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Hey, guys. Guess what.

Those flawless, beautiful characters. Everyone is in love with them.
We've all made them.
And they have some angsty terrible past.

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pepsi loves you, love him back!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Sue. My sister apparently recognized her from somewhere.
Apparently this is a female, because they refer to them as “she” but they traced a picture of one of the male characters (badly)
Actually, it states her gender is Blue Eyes Shining, though that’s probably because of awful cutoff.
Listed on the picture are her quirks:

-Is an ace at dueling and shadow game history (calling bullshit on that because no one in GX knew about shadow games.)
-Takes all Advanced Placement classes.
-Does very well with other students
-Tutors and forms student support small groups for students who need help, are failing or don’t understand what is happening in class
-Favorite Student of Dr. Crowler

Duel Spirit(s):
-Blue Eyes Shining (Which is BS because Kaiba’s still alive. You’d have to pry BEWD out of his cold, lifeless hands)
-Winged Dragon of Ra (pls rewatch the series)
-Slifer the Sky Dragon (restated, please rewatch. They no longer exist)

On top of all that, they have a Winged Dragon of Ra form, and a Blue Eyes White Dragon form. Canonically, no one can turn into a duel monster. I highly doubt they watched past the first season.
In the picture they have of their “Ra form” the state:
"Ra chose me for a reason……. For this isn’t the first time Ra has spread his wings for me. For he sees his own reflection when he sees me. So he shared his power with me"

This sue is so much shit I can’t even. They also have fanfictions where they beat Kaiba in Battle City, then proceed to enter Duel Academy with a 98.2% and directly into the highest class (which, stated in canon, you needed to have gone to the Prep School to get into, which obviously they didn’t since in the fic they are said to be placed straight into Obelisk Blue)

There aren’t many good Yu-Gi-Oh! fancharacters in general, but this one is legit the worst I’ve seen.

ashuri-sandaa sent: Does that Sky Blossom mary-sue have a Hatsune Miku hairstyle

yeaaaaaaaa i think she does.

that’d get you killed, let me tell you.

- j

Yu-gi-oh! 5D’s OC

This is my OC that I drew. The story behind her is that she was originally from Yugi Muto’s time, but was thrown forward to Yusei Fudo’s time when Kaiba had asked her to be a volunteer in Kaiba Corp’s experimentation with time travel. When she was propelled forward in time and they couldn’t bring her back, Kaiba Corp shut the experiment down. Deeming it to dangerous, which made her stuck in the future. Upon arriving, she was befriended by Kalin Kessler, which the two ended up falling inlove. That’s how she met Yusei and the rest of the gang. After the events of Kalin being locked up and Yusei defeating him during the Dark Signer Ark, she traveled with Yusei to Crash Town to help save Kalin and say goodbye.
After that, Bruno showed interest in her but since she had let her last to loves go (Yami/Atem was her first love) she was afraid to open up to Bruno. Eventually Bruno managed to win her heart. She felt happy until Bruno was killed in his final duel with Yusei (I’m fucking terrible, I know). Years later, she got a surpise visit from Yusei who finally told her that he’s loved her since the day Kalin introduced them, although she’s had the same feelings she felt uncertain. She didn’t want any more heartbreaks. The depression that came was almost to much to handle. Eventually she came around to love again (with Yusei’s help of course).
I’m a complete asshole to my OC but hey it sounded like a good background. Also I don’t have a name for her… yet.

Anonymous sent: Sky Bloom simply must be a troll, right? I mean it looks really try-hardish for a joke sue. And if it's legit, may the gods have mercy.

i tihnk it’s legit, but that’s just my opinion.

- j


「Happy☆Fried Egg」


200 mm x 200 mm x 37 mm

Acrylic On Canvas

Kaoru Hasegawa

Name: Sky Blossom
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Birthday: August 6th
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120 pds
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Purple but half of it’s black
Hair Style: Pigtails in the front but her hair is down in the back, she has spikes as burretes
Outfit: Typical uniform but she has spikes on her belt
Ranking: Doesn’t have one really she keeps getting switched around
Best Friend: Eren And Levi
Love Interest: Eren AND Levi
Parents: She ran away from home cause her parents abused her and Levi took her in
Siblings: NONE
Favorite Foods: Anything with fish or is sweet, spicy or sour
Statistics: Inteeligence (10/10) Social: (8/10) Battle (10/10) Strength (9/10) Speed (10/10) Stamina: (10/10) Initative: (9/10) Stratergy (10/10) Teamwork (10/10)
Weapons: Her claws, Handgrips, her tail, teeth and her cuteness
Personality: Shy,Loving,Protective,Funny,Senstitve, Clean FREAK,observes a lot, loves games,competitive,bottles her emotions, doesn’t talk much,sweet,motherly,brave,hates yelling,don’t mess with person,kinda crazy in the head
Backstory: Sky has known Levi and Eren all her life. They were the only people that made her feel like somebody and not a freaky girl who’s half cat. Her parents abused her to the point she fainted in the street from injuries,stravation and dehydration. One day Levi snuck her over the wall for her to see the outside world. He kept her at what seemed like a safe place. Till after a couple hours Levi left her cause duty called and he told her to stay put. After about an hour of her roaming around she found a corpse she screamed on the top of her lungs in fear. Next, thing she heard was a loud thumping sound of an incoming titan. She remembered seeing Levi in battle before and grabbed the corpse things. Levi showed up too late. Sky shot out her cables, grabbed the blades and turned like a propeller slicing the titan’s head clean off. Everyone looked amazed and stunned at her. Despite her young age they allowed her in to train. After a couple years Eren came in a she automatically became friends with him. She admired him a lot. One day they were slacking off a bit playing around in the field Sky knew inside and out of. A bear showed up wanting a fight. Sky shoved Eren back as the bear swung cutting Sky’s face and leaving a scar on her right eye. Eren never forgave himself for that day cause she got hurt.
Stuff You Should know: She’s a neko and she gets very crazy when she bottles her emotions, never be mean to Levi and Eren or she will literally choke you till you turn blue, and she’s a titan shiftier like Eren.

Anonymous sent: I go back and read nipplegate because it's still hilarious.

Anonymous sent: Egg, meet HowToBasic.

Anonymous sent: Egg is not covered by your insurance.

that’s okay, i can live with that egg-ception.

- j

Anonymous sent: s-senpai..will you..//sparkles// will you egg with me, senpai?

thats illegal


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Another self-submit from my side.

When I was 12, I was a hardcore WWE fangirl. I adored Jeff Hardy and wrote fanfiction after every new episode of smackdown. He was the main protagonist, alongside with his current “enemies” and me. His girlfriend. My character was a blatant self insert, I didn’t even change my name or appearance , I just aged myself up. Of course everybody loved me, I won every match and never got in any trouble. 

I did not even invent own storylines. I just took what happened in an Episode,  wrote it down and put my angsty self somewhere in it.

After Jeff left the wwe , I just randomly got drafted into the men’s division, because I wasn’t like other girls, urgh.

Whenever this abomination falls into ma hamds I cringe, so take it and never give it back please.

Anonymous sent: The sue creator of post/79466950589 found out about the blog and went and ranted about how we didn't get her pericous oc and how the "reviewer"(who really just told us a bit about the oc and the creator's history) was a big meanie pants


i am a big meanie pants though thats what s stands for

big meanie pantS

yall figured it out thats why im the scary mod


Anonymous sent: There are so many bad Naruto and Sonic OCs like what is going on in those fandoms? Do they just have the highest concentration of 12-year-olds or something??

i feel like they do. 

naruto and sonic just absorb 12 year olds and say, make bad ocs. do it or you aren’t cool.

- j