She first heard about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza when reading an old article about the horrific event in 1987, when a customer was severely injured by one of the mascots. A week later, Jade was then invited to a friend’s child’s birthday party at the same place, finding it quite quaint but secretly creepy. 
One night however, a few of Jade’s closest friends decided to explore the restaurant after dark as a dare, and persuaded Jade to tag along. The dare backfired, unfortunately as they were all locked in and eventually, encountered by the animatronics during the late hours of the night. Witnessing her friends being brutally murdered one by one, Jade was the last to remain as she begged for mercy in song (mainly singing to calm her nerves. Singing was a hobby of Jade’s as well as baking) Intrigued by her sweet voice (especially Freddy) and sensing she had suffered enough, the animatronics offered Jade a deal - to become one of them. Work for them, and promise to remain at Freddy’s forever and her life will be spared. Jade hesitatingly agrees, giving her word and disappears with the antimatronics to ‘embrace’ her fate.
Jade was never found or seen again, along with the bodies of her friends. But the very next day, after their disappearance, there was a new addition the restaurant’s mascots - a petite animatronic doll with a frilly apron (a symbolization that she loved to cook and bake) which possesses a striking resemblance to the missing Jade. The name ‘Baby-Doll’ was given to her, due to her ‘charming’ appearance. The doll can be found on stage, singing with the other mascots or sometimes solo, which is very enchanting. How she came to be will never be known…and sometimes at night, an eery melody can be heard, drifting through the restaurant…a sharp head turning 180 degrees, both clockwise and anti-clockwise…grinning in the dark as a fatal distraction…~ :evillaugh:

If you don’t know who Akai is, she’s kinda like a milder, female version of Chris Chan. She made an FC X Canon paring called Sonai, and I will compare it to my own FC x Canon pairing, PikaLayton.
Layton stays in character. Sonic does not.
Pikachu isn’t a weak Mary Sue, but she can be powerful. Akai is a Victim Sue (the one that makes you feel bad foe them on purpose) and overpowered.
Most of my PikaLayton drawings are romantic, mostly kissing and holding hands. Sonai is just sexual things.
Layton likes Pikachu because she has helped him a lot, and because she can make him feel happy. “Sonic” merely likes Akai for her body.

if any of the Akai fans come here because you think I’m bullying her, think about what I’m saying. OC/FC x Canon is acceptable, but try to make sure the characters stay in character…

Akai does not belong to me.


But,it’s not in character for Layton to fall for a pikachu.  It’s bestiality