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. Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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Ok, holy shit I feel really bad about this but I am really in deep crap and super need money.


So to start off, since I was around 13 my mother and stepfather got way back into drugs like they had been when I was really little. My mother dealt in prescription drugs and meth, but mostly prescs. She had a lot of chronic illnesses so it was super easy for her to get narcotics by doctor shopping, so she did that. Only issue was the whole “we do piss tests to make sure you’re actually taking the drug and only the drug” thing, so what she did instead was drug me and have me take them. Besides this she stole money from me, emotionally abused me and manipulated me and all that. it left me really fucked up when I had to leave to live with my bio dad. so much to the point where I can’t take most drugs without having averse reactions and I’m scared to actually get close to people emotionally

This is just the beginning. I moved to Georgia about a year and a half ago into my aunt (who will be referred to as aunt-A)’s house. that was good for a bit, but my biodad has severe anger issues and within a few months he had put his hands around my throat. he also often got upset and yelled at me for my anxiety attacks and random pulses of depression that overtook my ability to even bother to get out of bed. He eventually moved out because his job has him travel often, and I was left here with my aunt-A.

I have never been in such a toxic environment in my life. The gas lighting and condescension on its own was bad, but then she essentially had me running her amazon store for no pay. And god forbid I fuck literally anything up, lest I have her essentially call me a failure and tear me down despite how hard I was trying to just gain her approval. She set me up to look at her as a mother figure and then tore me down repeatedly to make herself feel better. She also took it upon herself to gossip about me to everyone in the family and out me so now no one will actually talk to me because I’m in Georgia and everyone here is queerphobic and disgusting.

So to cut to the chase, Aunt-A is kicking me out because shes sick of me telling people about how she treats me. I’m now having to move in with my occasionally abusive biodad, and give up my cat who I love more than I love myself. I need some way to get out. I’m jobless, carless and have no way of getting anywhere or paying to take care of myself. I’m outted as queer to my homophobic family so they’re essentially of no help and I have an assortment of medical issues and mental ailments I have to live with on top of the stress of being booted from the place I’ve been for a year and really need to save up to get out of this hell.

There are donate buttons on my personal blog and fyms (hi its the head admin ; w ;) so if you have any spare money even just a couple of dollars anything is appreciated! if you want I could doodle you stuff too in return!! I’m super desperate and scared here, so I’m glad for any support. thank you for your time!!!

Anonymous sent: what's V:tm? im sorry im dumb >m<

vampire : the masquerade.

- j

V:tM gallery of horrors

Okay, so you asked about V:tM characters, and holy crap I’ve had to run for some terrible ones. There was this one guy that loved to make terrible Setites. He was the one who nagged me until I agreed to run the stupid game in the first place. Apparently, he just wanted to vomit up some horrible Stus. There was one character he INSISTED on playing in every game he could, forcing me to (after the fact) reconcile my plot with every other vampire game he’d ever been in because “it was the story of [character]’s life.” OH, SO GLAD YOU LET ME KNOW THAT AHEAD OF TIME. MASSIVE SARCASM QUOTES.

This character was named Natasha Pavell Alexsei Illyanakopf, and he was originally a seventh-gen Setite…. until he randomly decided he was a 5th-gen all along, and the childe of Nefertiti…. whom he also played. Pavell loved to kidnap mortal dudes, sire them, and have them altered to look exactly like him. I have no idea why. By the time he got to my game, he RANDOMLY decided he was in the Inconnu, and working on Golconda. Of course, being freshly transitioned from the Path of fucking Typhon, he knew SO MUCH MORE about Golconda than, for example, my Salubri. (As a side note, this guy also ran a game in which he wholesale ripped off Eternal Darkness, except he replaced Pious Augustus with FUCKING PAVELL.)

Then he got bored with Pavell, and decided to make another 5th-gen Setite, this one named Robert Varda Fillengaine (I don’t even know anymore). This guy, aside from having the most ridiculous stats I have ever seen, was horrendously overpowered. He had all the Potence, all the Dominate, all the Serpentis, all the Fortitude… none of which were actually on his sheet. His entry into the game came when he lolrandomly decided to murder a bunch of college girls with a prop sword. He was supposed to be working for Nefertiti, who was our main antagonist at the time, until he decided he was going to betray her and help the PCs. Aaaand then he got bored with that and was working for Nefertiti the whole time. *facepalm* Oh, and this douche looked “exactly like Hugh Jackman.”

Bored with Setites, he decided to make a psychotic Lasombra. THIS dude, Tyger Shelley, decided to OMG RANDOMLY murder people to try to provoke another player’s character to frenzy. (This character was the biggest Sue I’ve ever seen; she comes later.) I made him lose a lot of Humanity for that, and he decided that meant he suddenly developed a split personality. One was Tyger, and he was the DARK one. He had all the Obtenebration powers. Shelley, on the other hand, was the LIGHT one, and this guy kept trying to convince me to let him come up with a light-based Discipline like Obtenebration. I said NO. So he decided his character turned into an angel and ascended into heaven. I’m not kidding. He really said that.

His last terrible character was a literal self-insert. He wanted to play himself as a vampire, but only the super specialest of clans would do for him. He wanted to be a True Brujah, but he didn’t have to worry about that pesky no emotions thing. He just acted like the disaffected hipster douche he already was and called that good enough.

There was also a player in this game who was probably legitimately crazy. The only other character he ever played was a pretty stereotypical Dark Ages Brujah. After playing Redemption, I saw that this player had basically copypasted Christof and called it an OC. That guy wasn’t too bad. I had NO IDEA what hell I was in for when I let this psycho play a Tzimisce. He started out eighth-gen, which was the PC generation limit. (I tried.) He went around behind the other players backs, collecting all the clues and helpful NPCs I had, making sure no other players could progress in the plot. This led to over half of my players walking out. Once he had a stable of captive, blood bound NPCs, he moved in under the hospital and started building a lair of flesh. He had this fucking bunker full of weapons he didn’t ask me about and horrible Vicissitude things he never bought the ability to do. He also modified himself into what was basically a war form without paying the experience price for it. He looked like a xenomorph, and expected to have the same advantages. And that’s when he started really getting crazy. He wanted koldunic sorcery, which is largely unavailable in the modern age, so he decided my Tremere NPC could teach him. (Like that would happen.) Then he started fusing people into walls, terrorizing the players in and out of character, and randomly lowered his generation. The creepiest part was when, in regular conversation, he would start talking and acting like his character. He decided to name this abomination Adam Kadamon.

Then there was this girl…. she had no ideas for a character, so I tried to help her out. She was a 10th-gen Malkavian named Daria Brahms (a name she didn’t come up with), and I made her the childe of the former Malkavian primogen. The basic plot of this game was that every supernatural inhabitant of the city had vanished, and the PCs were supposed to find out what happened before they met the same fate. However, even when making her the childe of one of the victims, she was not motivated to do anything about it. She sat through every Elysium like a lump, and when forced to go out on missions, did not participate. That was probably the reason Tyger Shelley tried to provoke her, but she refused to roleplay her character in frenzy. She just said, “I can’t do anything, she’s crazy.” So I made her character accidentally kill a mortal.There were a ton of witnesses, so she had to be punished. To be fair to her, the prince character (the most patient Brujah in the world) set up a trial for her, so she could defend herself. She refused to speak. She wouldn’t listen to reason and she wouldn’t respond to an emotional appeal, so the Prince backhanded her. She acted like nothing happened. So finally, another character demanded that she convince them that her character deserved to live. Still, she sad nothing. So, after two hours of this nonsense, I had the character killed.

So the player ran shrieking into the bathroom and locked herself in for THREE HOURS, wailing and crying because her favorite character died. The player’s boyfriend eventually got her out. A few months pass, and she is still throwing a fit about this stupid character. Eventually I gave in and let her be torpored instead of killed. Little did I know I was loosing the ultimate Sue. When she got out, she decided that instead of being a twentysomething white blonde lady, she was a dark skinned, white haired young teenager. She went straight to the prince and his brother’s house, deciding to tell them she was the brother’s “long lost childe” named Tori. (Only because I vetoed her being “his child from the future like Chibiusa!!!1) Being a very good man, he decided to shoulder the burden and take care of this deadweight. She moved in and proceeded to creepily latch on to the brother, trying to alienate him from everyone around him. She randomly developed telepathy and sparklypoo healer powers, and was no longer a vampire. Oh, and she was an angel the whole time. Even when she was a vampire.

As an “angel,” she wasn’t any more proactive of a character. She just waifed around the house, waiting for people to ask why she was “upset,” or merrily skipping off to into every obvious trap I set. I decided to punish her for her stupidest decision (invading a Methuselah’s house to get back a locket) by having her idiocy get someone killed. Once again, the player locked herself in the bathroom, crying for three hours until I said none of it happened. After that, she decided her character was actually in love with the prince’s brother, even though she had passed herself off as someone no older than 14. She was a very childlike character, and she never discussed the change in relationship in or out of character. (The prince’s brother was not available, either, but since when does free will matter to Sues?) She decided it was TRUE LOVE FOREVER AND EVER, and started whining out of character at me to get rid of the love interest so she could be his girlfriend. (He wasn’t straight, either…) I refused for two years, even when she literally threw herself on the ground screaming and crying. So she had Tori “kill herself,” turn back into a white girl, go goth, and rename herself “Yami.”

I quit the game then.

tearsofblossoms sent: Is it weird to have an OC who is Japanese and Irish, living in Japan with a Japanese name (Tomoko) and an Irish last name (O'Boyle)?

… no that sounds perfectly reasonable

Anonymous sent: The 'Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle' is a Nostalgia Critic joke.

oh, never seen it


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why are we sparkling


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S Wanted VTM Sues?

Name: Lilitu / Lilith
Generation: An Antediluvian of the 3rd Generation
Clan: Lasombra
Age: Born in the summer 627 B.C., Lilith is 2,640 years old currently, having been a vampire for 2,627 of those years
Sex: Female
Eyes: The “whites” are black w/green irises and thin, cat-like pupils
Skin: Pure white, like flawless porcelain
Height: 6’
Weight: Approx 180 lbs, well-toned, muscular yet curvy
Hair: Wildly curly and black w/ a blue shine when the light hits it, styled into an undercut 
-two parallel dots above the inner corner of each eyebrow (markings once used to identify her as Assyrian royalty), approximately 7mm each
-two black vertical stripes under the centers of each eye, about an inch long, tapering at the ends
-a large cross shaped scar on her chest where her heart used to be
-various scars on her thighs from where her sire fed before she was embraced
-can create shadow Golems to do her biding
-can alter her appearance to be whatever suits her moods but has one set look she usually dons. 
-can travel through shadows
-can create shadow tentacles and gauntlets. Each gauntlet features 3-inch long claws that can cut through any material and substance depending upon the strength and force put behind the attack
-enhanced senses, speed, agility and strength
-can move across any surface a shadow can touch (ex:along a wall or ceiling.)
Weaknesses: None Found…for the time being…

Personality: Lilith is fairly insane, mostly due to her age and the vicious nature of her siring and mortal death. A true sadist and psychopath, she is fully aware she is insane and seemingly “rolls” with it. Dangerous, cunning and predatory, she enjoys the hunt. Taking the most pleasure in torturing and drawing out a kill (when possible), she especially enjoys despoiling young, sweet virgins in an act that mirrors her own mortal death. She prefers her solitude, the years leaving her to view humanity as nothing more than vermin, cattle.

-Cerano del Toluca: An assassin of the Lasombra clan, an acquaintance and ally. 
-Irad “The Strong”: Through her studies at the Tombs she discovered she was sired by a childe directly under Caine. Irad, brother to Enoch and Zillah.
-Lucius Delacourte: A long time friend and trusted confidant of Lilith, a Cardinal in the Sabbat. They meet periodically for date nights and keep in touch often, appreciating the seemingly long dead art of letter writing over modern methods of communication. 
-Dr. Malthus Mordecai, M.D. : Her first and only childe and mate, sired in 2012. A serial killer hiding behind a medical/surgical degree who eagerly accepted the Embrace. He currently resides in the Tombs with her, under her guidance.


This girl is turning herself in…

When I first got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I went in with a skepticism towards the series but emerged with a love of the show that I finally understood. It took the end of the second season for me to create my first OC, a “secret alicorn princess” named Stellamara.

It’s really hard to look at her first form, now that made a complete rehaul to her character.

She was supposed to be the “SOOPER SEKRET DAUGHTER” of Princess Luna and a dark Mage I named Tenebris (he no longer exists.) Supposedly, her birth was covered up by the Equestirian Monarchy because Celestia found out about Luna’s affair with a dangerous criminal. And it also turns out that Stellamara also suffered from the Splash Effect (turning into a hippocampus/merpony after being exposed to water and gaining limbs back when dry.) Supposedly AGAIN, she would secretly help her “mother” raise the stars at night. Inquisitive and curious, she would often roam the castle libraries looking for everything/ANYTHING to read. Her biggest problem was her nosiness, stubbornness, and her inability to realize why she HAD to be kept a secret. Her magic prowess was strongest in Water, Ice, Illusions, and Dark (not deep deep DEEEEEEP dark like her father… like Pokemon dark type.)

I never rped with her or showed her off to anyone because everyone I knew actually had NORMAL interests; not ponies, anime, creepypasta or criminal psychology. Besides all of these secret interests, I was an instant bully-magnet just for living.

Anyway, after a few years of hiding Stellamara away, I found out about how taboo Alicorn OCs were/are. And how much of a monster I created. Surprisingly though, I wanted to keep her name. But I knew that her entire history/personality/design/etc. had to die.

So, here she is now!

I haven’t found a good cutie mark for her yet (personally, I want it to be a little more complex than average…) but she is skilled in water and ice magic, but mostly water. Though she was in Twilight’s year at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, Stellamara has never met any of the main characters. While her grades were rather high, they weren’t the highest in the school (more like above-average.)She lusts for knowledge and sometimes lets her ambitions get to her head. She turns into a Velma when she loses her glasses but is too squeamish to put in contacts. I’m currently thinking of Stellamara having recurring nightmares of her past life as a Sue and trying to receive help for said nightmares.

If you ever get constructive criticism on your character, don’t act huffy and try to aggress that your character is “”KAWAII DESU AND OH SO PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND U R JUST JELLY OF HER SUGOINESS.”

Just remember what Jimmy Neutron once said, “People are supposed to be flawed! Their flaws are what makes them perfect.”

kittyamongstthecats sent: You guys are awesome.

ah thank you, thank you.

and it’s people like you who help out this blog that are awesome too.

- j

Anonymous sent: I think people tend to forget adoption and relocation happens when it comes to ethnic names. One of my good friends has a Portuguese surname, a Texan accent, and is biologically Chinese.

ngl i forget quite a bit.

- j

Anonymous sent: I just wanted to add my two cents into the ethnic name thing if you guys will allow me. It does happen a lot in real life. Especially in the United States where you have mix cultures. I know in Louisiana it's not uncommon from a Mexican that has a Hispanic first name to have a French surname because the father is Cajun and the mother is Hispanic. (I grew up Cajun and living in Cajun country, so I see a lot of people with names from different ethnics to have a French surname.)

i’m from canada so tbh i don’t see that thing nearly as much as people think it happens around here. i mean we get a lot of french names since i live like really close to quebec, like right by the border to quebec to be specific. but here we get a lot of names from the middle east especially the neighbourhood i grew up in.

(that’s really cool tho.)

- j