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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.


pepsi loves you, love him back!
We claim no ownership to any content on this blog unless stated otherwise.

Anonymous sent: J can I be your favourite anon, -Anonomoose

i think i’m in love.

- j

God I hope you’re taking submissions beacuse I dun wanna look like a dummy. 

Um, anyway I just wanna submit my friend’s oc. Sorry, I don’t have a picture…

Ok here goes. Her name is Jolthey. And she’s a jolteon. But not a normal one! She is the niece of Raikou (which implies he has an eevee brother or sister, screw logic) and she can change her type at will. She also has a spirit, demon, ghost and other shit form! How lovely. Let’s not forget the forest she lived in and her family burned down when she was a kid.

Oh, she also has some friends, one of which has a crush on her. And she and her enemy fall in love eventually. And have 6 weird mutant kids! Yay!

She also made a comic about her and her adventures. But she didn’t finish it.because she diedAAANYWAY I just remembered my very own mary sues.

I had this one oc who I made as my persona for deviant art. She was a wolf. Robot shapeshifter wolf. Named Monochrome. SHE WASN’T EVEN MONOCHROMATIC DAMMIT. At least I made her have to learn the forms she shapeshifts into. 

Then there was… whatshername. I don’t remember it. Anyway she was the daughter of Malefor (from spyro) and she didn’t know she was his daughter AND she was his underling. But then one day she ran away!! Ermahgerd! And she had a dragonfly follower, just like spyro! Originality points +9000. 

And at last, but not least, there was HotChickWhoseNameIsLostInTime. She was british, but raised in Russia. And she was half naked all the time. I WAS LIKE FRICKIN 12 WHEN I MADE HER. AND I’M A STRAIGHT GIRL. 

With all that said, I thank you for reading this. I wish you good luck! And don’t judge me! I’m not the marysue noob I used to be!

sapphire-zebra sent: DeviantART is the culmination of sues and I have seen their FNAF monstrosities. I would submit them but I just ate lunch and I'd like it to remain in my stomach.

submit them after lunch.

grabs your shirt.


- j

Anonymous sent: Why are there so many awful FNAF OCs?! I'm surprised none are shipped with foxy yet from what I've seen, Since the entire fandom wants to bang him.

are you sure about that, maybe you just aren’t looking hard enough for ocs that wanna bang animatronic furries.

- j

Anonymous sent: I found a really awful FNAF oc on Instagram, The creator is making another one too

then you should totally submit it.

- j

(Art doesn’t belong to the suethor. It was drawn for her as a request)

Found a Five Nights at Freddy’s sue! OH GOD WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN

Since there’s quite a bit of info, I’ll just add my comments “Let’s Read” style as you go through the bio:

Finally, after procastinating for days, here she is. xD

My FC for 5 Nights At Freddy’s, Darilyn Deer.

Hope you like her!~ 

Anyone is allowed to draw her as long as you credit me. ^-^
Here’s her info, backstory and all that. 

Name: Darilyn Deer
Gender: Female
Species: Deer
Occupation: Animatronic Saxophone Player
Other: She wears a neon purple heart necklace, that has a crack down the middle and rusted at night as if she is brokenhearted or upset.

How poetically edgy, but for the most part, nothing to worry about

She was a Cajun animatronic character at the Six Flags in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’d play saxophone during the evening hours at the restaurant along with her partners, who are unknown at this time. They performed soft jazz and blues. After the hurricane, the amusement park was flooded and destroyed, along with her partners. She was left, abandoned in the backstage area of the restaurant. When employees and construction workers showed up to analyze the destruction of the park, they found her with significant water damage, tore ligaments and cords hanging out some areas. They were worried she wouldn’t work. Instead of throwing her out like the rest, they set her up for auction.


If the employees don’t even know if she works anymore, why wasn’t she thrown away like the other animatronics, much less put up for auction? What person in their right mind would buy a broken down, possibly-not-working, heavily water damaged animatronic that would probably cost a fortune to repair?

She was purchased by the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria later that year, the owner assumed his current animatronics would welcome her and give her a home, though he had no plans of using her because she was in such bad condition. She was placed backstage so that during the night she could free roam with the others who could potentially help patch her up and show her around. After being there for a while, she developed a small crush on the main antagonist, Freddy Fazbear. It is currently unknown if a real relationship will form between the two. She made quick best friends with Bonnie the bunny. Chica and Foxy are merely friends, but do not hate her at all.

HE BOUGHT HER AND HE DIDN’T EVEN USE HER?? The fuck kind of shitty business decision is that? These animatronics are treated as what they are: MACHINES, and nothing more! They aren’t poor little orphans that need “a good home and love”, they’re tools to help progress and promote a business! And if this is around the time when the pizzeria is going broke, then this is a REALLY piss poor decision!

And of course everyone instantly loves her. And how would the pairing with Freddy even work anyway? NONE of the animatronics have shown any signs of caring or love, just murderous intent

Path: Backstage>Stage>Eating Area>Restrooms>East Hallway>Office

Her Attack Signs:

1. You can hear her hooves clopping against the against the floor in the distance. This means she is changing rooms.

2. If you hear scraping against the floor, it’s her claws. That means she is near in the eastern hallway.

3. If you hear distant saxophone music that suddenly distorts and glitches out, she’s on the stage.

4. When she’s near a camera on later nights, instead of her head twitching, she closely mimics Freddy’s creepy stare, but her ears move back and forth.

5. You can hear the cords that dangle outside her body spark every now and then, this means she’s at the door.

6. If you hear a slight taping nose, her jagged and torn hoof hands are tapping the hallway wall. She’s close to the office.

Way to copy Freddy’s attack path. A+ originality right there.

Why does she have so many tells? All of the animatronics have, at most, 2 tells that inform you that they’ve moved and even where they might be if you pay attention close enough. Is it to make her more “scary”? It only makes her predictable and easier to evade! Also, why is she moving? If the “Missing Children Incident” is anything to go by (which it IS because we literally have nothing else), then her being haunted as well breaks canon because there were only 5 children murdered and the murderer was already caught


Due to her attraction for Freddy, she is often seen following him or his path, or when seen on camera and they’re in the same area, she is holding his hand.

Being from New Orleans, she is programmed to understand English and French.

Her inner machinery is rusted and some places is even cracked.

Her teeth aren’t sharp, nor human like, they resemble a real deer’s.

Being best friends with Bonnie, she usually appears right after Bonnie does on the left side. Which is unexpected since she follows Freddy’s path to the east hallway.

Very rarely, you can hear her voice some lyrics she made up, but only in the late night when you first arrive. It goes:

“You are not free, Ma Chérie, we will get you soon, at the time of the moon.”

Darilyn Deer and art belongs to me

5 Nights At Freddy’s belongs to Scott Cawthon

Great. She sings and holds hands with Freddy. So spooky.


Anonymous sent: Um, small question and I don't want to sound pushy, but why don't you tag by fandom? I've seen it mentioned and I'm wondering about it.

im lazy


ladyinmotley sent: Yeah, this was pretty well explained by the other anon, but if it needed any more clarification: These categories can have content up to about PG-13-[Shoujo Ai=Girl's Love, Shounen Ai=Boy's Love]. Whereas these categories can have 18+ content-[Yuri=Women's Love, Yaoi=Men's Love]. I would like to add, however, all four genres can contain fluffy romantic content; it just depends on the author's intent!

Anonymous sent: To that other anon (sorry for interfering) GL = Shojo Ai. Explicit content is either Yuri or Yaoi (as a respective equivalent to Shonen Ai). Hence with cutesy stuff tagged with Yaoi or Yuri is labelled wrong as well.

oh good here it is.

thank you for explaining it for me.

- j

Anonymous sent: spaaaaaaarkle

Anonymous sent: Psst, shojou ai is not the term for lesbian manga. Shojou ai (and the male equivalent shonen ai) refer to super cute, lovable characters of that gender. Lesbian manga is called GL or Girl's Love, but some dumb Americans cannot accept English words in other languages (even if the sentence before they said deja vu or something and thus should know language works like that) and thus translate it back even though it is wrong if you change the language.

i’m pretty sure it is a term for really tame lesbian manga, things that have no explicit content or implied themes, same for shounen ai.

y’know what, i don’t really care.

here take it internet. just take it.

- j

Anonymous sent: If we're specifically talking about boob anatomy, the term is gainaxing.



- j

Anonymous sent: idk about what bad lady anatomy is called but shoujo legs is a term I throw around a lot. And also Yuri hands, although I don't think they actually have tiny hands in yuri its jsut a name that stuck

i think yuri hands stems from yaoi hands.

tbh yuri and yaoi anatomy can be equally fucking terrible.

- j

basedmarina sent: shoujo ai is the term!!

yes this is true, but we aren’t talking about shoujo ai, just the terrible anatomy of things in general.

but thank you!

- j

Anonymous sent: in response to the last ask about yaoi anatomy, it's a genre called seinen, but sometimes shonen has those kind of female anatomies too

so many things have that sort of anatomy for women.

- j